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No. of COVID-19 patients in S. Korea increases by 144, raising total to 977

South Korea is seeing a sharp rise in
corona virus infections on a daily basis now eleven fatalities including the
first foreign national in South Korea have been reported and the number of
confirmed cases in the nation is like I mentioned in the headlines closing in on
1000 for more details we have our Kim Jiyeon on the line G on the number of co
vid 19 cases continues to ramp up especially in the virus stricken
southeastern city of Daegu that’s right mark the number of newly confirmed
patients jumped by 144 from the previous say raising the total number of cases in
South Korea to 977 as our Tuesday the majority of the newly confirmed cases
are in the southeastern city of Daegu and the surrounding Kong Songbook the
province the total number of confirmed cases they’re reaching 791 on Tuesdays
on 56% of the newly confirmed cases were traced in members of the religious
groups in Sanji and local authorities say the main source of the virus in
South Korea is coming from the religious group and those that have been in
contact with its members the central disaster quarters of the Korea Centers
for Disease Control has said it is stepping up efforts to track down the
remaining Shin Chon ji members for a thorough investigation it has received a
list of some 212,000 members authorities say they are aiming to complete their
probe into all the members on that list within the next two weeks starting with
medical examinations of high-risk patients it plans to conduct an
examination via phone with the other members meanwhile five more South Korean
soldiers were confirmed to how the virus raising the number of confirmed cases in
the South Korean military to 18 as of Tuesday the newly confirmed include two
senior level Air Force personnel and two senior level army personnel all of them
based in tegu one army officer is based in southeastern county of hong kong hong
buchta province with this a number of soldiers that are being quarantined in
their homes or as separate locations on their bases has risen to some 9,000 230
no Gianna’s are touched upon before the number of coronavirus related deaths
has also risen here in South Korea and it now includes a foreign national who
was due to get medical treatment here that’s right the death toll has reached
11 in Korea the most recent victim was a 35 year old Mongolian male who had been
hospitalized in nam youngjoo after being transferred to South Korea earlier this
year as he waited for a liver transplant as the first case of foreigner dying in
South Korea due to the corona virus the number of people in South Korea who had
the discharge from hospital after making a full recovery remains the same as the
previous say at 22 meanwhile Prime Minister Chung said Yunnan the first
meeting he presided over and take you take you on Wednesday stressed for
strong containment measures and say that the government is aiming to stabilize
the situation in Tegel within four weeks back to you

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26 thoughts on “No. of COVID-19 patients in S. Korea increases by 144, raising total to 977

  1. Patent zero appear a Chinese woman from Wuhan. Your government allows this happen. Sigh now they will cost more money to contain the pandemic

  2. The president of South Korea is a dog of China.

    If only they prevented Chinese from entering the country, they would not have come this far.

  3. Wish another country learn from this .. to prepare and take action to protect they country before it’s can’t stop the spread

  4. North Korea is awfully quiet, I refuse to believe that they don’t have any infected citizens. Probably won’t say nothin till it’s way too late and their entire country is infected 😒

  5. Wow that sucks. Going to korea to get a liver transplant and save his life but died due to another illness caught while waiting.

  6. Xin lỗi ! Bọn Hàn Quốc đéo chịu tuân thủ thủ tục cách li thì bọn tao xin mời bọn Hàn Quốc cút mẹ về nước chúng nó đi !

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