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Nordhouse Dunes in 4K | Winter Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking in a Snowstorm on Lake Michigan

[Andrew narrating] What does the future hold? Every new year we try to step forward in time To gaze out into the vast beyond and discover what fate will bestow upon us It may bring us good fortune and warm company We may face hardship that clouds our path Or maybe it’s up to us to step forward and create the future that we hold in our hands [Adventure Archives theme music plays] [Andrew narrating] After a restful night, we awoke at a motel in Ludington, Michigan [Bryan narrating] We got dressed for the day and packed the last bits of our gear into our bags [Robby narrating] In the days leading up to today, we had been anxiously watching the forecast and it turned out our fears were confirmed It was raining today [Andrew narrating] Nonetheless, we headed out to brave the cold wet weather at today’s destination: Nordhouse Dunes [Thomas narrating] We weren’t quite sure if we made the right choice This is one of those times where, right before you do something, you’re like, “Is this a bad idea?” Well, you know how our last trip went with the rain: someone dropped a camera in a river and I think we flipped a canoe Luckily, there are no canoes on this one [Robby narrating] To make matters worse, we had received a bad omen, and an out-of-control car nearly spun into us So, uh . . . what was that? [Robby] It was like, inches from us! I didn’t swerve because I didn’t want to start swerving as well Apparently! [Robby] I mean, yes! Just drive safe, I guess Good thing I’m not driving [Bryan narrating] It didn’t take long for the driving conditions to get worse [Andrew narrating] The rain kept falling as we neared the trailhead, but now the roads were unpaved and covered in snow [Robby narrating] But still, the beauty of the snowy forest assuaged some of our worries about the weather [Thomas narrating] The rain was only a light mist when we arrived at the trailhead, so without hesitation we grabbed our bags and got ready to hike [Bryan narrating] After we paid a modest fee, we reviewed our plan and headed out [Andrew narrating] Our plan was to take the westernmost trail up towards the dunes to the north, camping somewhere along the way before the rain got too bad Then we would hike along the northern trail before heading back south, camping along the way [Robby narrating] Despite the rain, things still felt quite wintry, with ice and conifers all around us Before I knew how to identify plants, every evergreen plant to me was just a pine tree But there are differences This one above us is the Eastern hemlock, which is actually really common in these parts of the woods and in like Southeast Ohio And then all around us are white pines and the way you can tell they’re a white pine is if you look at the cluster of needles There’s five pine needles coming out of one cluster Both of them are good for making tea And both are evergreen [music plays] We’re about like, 50 feet in maybe and there’s already a camp site You know, every trail should have something like this at the beginning of the trail for suckers like us who are always hiking at night [Thomas] So do you think this, uh, firewood’s usable? [Andrew, laughing] I mean, it could be! [Andrew] Well, no We got logs, we got chairs Sit right here and tell you a story [Bryan narrating] Just on the other side of the trail, there was an open meadow through the trees [music plays] [Andrew narrating] Even though it was a mild hike, it was cold, and Robbie made sure to thermoregulate with plenty of snacks So to keep us all nutrified and hydrated – well not necessarily hydrated – I got chips on one side and I got blueberry blaze on the other Hungry, Thomas? [Thomas] Yes! What do you got? May I interest you in a chip? [Thomas] I would love a chip Oh [laughing] [Robby] My blueberries! [laughing] [Andrew] How is it? They’re good! You want some? [Thomas narrating] We continued hiking down the trail, and came to a flat, open space beneath the canopy of pines That looks like a place someone could have camped actually [Andrew] Yeah. I love how secluded everything is under these trees. In fact, it’s getting kind of warm for me so I’m actually gonna like strip down a bit. It’s actually really important to like wear layers when you’re camping in the winter because as you’re moving you’re gonna accumulate body heat and if you have too much heat, you start sweating which will make you really cold later on, so I’ve got this inner down layer. I think I’m just gonna take that off [Robby narrating] We had made some progress from the trailhead and started keeping an eye out for a campsite in case the rain got any worse [Robby] You see any campsites? I see some stuff over there, it looks like, where people are chopping a tree at least [Robby] Huh It’s funny, like, this forests like, especially cause it’s snowing I guess, but it just feels so open and like it’s so much less claustrophobic than some of the other forests we’ve been in Yeah, that looks like something [Robby] Yeah, that looks like it could be a campsite, let’s go take a look Whoa, there’s like some streams [Robby] Oh wow! [Robby] Whoa! [low music plays] We’ve seen these before but there’s a bunch of these parasitic beech drops growing out of the ground and every time you see these you know there’s beech trees growing nearby So surprisingly there are actually some mushrooms growing out of this dead log over here Some pear-shaped puffballs, our favorite “Wolf fart” mushroom, that’s what the scientific name means Compared to other seasons like, winter usually doesn’t have a lot of mushrooms growing, but there’s one called flammulina velutipes or enokitake, which does tend to grow in the winter on trees and it’s actually edible So, I don’t know if we’ll see any here, but it’d be really cool if we did [Andrew narrating] There were some other old fungi growing from the ground as well So while we’re out here, there’s also a ton of dead birch logs lying all around so In the hopes of starting a fire later, I’m gonna go gather some And by ‘go,’ I mean “just stay here and gather some.” This is all like pretty frozen and wet but hopefully it’ll dry off eventually and be usable [Bryan narrating] We returned from the small path onto the main trail [music plays] [Andrew narrating] Beyond the trees, we saw more open meadows with pools of half frozen water scattered throughout [music continues] [Robby narrating] We resumed our search for a campsite but not before stopping to take a quick break Maybe sit on your hands Is this what you signed up for, Thomas? I’ll tell you what: it’s a far cry from California Actually This is not even that bad, I feel like Because we kept looking at the forecast saying rain, and we were worried it was gonna be really bad rain [Robby] Yeah this is not too bad. And once it turns into snow, it’s just gonna be beautiful This answers the question definitively that hiking in the cold is better than hiking in hot, humid weather Within the bounds of reason Yeah . . . bounds of reason [all laugh] [Robby narrating] And then we hiked on, and saw something in the distance [Andrew] Oh [Andrew] Is there anything else in there? I can see why they didn’t take it though, because this is a heavy, heavy tent, wow I mean, I can’t exactly see why somebody didn’t take this out [Andrew] Oh, well, if they took it in, you’d think . . . Yeah, and then it looks like they have the fire going here But they’re so close to the parking lot, it just seems like a waste to just abandon your tent like that Looks like a frozen sock or two and a t-shirt [Andrew] I feel like we found a lot of weird, abandoned stuff Yeah, lately. There’s a trail here, too [Andrew] Oh Yeah this seems like, way too small for a tent of this size I think this tent has like, a little extra room on it on the side. Look at the way it’s designed [Andrew] Oh, whoa!
