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NITECORE F1 FlexBank & ANKER 6700 mAh Battery Bank

okay I’m here with Kevin I’m gonna
talk to him because I keep looking at myself and I really need to be looking
at the lens which is over here but I can’t do it so I’m gonna talk to Kevin
and tell him about this I know I started sleeping in the woods my first night I
ever slept in the woods I was 72 years old about six years ago and of course
being a scaredy cat at that time I still AM but it being scary I wanted a
flashlight because I don’t think I could do it without a flashlight so Mike he
would my brother-in-law he he worked as a security guard for a while and I didn’t
carry a gun but he had a tactical light like this this is a nightcore p10 this
one is 800 lumens I mean you know it’ll light up and what I liked about it
because he dealt with a lot of drunks and stuff and he put the strobe on them
and oh Lord if he’d done it to himself it disorient you for about a couple of
minutes and you can get the heck away if they’re belligerent but have you to stop
them right in the tracks when he put the strobe on them so anyway I’m saying an
oh boy I got this 800 lumens I mean it lights up and I got this strobe in case
some raccoon or deer so we’ll look at a flashing light given I mean I want
it to stun them so I can get away but anyway I don’t use this anymore I use it
three or four times then when my confidence got built up and all I need
all I use now is this some nightcore NU 25 that that does it for me but I
brought it this time for this video now what I brought it for let me open it up
let me screw this back on don’t want to lose it what I brought it for was for
this battery this is a 2,300 mAh and it’s known as the 18650 on NL 183 let um what I bought that for you know
this is Kevin it looks like something to charge a battery yeah well it that is
exactly what it is a battery charger and it’s specifically for lithium ion not
alkaline batteries not any other kind it’s only for these lithium ions now
this is just a 2300 just happened to come with that flashlight for this
demonstration but you can get a 3400 also but what it does is um it’s it
becomes let me see if I can figure this out it’s got a protection if you put it
in wrong polarity you should get us the see if you do it the wrong way
yeah okay yeah it looks right now all right and then they send you these
little rubber bands here yellow I don’t know why it is yellow and black but not a
top and bottom well it could be but mainly I think it’s
see the batteries just loosely in this yeah so you put it on there just to hold
a battery now you see little light flashing there the quick flashing I saw
it a minute okay now that’s got I got three LEDs so it’s
fully fully charged but it also has a built-in multi meter now watch
this Kevin and I’m gonna take it in one two three four one two three flashing a
sequence yeah what it is 4.3 volts okay I just do okay let’s see what it does
one two three four one two four point two volts now let me see if I can let
you see it flash that ways to built-in see there then jumps to the other light two times
so you’ve got 4.2 volts and yeah and the other thing is if it runs down to three
point three it’ll start flashing to let you know you got a low battery and then
it I think two point eight it cuts off so don’t ruin your battery okay now what
it is it’s a battery pack now it becomes a small battery pack and now I’ve got a
screen shot I’m gonna put right uphill with Kevin’s face and it’ll tell you how
many times you could charge your phone i was about the middle USB port you could
use it for a charger yeah now they don’t come what cables you have to your own
cables and I have this cable here and what it is I can go in here see USB port
I can go in here and this is a USB-C to charge my phone or you want if you’ve
got the like that’s nitecore uses a USB the keyed
the keyed usb so you need unless you get the adapter that converts your
keyed to the round one you know this isn’t it so anyway and of course of course
you charge it just like you do any other thing if you plug it in I don’t have
that well I do have it don’t know I didn’t bring a cable well I don’t need
it I just say it the plugs in there and of course you can plug it into your wall
and one to the I don’t know what they call it a little thing two plugs in the
wall or your laptop and you can charge this and I see a lot of YouTube reviews
where they actually use the solar cells and you can charge it and your phone all
at the same time they say it’s slow if you do it that way oh now this is to me
it’s just not enough power you might get by over to overnight or like this charge
your phone I never have to recharge I charge this at home and stuff because I
don’t I’m not out in the field that long to do it and of course I usually for the
weekend I carry this they call it a candy bar size and this is a
anker it’s an anker I think I can’t read it but I think it’s twenty thousand
mAh and I can charge my phone three or four times with this one this
is what I usually bring but this was an option I just I have to brick I never
carry I have a half a brick if I’m over on like the through like we did here
July did bring the I did bring the half brick and good thing I did because
icebears phone went dead and her battery pack was dead too so good thing I had it
hey anyway that’s it for that video thanks for

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9 thoughts on “NITECORE F1 FlexBank & ANKER 6700 mAh Battery Bank

  1. I have a 20,000 mah charger. It is nice to have on longer trips and isn't too much heavier than the 10,000 mah that the ultralight crowd seems to favor.

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