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News Strike – Iwakuni Marines hike Iwo Jima to honor fallen heroes at Mt. Suribachi

This is your Inside Iwakuni News Strike. One of the perks of being a servicemember stationed in the Pacific Region is the ability to visit
World War II battle sites. Marines and Sailors stationed aboard Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni had the chance to hop on a C-40A, fly to Iwo To, formerly known as Iwo Jima,
and hike up Mount Suribachi. Marine Corporal David Bickel trekked with Iwakuni servicemembers
to bring you the story. SUGGESTED TAG:
This will be the only time many of these service members will visit Iwo-To in their lifetimes. Reporter:
Service Members from Headquarters Squadron, Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, vsited the
island of Iwo Jima. Part of the trip included climbing Mount Suribachi.
SB: LtCol Karl Shmidt – H&HS Commanding Officer “We are out here in the pacific and it’s a
once in a lifetime opportunity to be on the hallowed grounds. It’s iconic and it’s part
of our heritage. No matter what the knowledge is on the individual battle, everybody knows
about the flag raising. As we reviewed parts of that battle and then got to walk the grounds,
it makes it mean more and come to life a little bit about the sacrifice that those Marines
did during that battle.” Reporter:
When the hikers reached the top of the mountain, many of them placed chevrons, dog tags, and
unit patches on the remembrance post to commemorate fallen service members.
SB: LCpl John Williams – Hike Participant Especially after the weekend of Memorial Day
being here. It’s very surreal. It’s something that the war movies don’t show you and stuff.
You literally have to climb the mountain and experience.
Reporter: The hike impacted every service member in
a different way, but each one was honored to walk the hallowed ground of fallen brothers
and sisters. Reporting from Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni Japan, I’m Cpl. David Bickel.

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