[Bryan] Look at that thing! [Robby]Well, there is a bunch of crap in there [music plays] [Thomas narrating] Eventually we came to a split in the trail. Both ways seemed fairly maintained, so we consulted our map [Robby] No, I mean there is a left trail, but the right one is technically the trail according to this We could split up! That way we could do both of them [Robby] This trail on the left, I think maybe this at one time was a trail or maybe it’s just not marked on our GPS So we’re gonna split up so that way we can see more of the trail and then we’ll meet up back at the next junction [Thomas] These for sure will reconnect
[Robby] Yeah, they’ll for sure reconnect. We’ve looked at the map Let’s do it [Thomas] Alright fellas, see ya tomorrow
[Robby] Good luck Well Bryan, now it’s just you and me Bye [Robby] See ya! So a couple things: the ground is covered in acorns, so there must be a lot of oak trees here But also this is hexagonal pored polypore which is one that we’ve seen a lot of times and you always find it on dead wood like this Anyway, let’s get going So I think we’ll be able to see them the entire time since they’re gonna be right over there [both laugh] Hopefully we get some . . . oh, hey! [Robby] Hey guys! [Andrew] Hey! [Thomas] How’s the weather over there? [Andrew] Dry and sunny, it’s incredible! Oh! You guys lucked out! It’s snowing over here It’s not snowing, you know, I bet it’s not even nice over there, I bet they’re just lying [Andrew narrating] As anticlimactic as the split in the trail was, the random meadows were a really beautiful sight Anyway, what were we saying before we were rudely interrupted? I was just gonna say, I would just like reprieve from rain for one trip, you know? You know, 2018 has been the year of rain But luckily today’s the last day of this year I’m gonna predict that the rest of this trip is rain free So, I think the first question is who will arrive there first and I think it’s actually no question We’re gonna definitely be there first We’ve got a straight shot. They got some curves and everything This is exciting, why are there two perfectly nice trails? You know, I was thinking this might be more of like a snowmobile path while the other one might be a . . . Oh, that’s possible! Because, look at this. This is just like so much more established than those other ones, it’s so much straighter [Bryan narrating] As we hiked, we saw a big ridge in the distance to our left [Bryan] I hear them over there. I wonder if they actually have to hike up there That would kinda suck, actually [Andrew] Actually I can see the trail kind of going along there, so I don’t think they’re going to the top of the ridge I don’t see them though It’s always fun to like take those opportunities to do something small and fun Wow, this is crazy though. There’s all these hills all around us now Yeah, that was not much of a split up So where do you think Brian and Andrew are? You know I could imagine them showing up any second now Oh, who’s that up there? I dunno, who’s . . . who’s who up where? [Robby] Oh, hey! [all laughing] Look at these hills all around us, though [Robby] Whoa! This kinda looks like Dolly Sods almost [Robby] Yeah [Robby] We’re probably pretty close now [Thomas narrating] I followed what looked like another trail leading up to the hill to look for some campsites I don’t know if camping on top of a hill in the winter with the wind and stuff is gonna be that pleasant [Andrew in the distance] Yeah, that’s true [Robby] Oh, man, somebody did camp up here Thomas is on that trail, Bryan and Andrew are down there Pretty good vantage point up here though [Robby] What’s up here, Thomas? [Robby] Yeah, in the summer that would be great [Thomas] Well in the wintertime, it might not be terrible, either [Robby] I just feel like the wind would be intense Is that the trail that Bryan and Andrew are on, down there, this one right here? [Thomas] Another one there [Robby] Campsite right there [Robby] BIG hill, wow that is . . . [Robby narrating] We made our way down the hill and met up with Bryan and Andrew, who waited beneath some trees What do you all think? [Robby] There is a campsite just inside the forest there OK [Robby] Let’s take a look at our GPS location Yeah, yeah According to the GPS, we’ve got Less than point three miles to the beach and it’s only one o’clock Why don’t we wait it out here and if it doesn’t let up we’ll go to that forest campsite, you were saying just have a snack break under here? Yeah, let’s do it So in addition to hanging our packs up these knots are actually really useful if you’re camping out in the winter or in the wet because a lot of times what you’ll find is wood that’s impregnated with a lot of the resin from the tree. That’s fat wood and if you sort of like hammer at it with an axe or something you can get wood that’s – it smells really fragrant and it’s full of oils that are flammable And actually this one here you can kind of see some of the resin inside of the wood. It’s got this like almost translucent look to it [Andrew] How are you feeling? I’m alright. I wish it was not raining. I feel like this would be 200 percent more enjoyable if it weren’t raining [Andrew] Don’t we all How are you feeling? Umm . . . ok haha I think that says it all [both laughing] No [laughing] [Robby] You’re like, “You’re not wasting that Brazil nut!” [Andrew narrating] Despite all our goofing around, the rain hadn’t let up at all. So we decided to just keep hiking There’s a bunch of beech polypores lying around here, obviously from this beech tree This is a good firestarter when it’s not soaking wet and covered in ice, and also it’s medicinal and it can also sharpen knives [Robby narrating] The hike so far had actually been incredibly enjoyable,
but now the rain was coming down hard, which certainly didn’t help with the cold weather [Thomas narrating] But what we saw next more than made up for the rain [music plays] This sand is frozen It’s like the first time in my life I’ve ever been walking on sand and it feels like dirt Like it’s super solid. Look at this Also, you can see there’s snow under the sand here.
It’s almost like some sort of ice cream mix, like coffee and vanilla or something Something pretty cool that you always see on dunes is
you’ll notice these like concentric circles surrounding these plants and that’s because
the wind is just pushing these around and it’s making these little patterns in the sand until it forms a circle around it Obviously the sand is pretty solid now, but when it’s squishy-er you see the surface a lot more clearly [Robby] Huh [music plays] [Thomas] Stop, everyone stop [Robby] Pretty far [Robby] Pretty high above? [Robby] Oh [all laughing] [Robby] Oh! We’re like, right there! [Andrew] It’s funny, cause this is exactly where I thought we were gonna be [Andrew narrating] We hiked past waves of golden grass
and made our way to the shores of Lake Michigan [music plays] [Bryan narrating] Somehow, the lake seemed more imposing
and fathomless in the hazy winter weather [Robby narrating] Even though it was technically a lake, it did feel like we were on the foggy seaside as we hiked in sand and listened to the waves lapping against the shore I smell a fire [Robby] I do too! [Robby] Where’s the fire coming from? It’s just misty all over so it’s like,
hard to tell where there would be smoke [Robby] It’s a foreboding landscape, man It feels like something out of a weird like,
fever dream or something It’s like the sound of the waves but lacking all of the like
typical sun and warmth and everything [vocalizes the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ theme song] [music plays] You know, this might be useful for later.
I’m gonna take this with us [Robby] OK What about that one up there,
the one covered in icicles, you think that’s dry? [Robby] Wow! Look at that thing [Andrew] This wood is like, purplish [Robby] Huh [Thomas narrating] It was incredible seeing everything glazed in the thick layer of ice from the lake,
with strange icicles clinging to smooth pieces of driftwood [Andrew narrating] It was just one of the many ways this
lakeshore felt otherworldly, like a surrealist landscape
conjured up from the depths of a dreaming mind [music plays] This grass just looks like, unreal when you look down at it [Robby] It literally looks like a different landscape Yeah I guess it is, technically [Robby narrating] A bit inland, we found a nice spot on the forest’s edge [Andrew] Yeah [Andrew] I’m very down to camp [Bryan narrating] After setting up, we got into our tents to
wait out the rain and the cold until New Year’s [Robby] Once again, it’s me and Thomas in the rain and a fairly spacious tent [laughs] [Robby] It’s definitely time to just wait out the rain at this point How are you guys doing over there? Quite good, actually That’s a little different from last time! How’s your guys? Is it a little damp? It’s cold! It’s not too damp, though [Thomas] Hey, here’s a plate don’t be an animal [Robby chuckles] I, umm, I didn’t really bring anything for dinner,
I’m really relying on Andrew The thing is, every time Andrew says, “Oh, don’t worry,
I got dinner taken care of,” There’s never quite enough food for all of us We’ve upgraded or devolved into a more comfortable position [both laughing] [Andrew narrating] Bryan also got into a sleeping bag
and quickly fell asleep While he napped, I passed the time by journaling [Thomas narrating] When we woke up from our naps,
it was much dimmer, and we could finally hear the gentle
patter of snow on our tents So, obviously, it started to snow.
And it looks amazing, but it is just about as cold as you might think [laughs] I want to pop over to Lake Michigan,
see what it looks like real quick then retreat back to the safety and warmth of the tent I love winter but man, this is some punishing weather Can you imagine: you’re out here
without a tent, and warmth? [wind blows] Be dead within hours- oh, man! Lake Michigan: it’s cold as ice! [laughs] [Robby narrating] Snow continued falling, and evening
became night, but we were still a ways away from midnight [Robby] Thomas, we have five hours and 25 minutes
until New Year’s. What are you gonna do with these
final hours of 2018? [Thomas] What I did most of the second half of the year
is hunker down and just cry alone in bed I, for one, had an excellent 2018 and I’m gonna spend
the final hours of 2018 with my best friends [both laugh] Some of whom will be crying apparently.
How you guys doing over there? Is Brian still alive? [both laugh] [Thomas] My feet were cold and then I put on an extra
layer of socks and now they’re not as cold That’s my story. The end [Robby laughs] [Andrew narrating] We waited for hours until about 11:20,
and then got out to prepare our celebration A godsend is this tea kettle that Expedition Research LLC
sent us and it’s gonna let us boil a lot of water all at once And then we’ve got for dinner tonight, a bunch of ramen.
One is from Sal Dilisio and one is from Amy B And then we’ve got also some ramen from Shirley.
Thank you all so much This is like opening our Christmas gifts on New Year’s Eve In addition to all that we have a wooden board,
some fancy cheese, meat, and figs And normally, I would put this stuff on the board, but it’s
all covered in sand and probably other horrible things so we’re just gonna eat it from the package And finally we have this, which we’ll talk about later And I almost forgot the most important component:
the New Year’s countdown! Looks like we have 20 . . . how many minutes? [Robby] 21 minutes and 30 seconds 21 minutes and 27 seconds [both laugh] [Robby narrating] As the water boiled, Andrew prepared
some fancy appetizers, fitting for a
ritzy New Year’s gathering This is Gruyere cheese Apparently it’s applewood smoked. I don’t know what any of that means but I’m sure it’s really good [Robby] Okay, Happy New Year’s!
[Andrew] Yeah, Happy New Year’s! [Thomas] We still got like five minutes [Andrew] So, what’s the weirdest New Year’s you guys
have had? Have you got any weird ones? [Bryan] It’s this one, right now [Andrew] I had one where I was flying on a plane to Bangladesh [Robby] Whoa! and the flight attendants brought out brownies when it
turned New Year’s, which I’m not even sure when that
was because you’re crossing time zones [Andrew] And I had another inside of like one of those weird speakeasy bars And they didn’t even have a countdown going because they were being all snobby and stuff [Bryan] One of the weird ones I’ve had was
I was actually working at a restaurant And I had to work New Year’s Eve And there were like several couples in the restaurant and
so like we offered them champagne and they turned it down [Robby] Really? I was just like, “Why are you here on New Year’s Eve?” You don’t even want champagne, like you don’t even
want to celebrate New Year’s Eve with anyone [Andrew] So on that note, what’s everyone’s resolutions?
I think mine is to do things with more intention,
to wake up early, read more Just all around be a better person [all laugh] Like I do want to do things with more intention and like,
have everything that I do be something that can benefit me in the long run. It’s really funny [Robby] It’s really funny you should say that because
that’s literally exactly what I was going to say,
but I’ll add on to that I want to learn how to compose music When I compose music now, it’s like Inigo Montoya
when he’s walking around with the sword
and then he pokes the tree I don’t want to rely on luck every time
just to make music [Bryan] My resolution – and this sounds a little cliche, but
I’ll elaborate – is I want to improve myself Like, towards the end of the year I was getting
a little in a slump And I want to be able to like, change that [Thomas] My New Year’s resolution is to
be a little bit more serious Stop being like, a goofball [all laugh] I just feel like I need to start taking things seriously a
little bit. It’s time to be an adult [Robby] Sounds good [Robby] How we doing on time? Oh, we gotta get our drinks ready now, though! [Andrew narrating] Tonight’s beverage: champagne Okay. Last time I opened this it actually did pop like a cork There’s some for you, one for you, one for me [Bryan] All right!
[Robby] This is so exciting! Let me just say there are no three other weirdos
on this planet that I would rather be toasting Cheers to that! [All] Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Happy New Year!
[all cheering] [Andrew] Try not to spill too much [all laugh] [all exclaiming] [Robby] Ooh, that’s good [Thomas] That was tasty [Andrew] That is really good when it’s cold- oh, yeah, anyone want more? [Thomas] Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah! [All vocalizing ‘Auld Lang Syne’] [Andrew] Auld lang syne!
[All vocalizing ‘Auld Lang Syne’] [All vocalizing ‘Auld Lang Syne’] [Bryan] Happy New Year! [all laughing] [Robby] OK, shall we ramen it up? [Thomas] I would love to ramen it up
[Bryan] Let’s ramen this up! [Andrew] Closing out the year with our favorite meal [all laugh] [Andrew] You getting ready? You should practice again [Thomas] I’ve been practicing for the ramen,
it’s like [exaggerated chewing noises] [all laugh] [Robby] It doesn’t even taste like ramen! [Robby] It tasted like, um, a peanut butter sandwich [all laugh] [Andrew] I feel like we’re doing this ramen a disservice by eating it in this cold weather [Andrew] In fact I’m gonna make a resolution right now
that we’ll enjoy the other noodles
everybody sent to us at home So we can actually enjoy them [Bryan] I have, uh, low expectations for this one [Thomas] Ooh, that looks good
[Bryan] It looks undone [Thomas] Is it crunchy?
[Bryan] Crunchy [Andrew narrating] Next was some chocolate mint tea,
homegrown and dried by my good friends,
Josh and Lindy [Andrew] Hopefully the water’s warm enough
to actually steep it
[Thomas] It’s like room temperature [Robby] Barely room temperature
[all laugh] [Andrew ] Josh and Lindy, I’m also going to make the
resolution that I’m going to enjoy
the rest of that tea from home [Bryan] Somehow that’s actually
less warm than the ramen [Robby] Yeah, I feel like the wind’s picked up. Let’s skedaddle [music plays] [Robby narrating] The next morning, the weather had
calmed into a quiet stillness, but today was
even colder than yesterday It was weird last night: it was warmer earlier in the night and
I was having a harder time getting warm,
and then by morning I was super warm and toasty so,
I wonder what happened I definitely felt colder at night umm By the morning I was warmer, but I –
I definitely kept waking up here and there
and like, having to readjust I slept decently well,
all things considered [Bryan narrating] We quickly started boiling some water Thankfully, it wasn’t as windy this morning,
and our water boiled fairly quickly [Andrew narrating] We started breakfast with an
actually hot cup of tea Tea is much better
when the water is actually hot Definitely minty I’ve always found tea funny because it’s like,
the smell is so fragrant and then
the taste is like so subtle Ahh, not bad at all [Thomas narrating] After the tea,
we prepared some biscuits and gravy [Thomas] Remove the dessication packets! [Robby narrating] And, gluttonous as we are,
we had some ramen as well [Robby] Look at that curry powder.
Can’t you just smell that? Oh yeah, look at them Plus, it comes with probably
the cutest fork ever invented [Andrew] So even if we did forget our things . . . [both laughing] Since we have the hot water,
might as well do the soy sauce one as well [Andrew narrating] We had some soy sauce base ramen,
some delicious curry ramen,
and the thick biscuits and gravy [Bryan narrating] This was bound to warm us up [Andrew narrating] The only downside was
the included forks were tiny and flimsy, and Brian
was about to go get some chopsticks to use instead It’s quite tasty [Andrew] Oh, yeah [Thomas] Tell you what, this is awful.
You guys shouldn’t try it [Andrew] Same with this You look like C̜͕̥͍̙͎̱t҉h͡ú̯̦̯̖̟ͅl̶̪̻̙hu̧̖̼̜ͅ [Bryan] Wow, this is really good Mmm, that’s what I live for! I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy to be alive [all laugh] Feel like I’m at a street stand
at a fish market, eating before
it’s time to get to work [all laughing] [Andrew narrating] Bellies full of warm breakfast, relatively clear weather,
and a beautiful wilderness to explore 20 19 was off to a great start [Robby narrating] We packed up our things,
which was made a bit more difficult as
much of our gear had been frozen solid So between my gloves being frozen
and just my lack of dexterity I need Andrew to zip me up like a
second grader outside of the playground Have fun at your first day of class, son [Thomas narrating] We left our campsite and
meandered back to the sandy trail [Andrew narrating] We could see the
bright blue lake just to the side [music plays] [Bryan narrating] But up ahead were snowy hills Last week, I was in Hawaii For the last four years before that I was in California So I had to get all new gear, all new
equipment just to join these guys and you know, I’ll be honest. I don’t know. It’s a lot harder
to find the enjoyment in the cold and the wet and the frozen everything stuck together, you know,
and you know, you’re out here you have that sense of isolation and
that snow, it can be worth it at times and
especially when you’re with some good friends at the beginning of the new year I’d still rather be here than be alone
in an apartment somewhere [Thomas narrating] After the cold night, part of us
wanted to leave for somewhere warmer But the more we hiked, the more
we realized we wanted to stay out here [Robby] Oh, maybe yeah [Robby] Let’s go check out the beach while it’s sunny
[Andrew] Yeah [Robby] Make ourselves feel like we’re in Hawaii.
You can tell us how authentic it is compared to the real Hawaii All right, I’ll let you know [music plays [Andrew narrating] Today the lake was much bluer and –
in spite of the calmer weather – much choppier [music continues] Waves rolled onto the shore
as we stared out into the horizon This is just like Hawaii, I remember being on the beach
in Hawaii kickin it back in my balaclava and four layers of pants just,
you know, stretching it out like this Wind and snow and . . . no difference!
Save yourself a lot of money [Robby narrating] The turbulent water and wavy grass
were beautiful, but we eventually headed back inland It is amazing how much less wind
there is in the forest Last night when we were at camp you could just hear the wind ripping out there and then just water rushing, but inside the forest just a little bit, there’s like no wind If you camped out there, it would be a completely different experience [music plays] [Andrew narrating] As we transitioned from sand dunes
to dirt paths, more and more trees surrounded us Uh, this is some sort of a cedar tree And sometimes you get cedar apple fungus
growing on it, but I don’t see any right now But it is interesting that we’re like,
next to a beach but there’s all these sort of evergreen plants growing Really weird environment [Robby] It’s like you got summertime and wintertime all rolled into one Yeah, Bryan and I were talking earlier. It feels like post-apocalyptic or something [Bryan narrating] As we headed further inland,
Andrew kept an eye open for other trees and plants I was just looking at these trees
trying to figure out what they are,
but then I look down and I see not one,
but two of these awesome
earth star fungi Here’s one of them So it’s kind of like a puffball But with these – oh, this one’s just already
detached, but – it’s got petals that kind of open up hence the name “earth star” and on the inside,
you’ve got the same sort of puffball structure But if this doesn’t add to the feeling that
we’re in some sort of alien movie
then I don’t know what will And then there’s another over here, too [Andrew narrating] This species – often called the
barometer earth star – is not actually closely related to
most earth star fungi, despite its similarities That is really cool. I’ve never found one before My dad beat me at finding
the earth star fungi first, but uh I found two this time, so In fact, Thomas just pointed out that
there’s a third one growing here and
this one’s not open yet So you can see how it looks like
before the petals split open and reveal
that inside puffball part [Andrew narrating] Nearby was some blue wood
stained by the green elf cup fungus [Robby narrating] We went further inland to
a flat part of the woods [Robby] Since there’s such a nice campsite here I say we take a break
and I got a surprise from Shirley D
that we can use to boost our morale [Andrew] OK [Robby] Wow, this is a great campsite! There’s a lotta wood here! [Robby] Oh, man
[Andrew] I feel like we should collect some [Robby] I think you’re right [Robby narrating] Shirley had sent us
a bunch of candy in a care package So I took out four of each variety A little pineapple gummy for each person Coffee candy for each person You can either have the cola
flavored or the Ramune soda flavor Take your pick We got Hi-Chew, we got grape,
green apple, and strawberry [Andrew] I’ll have green cause that’s my favorite color [Thomas] I’m gonna get purple, cause that’s my favorite [Andrew] Oh, this is hard candy, or is it –
[Robby] No, they’re all chewy Oh, well, not anymore, they aren’t!
[all laughing] The coffee candy IS hard candy [Andrew] Oh, ha! “Coffee Go: When you don’t have time for coffee” Oh, that cola candy is actually really cola-y Ooh, that pineapple gummy’s good! It’s kinda cold and satisfying like a drink This Ramune one, it tastes like
how shampoo smells, kinda Mmm, you’re right! That Hi-Chew lives up to its name.
There is a high amount of chewing going on [all laugh] It’s like an Asian Starburst I remember one time Me and Bryan went up to Michigan We’re at our aunt’s house We had a big bag of like, gummy cokes.
Do you remember that?
And we’re just like eating them in the basement [Bryan] Man . . . [Robby and Bryan together] Good times [all laugh] [Thomas narrating] Now we collected
some wood from the nearby pile. Hopefully we’d actually be able to put it to use tonight [Bryan narrating] As we collected the wood,
Robby held his backpack in place on a stump Now folks, this is a tricky maneuver But I’m a professional Look it up in the book [all laughing] [muffled] Gotta find calories in the wild when you can Luckily I knew exactly where it was [Andrew narrating] You never know how much
wood you’ll find once you get to a campsite,
so it’s always good to collect it along the way [Robby narrating] We hiked up to a ridge top and once again saw the beautiful lake [music plays] Andrew also saw a few familiar trees There’s a couple trees here This is a witch hazel and
you can tell it’s got these like
kind of yellow flowers with some tendrils growing out of them,
and that’s the clearest way to know that it’s witch hazel
when there’s no leaves or anything But it’s a good medicinal plant. It’s an astringent.
So it’s good for like bug bites and rashes This tree with the ridgey bark and the sort of like
orange color underneath is sassafras which we talked about before,
but you can take the leaves and the bark of the green twigs and make tea with that but right now there’s not
really anything we can do [Andrew narrating] I also spotted an invasive barberry plant with bright red berries [Thomas narrating] Up ahead, there was even more trees Though, these were of the fallen variety If a tree falls in the woods . . . will you hear it? Or something like that [Robby laughs]
But, I can tell you It seems like every tree
has a spectacular other tree
to catch its fall More so on this tree than any other It’s just so gnarly with how
all these other branches are just
kind of winding and twisting Not only is that just the main tree
suspended, but we have all these side branches just wedged in here and everything It’s kind of like a spider web.
It’s super gnarly I, uh . . . didn’t expect the trail to get this not flat [music plays] [Bryan narrating] The trail ascended a steep hill
and then promptly made its way back down [music continues] To my right, I see a landscape
that’s like so familiar to me,
it reminds me of my backyard almost And then to the left, is just this completely different landscape And we’re like right on this sandy ridge that divides the two This whole place is just really surreal And there definitely is something very magical
about walking with snow
crunching underneath your feet Just that hard crispy snow, feels so good Ooh, big patch of ice right there [Robby narrating] The path had leveled out, but we
were still walking along the top of the same ridge Before continuing on,
we stopped to check our progress Okay, so our initial plan was to take all the way around We could still do that if we wanted, but
there’s two junctions coming up ahead We’ll probably take the second junction Still gives us a good amount of hiking for tomorrow But that will help us get to a campsite quicker for today Yeah. Sounds good to me All right, let’s go [Thomas narrating] It wasn’t long before
we came to the first of two splits I think we’re at a junction! So we’re on the Lake Michigan trail right now This looks like the Algoma Ridge Trail this way Now we’re hoping to go to
one more junction past this, I think [music plays] [Robby narrating] Once again, the ridge descended We caught one last glimpse of the lake
before heading inland into a flat forested area [Andrew narrating] And just along the trail,
I found another strange fungus Found this weird fungus growing out of
the sand. I just want to cut it open
and see what’s inside Oh Yeah, this is probably a scleroderma,
the poison pigskin puffball I was hoping it was gonna be
a truffle but it’s not at all [both laugh] Now that you’ve opened the poison mushroom
with your knife, how do you clean your knife to make
sure that- ok Yeah yeah, just like that Like, you can touch mushrooms and even
give them a taste and spit it back out if they’re poisonous You need to like eat an actual chunk of it Okay, I just wanna make sure that,
you know when you cut into a nice
block of cheese later . . . [all laughing] [Thomas narrating] And with that, we hiked on [music plays] [Andrew narrating] Pools of ice
shimmered in the evening light and sunshine glinted
off the margins of hemlock needles [Robby narrating] As the ice
crunched beneath our feet we gave thanks for the sun
and the serene winter evening [Bryan narrating] Unlike the churning lake,
everything was still and silent throughout the forest [Robby] It’s so weird: you step
just a little bit away from the lake and then suddenly it’s
a completely different environment No wind, no sound It’s just completely divided by that one wall of sand Imagine if you had never realized this lake existed and you’re
just wandering through these woods and suddenly you come across that [Robby] Yeah This is like a winter wonderland [music plays] [Andrew narrating] With frozen
rivulets, the ground dusted with snow, and vibrant green pine needles complementing
the drab forest colors, we truly were hiking through
an idyllic winter scene [Thomas narrating] Only a warm fire
could make the scene even more perfect And Andrew was keeping his eyes open
for anything that would help us get one If you were desperate for a fire this would be a good place to be,
especially with all these tall pines because at the bottom of the tall pines there’s all these dead branches
that snap off real easily and then all along the ground are these
dead brown ferns that you can sort of crumble up for tinder too, and that’s
really good for starting a fire And it’s also funny how quickly a
lot of this stuff dried up after yesterday A good sign for us [Bryan narrating] Up ahead, we followed a path
that we thought might lead to a campsite [Robby] Oh, never mind I thought this was a big pile
of firewood right here, and I thought that was a chair,
that downed log over there Imagine how overgrown and dense
this might feel in the summer there’s all these shrubs here [music plays] [Thomas narrating] We were back on the path, and we came upon a second trail marker All right, well, I think we’re at the last junction this is the Nipissing Trail and we want to head that way So if we go up there, I’m sure we can
find a spot to camp along the way [Robby] what’s down here? [Andrew] There’s a big meadow down there and a stream [Robby narrating] I wanted to investigate
the area below for campsites as it was marked as a
campground on the map [Thomas] If you find one close enough down there,
I’m happy to go down there [Robby] OK Yeah, so the campground
should be just right up here Definitely is a junction right here Yeah, I can see just up there,
looks like a picnic table or something [Thomas narrating] While Robby searched,
Andrew and I sat and chatted And Bryan . . . Bryan went off that way to check for the
campsite on the trail that we’re gonna take How have you liked it so far out here, because
I’m actually having a really good time Yeah, once I start moving I’m fine Yeah, I’ve had a really good time
on this trip so far actually, like, I thought it’d be a lot harder
to deal with the weather than it is Find anything? Clearly, all the best campsites are by the beach, cause that’s where people
are gonna want to camp But I did find a spot that,
while not an established campsite, will work as a campsite [Thomas] Cool
[Andrew] How good is it? Pretty good, actually [Andrew] Yeah?
[Bryan] Yeah [Robby narrating] I had found the campground
which was, unsurprisingly, completely abandoned There’s definitely something very fascinating
about places that are normally very popular and busy being completely empty and abandoned It’s that post-apocalyptic feeling, you know Okay, I should get back so we can find a campsite [Andrew] Find anything good? There was a humongo campsite down there with like a ton of sites completely abandoned but pretty cool [Bryan narrating] I led the others to the site
that I had scouted out down the trail The site was just off the trail, and though
it was flat and roomy, it hadn’t been established,
so it seemed a bit rough [Andrew] Pretty nice spot [Bryan] It’s flat [Robby] The only thing I think is that
we could keep trying to press on and find a spot
that already has a campfire spot [Thomas] I’m cool with that.
I think this would be fine, though [Bryan] Yeah, my only thought is that because
we haven’t seen any actual camp sites for a while now [Thomas] I say let’s give it 20 minutes then double back if we don’t see anything in 20 minutes [Robby] It’s a little
after 4. Sunset’s at 5:20 [Andrew] Let’s give it like, 10 minutes or something [Andrew narrating] We hiked on, and
Thomas took the lead, speeding ahead to look for a site So far we’ve seen nothing.
I think this whole trail goes along a ridge so there’s not a lot of flat stuff. If anything,
there’s probably gonna be something to the right of our trail But so far we haven’t seen anything
better than what Bryan found [Robby narrating] We soon realized that
Bryan’s spot was actually a great find in this area Sounds like you didn’t find anything? [Thomas narrating] We headed back to
Bryan’s campsite and began setting up camp [Bryan narrating] After we got our tents set up,
Robby set out on his own to explore more of the trail While the other guys are setting up camp,
I’m gonna go scout out north to the trail that we were
initially gonna go on and see if there’s anything
cool we missed up there Probably not, but it might
be worth it to go in the morning Just have a nice last look at Lake Michigan So I’m just looking for more wood for the fire I want some small pieces,
some medium pieces and I want some big ones
to put at the bottom of the fire so we can
keep it burning for a decent while I’ve also got fat wood and
I got a bunch of tinder that I collected earlier So I think we’ll be good for a fire tonight [Andrew narrating] In the meantime,
we started collecting more firewood I put Thomas to the task
of sawing some bigger pieces [Bryan narrating] In the meantime, Andrew and I
collected more wood and prepared the hearth [Thomas narrating] Dusk was quickly approaching
as we continued setting up for Robby’s return Oh, there’s another set of signs up here Let’s keep going [Robby narrating] Before too long,
snow and dirt slowly faded to sand
and I found myself back near the lake Yeah, I kind of don’t think we’ll
come back down here tomorrow, but, at the very least,
nice to get one last look at the lake [Robby narrating] I enjoyed the view
one last time, and then found my way back to camp Got the birch bark from the other day,
got some nice grassy looking stuff from the beach I’ve got all my smalls, small pieces of wood here Of course the secret weapon,
the fat wood here I do have a lighter as backup,
but I am gonna of course try it with this first [Robby] Nice work! OK [Robby] Andrew, you are my hero I’m just gonna throw these fat wood pieces in
so that we can guarantee that the fire stays [Robby] Did you expect it to be that easy? With the fat wood, yes, but with the tinder I
collected, no, and that’s all I was using at first But that grassy stuff I found on the beach
did look really promising the moment I saw it [Robby] This is a better fire than we’ve gotten started
on days where it’s NOT hard to get a fire started [Robby] And by “we” I mean “you” Well, it was a group effort everybody here was also
collecting a bunch of wood A lot of dead branches with twigs poking up
from the snow that are actually dry, so we
can actually probably keep this fire going for a little bit I’ve got some bigger pieces layered on the bottom so hopefully it’ll burn for a decent while I spent the last 10 minutes cutting down this log
for us to sit on something and now I’m gonna prop it up so I gotta get you guys’s help
lifting this log up and putting these under I think while this is burning I’m
gonna go look for some more wood You all enjoy the fire [music plays] Dude, after last night, this is- this is more
than I could have ever hoped or dreamed for [all laugh] Just having a fire to
look at, it feels like . . . Oh my God. Fire plus human
equals earth plus Sun That’s an SAT question for ya [all laugh] I like the way you built this Smaller ones on top, and because the
big ones are a little damper,
a little bit more time to cook It’s funny how tough the other day was,
with like the rain and the cold and just how worth it this is right now like I don’t know if I would
blink an eye at a fire if I were like feeling all cushy Hopefully this complete stillness of-
with no wind like, stays Aw, it’s gonna be such a good night [Thomas] The last three trips
we’ve taken have just been such difficult trips if that makes sense This one, Wildcat Hollow, which I was . . . happy to miss and then Manistee, which was a beautiful trip,
just the rain and the river and . . . [Bryan] The tempting of fate But this is the way I wanted to start our year [Bryan] Who would have thought
this would have been the best trip? You realize: when this trip was 2018,
it was really tough, really bad But as soon as it was 2019 . . . [Robby] It was smooth sailing,
this is a good start to the year
[Andrew] This is a good start! Oh, you know what we need? [Bryan] You know what we need? We need food! [Andrew] Blueberry blaze to celebrate our . . . blaze [Bryan narrating] We weren’t content
with just blueberries, so we all got our
own snacks from our bags [Robby] Oh my God I did not know water could be that satisfying [Andrew] You know, this trip has
not actually been that bad [Robby] Oh no, it’s been pretty great, actually [Andrew] I thought I was gonna
have a lot harder time dealing with the cold and the rain [Thomas] This morning was pretty
rough though, I’m gonna be honest you get out,
everything’s frozen. It’s the inertia When you’re sleeping,
your body’s not moving,
you’re not warmed up [Andrew] That’s part of my resolution.
I want to be able to like, break through that inertia Cultivate myself so that I can like, endure And overcome those
cliffs and challenges [Thomas narrating] We enjoyed the fire,
thinking about how we could improve
ourselves in this new year [Robby narrating] And as night fell, we reflected on
our past camping trips by the warm glow of the hearth Dude, I cannot tell you how many thoughts ran through my mind
at the same time when that boat tipped [all laugh] Like, just every thought you could
possibly have in that situation, I had it all at once [Andrew] So Amy B. also sent us
a snack for us to try. [Robby] Okay
[Thomas] I am legitimately nervous about this [Andrew] So this is whole roasted crickets It’s, uh, sriracha flavored [Thomas] I’m legitimately curious:
how many of you of high crickets before? [Bryan] Nope
[Robby] Yes. But I don’t remember
what they tasted like just like crunchy, dried crap [Andrew] I’ve had a locust [Thomas] Eugh I feel like I- I gotta try it [Thomas] Eugh! God, no, I shouldn’t have looked [all exclaiming] [Thomas] Amy B., why’d you do this to us? [all laugh] [Bryan] Gimme one of those big chonguses [Andrew] You can see the
little eyes and everything, see that? [Thomas] No, I don’t [Robby] Oh man, I
gotta get in for a closer look [Thomas] Oh God [Robby] Yo, I’m not gonna lie, Amy B: those do not look appetizing [all laughing] [Andrew] All right, shall we do this one by one? Just so the viewers at home know:
don’t send us more of this [Thomas] I can’t believe I’m even touching this [Andrew] How many do you want, Robby? [Robby] Just one [all laugh] [Andrew] I’ll give you a whole one [Andrew] All right, this is how much I’ve still got [Robby] All right, let’s do it
one by one. Bryan, you start [all laugh] [Bryan] “Bryan, you go!” [Andrew] So Bryan, and then Thomas [Bryan] Ready? [Bryan, uncertain] Mmmm . . . . . Honestly, it’s like unless you’re like upset by the fact that you’re eating a
cricket, this just tastes like a crunchy, like . . . it’s just crunchy [Andrew] Should I turn my light on,
so you guys can see it better? [Thomas] No!
[Robby] No, here we go Yeah, if you don’t know that it’s a cricket, it just tastes like the- the bottom of like uh one of those hot fries packets [all laugh] [Thomas] That sounds disgusting Ugh I’ll eat a few more, I mean
they really just taste like hot fries [Thomas] Yeah they do, they do [Andrew] That’s delicious! It’s kind of like, um- [Thomas] They just explode a little bit more,
you can like, feel the little leg going one corner of my mouth, and
the other leg go in the other corner of my mouth and maybe an eyeball go behind my tongue [Bryan] That’s not helping, Thomas Blech! So for our viewers at home:
don’t send us any more of this [Andrew] Well do, actually, please! I would love that [Thomas] Well, Andrew would eat it.
It’s not like this is gonna be a regular thing [Andrew] Send us all the FDA-approved bugs! [all laugh] [Andrew narrating] After that
was a New Year themed meal Right, so we’ve got some sauerkraut,
homemade by Robby, yours truly or, ours truly And we’ve got some southern white beans,
which are supposed to be black-eyed peas but I couldn’t find any that were canned so, we’re gonna have to settle with this And I had no idea this was the case,
but apparently these are traditional New Years foods [Robby] Well Happy New Year, let’s do it! [Andrew] I did have pulled pork
which would have tied it all together, but uh I forgot a can opener [both laugh] [Robby narrating] While the beans cooked,
we also prepared some more instant noodles [Bryan] That’s pretty hot
[Thomas] They’re bubblin’ in there! [Bryan narrating] It didn’t take too long
for the food to be ready Now it was time to chow down I’ve heard that like, greens and sauerkraut
like, represents like,
money or something cause it’s leafy [Bryan] It’s actually not bad! [Robby] I can vouch for my sauerkraut, I make delicious sauerkraut [all laugh] [Robby] Sauerkraut: super tangy,
and then the beans: super basic Actually, beans are great, man [Bryan] Look at Andrew with his hipster- [all laugh] I gotta- gotta eat it like this “That Daisy Domergue, she’s my bounty” [all laugh] This is like, a really good solid meal [all agreeing] Yeah, so this is the pho that
I think Amy B. or Sal Dilisio sent us I love pho, actually, so For an instant one,
I mean that’s pretty good It’s sweeter than
I thought it’d be. I like it though The new year’s off to a good start Hmm, got some interesting spices Burn me on the outside,
on the inside, hurts so good Ahh! Oh! Thank you, Amy B or Sal [Andrew] Oh, it was Amy B.,
I wrote it on the carton I gotta say, these kraut and beans: way better than I expected I know! It’s a good combination,
I could eat that just normally Want some more? [Andrew] I’ll take some Yeah, Andrew will take some.
There you go [Thomas narrating] After dinner
was the ideal winter drink Hot cocoa on a winter day by a fire can’t beat that [Robby] So we’re definitely off
to a good start for the new year, although . . . we could have
peaked really early [all laugh] [Thomas] You know, if you kind of
look at it as more of a metaphor, especially with what
our resolutions were doing things that are tougher to just
kind of improve and harden yourself in general [Andrew] Yeah, there’s so many
moments in life where I’m like, I don’t feel like doing
something, and I just want to be
able to like, overcome that [Thomas] Sure There’s like a brick wall,
and I want to be the Kool-Aid Man [all laugh] People make fun of resolutions
because people break them all the time But I think it is really useful to have like this
distinct marker where you can just be like, “Okay, this is the day where things are changing” [Robby] Anytime anybody’s
trying to improve in any way, that’s something to be
applauded, not to be made fun of Yeah, I think in general, I just
want to have more worthwhile pursuits I want less spending time on the internet
and I want more just, intentionality like we talked about before It has to like, benefit me or
somebody else, you know? [Andrew] It’s funny cause when I
play certain video games, I get obsessed with like, customizing the character and
getting the stuff that I want for it And recently, I’ve just been realizing
like, this does not matter! I should just have this mindset for myself [All] Yeah! Like I should do the things that will
customize me into the person I want to be [Robby] Well, let’s do it.
Let’s make 2019 a good one [Bryan] I think we’re doing good for this first 24 hours [all laugh] [low, gentle music plays] So thankfully all of our stuff is dry,
and we know it’s gonna be cold tonight So I’m literally wearing like, two pairs of pants on top of
my like, underlining and one of them is fleece lined and I’m just gonna
put like, all of my shirts on It’s gonna be great We have a positive and a negative The positive is that it’s not going to get
significantly colder than it is already is right now Now the negative is that
it’s colder than it was last night But last night I was comfortable up until
the last bit of the morning when it actually got cold So, hopefully we’ll manage through the night [Robby narrating] It was a cold, cold morning
and snow was falling heavily all around us Well, my shoes are frozen again [Robby] It is so impossibly cold today The only thing I can hear is my own grunting and
the vague sound of distant grunting Oh, God [Thomas grunting] We went to bed around 8:30.
I don’t remember sleeping before midnight [Bryan] Yeah I don’t think I did either Yeah, I felt like I wasn’t sleeping,
and then the next thing I knew it was 5 a.m. and I was like, “What? I actually fell asleep?”
and then I was dreaming about doing some killing because I felt so bad [all laughing] I slept pretty well, I uh, I wasn’t cold I just couldn’t get a good
angle with the snow, it was just too bumpy [Thomas narrating] In spite of the cold,
we were all feeling jolly as we hiked out of camp and onto the freshly fallen snow I love this type of weather but it’s times like these
where I kind of wish I was in a cabin full of “hygge” Oh yeah Yeah it’s amazing how like,
idyllic this weather is, but uh, Little different when you don’t have
like a roaring fire and a warm house to go to [both laugh] [Robby] Oh, man It is- it is kind of invigorating
to be walking through it, though [Robby] Got that right [low music plays] [Andrew narrating] With the new year, we have the
chance to create new opportunities to better ourselves A new year brings a sense of relief It gives us permission to start over To make new goals that we can work towards [Robby narrating] It’s not always easy We can’t expect to have a fresh start overnight There will be times where we fall back a little bit
and struggle to be the people we want to be [music continues] [Bryan narrating] But it’s the struggle that
allows us to understand each other To forgive someone else when they aren’t at their best,
and to give them the benefit of the doubt [Robby narrating] Improving oneself isn’t about judging
others or harshly criticizing yourself when you slip up It’s about understanding that we’re all human,
that change takes time, and that we’re all trying our best [music continues] [Andrew narrating] Towards the end of our hike,
we came upon Nordhouse Lake whose vast waters were frozen solid
and covered in snow [Robby] So who’s gonna test it? [Bryan] No one is
[Thomas] Andrew is. He’s got experience on it [Bryan] This is definitely the first time
I’ve experienced something like this It definitely feels like, post-apocalyptic Where it feels like we’re just
four survivors and a barren wasteland [Andrew] I love the way all the trees have like, snow lining them in the distance [Thomas] Just on one side, though [Bryan] You put a little cabin here, it’d be a Bob Ross picture [Robby] I feel like I’m in Russia [Andrew] Yeah
[Robby] The far north of Russia. [Andrew] That’s what I love about winter, though Is it like, it covers everything up
and it’s just this like pristine blanket [Thomas] Look at it, it’s untouched right here [Bryan] And if you think about it,
most of the people will never see the lake like this [Robby] That’s true, yeah [Andrew narrating] Like a blanket
of freshly fallen snow, The new year gives us all a blank slate,
a chance for us to forgive ourselves, and each other It gives us a chance to
explore exciting possibilities A chance to start anew [music continues, swells] I see the car is there- still there Definitely the only cars there [Robby] Thomas, I love you,
but you gotta give that to me right now Doin’ a good job there [laughs] Cars are pretty amazing beasts [Bryan] Yo, the front- the front is good [laughing] So today’s post hike meal was decided ahead of time Our cousins used to live in Midland, Michigan and there’s a place called Mancino’s, it has probably just average grinders and pizza, but it’s so
nostalgic now that we got to have it, it’s so good in my memory I remember them being so like crispy and greasy and good. Oh man, this is exciting So, first time we’ve had it in like, God knows how long
[Thomas] Let’s get in! This is not the most classically winter environmentall and atmosphere, I don’t know what it is like, you got Charlie Browns on the windows, you got snow falling outside You know, it’s both old school and it’s gonna be good times when they got Styrofoam Environment? Get outta here [Robby] How is it? That’s exactly how I remember it Good stuff Oh my god That’s straight for my memories, yeah, look at the
underside of this bread it’s like that nice flat toasted
golden-brown, that’s what I remember Gotta put two at once [Andrew] Look at this Joe Pessy- how do you say it? Pesci [Andrew] Joe Pesci from Home Alone “Where’s that kid?” If I worked at the docks, you’d better believe
I’d have one of these everyday [Andrew] You look like you work
at the docks, with that hat Ha, maybe I do A salty sea dog [Robby] Look how satisfied Snoopy looks [Robby] Snoopy looks like I feel right now I love Snoopy! I’m usually the one who
eats too much: Thomas puts me to shame So this is my second sandwich cause you guys wouldn’t let me be greedy and take all your pizza slices, I had to order my own Yeah, we did have a secret dinner while we were camping When you went . . . somewhere, we were eating lobster [Andrew] Robby caught them
[Robby] Yeah, from the beach! Good job, Thomas Thank you Now: the journey home I’ll see ya later We took separate cars, that’s why Have a great trip guys, it’s a really nice place to stay [Andrew] See ya around See ya around Tell me what did you feel when you knocked out Expedition Research LLC? Adrian! Robby! Adrian! Norman Mountjoy! Jim Potts! Charlie Jo! Hong Long! Jessica Brooks! Ed McBride! Ladies and gentlemen We have a split decision between Tuck and Coop and Erik Brummel and the decision is: Tuck and Coop says happy birthday to Erika Yo Adrian . . . I did it! Joffrey Cersei Tywin Lannister Jaspor Caparrota John Truitt Lisa Truitt Sarah Churchwell I can’t sleep until I’ve said all of their names [snoring] [louder snoring] [As Mr Burns] Jacob Millican, who is this gastropod? [As Smithers] Well, that’s Jason Bourgeois, sir. One of the carbon blobs from Sector S11M Well, tell him to keep sharing and caring Right away, sir [Thomas] This is adventure archives We’ll take you anywhere From the tops of Mount Whitney [Bryan] To the bottom of the Manistee River [all laugh]

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