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Newly-confirmed COVID-19 patients in S. Korea increases by 144, raising total to 977

our starting point this morning South
Korea is seeing a sharp rise in corona virus infections on a daily basis now
eleven fatalities including the first foreigner in South Korea have been
reported and the number of confirmed cases and the nation is closing in on
1000 for more details we have our Kim Jiyeon on the line for us
so Tiana the number of Kovac 19 cases continues to shoot up especially in the
virus stricken city of table that’s right the number of newly confirmed
patients jumped by 144 from the previous day raising the total number of cases in
South Korea to 977 as of Tuesday the majority of the newly confirmed cases
are in the southeastern city of Daegu and the surrounding Gyeongsang with the
province the total number of confirmed cases they are reaching 791 on Tuesday
from 56% of the newly confirmed cases were traced to members of the religious
groups in Sanji the local authorities see the main source of the virus in
South Korea as deriving from the religious group and those that have been
in contact with its members in response the central disaster headquarters of the
Korea Centers for Disease Control said they’re stepping up efforts to track
down remaining Shin Sanji members for a thorough investigation it has received a
list of some 212,000 members authorities say they are aiming to
complete their probe into all the members on that list within the next two
weeks starting with medical examinations of high-risk patients and plans to
conduct an examination via phone with the other members and she as I’ve
mentioned at the top the number of coronavirus related that’s have also
risen in South Korea and it is now including a foreign national who was due
to get medical treatment here that’s right the death toll has reached 11 in
Korea the most recent victim was a 35 year old hospitalized Mongolian male
patient in nam youngjoo who had been transferred to south korea earlier this
year as he waited for a liver transplant it’s the first case of foreigner dying
in South Korea due to the corona virus and the number of people in South Korea
who have been discharged from hospital after making a full recovery
remains the same as a previous day 22 back to you

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67 thoughts on “Newly-confirmed COVID-19 patients in S. Korea increases by 144, raising total to 977

  1. I get the impression the leftist government in Korea is using the virus to stop the anti moon protests in Seoul.

    Oddly enough many of the candlelight protesters that were pro moon people were flown in Chinese nationals. I think that was some time ago.

    Many of those nationals did not leave and went south to guess where? Yup the center of the out break in Korea.

    In all the countries around the world the leftists use the same strategies.

    They are all globalists. Oddly the global moves by the globalists only further divide rich VS poor classes.

    Despite what country they are in, the communists are all masquerading as socialists. In the USA that's the Democrat party. In Korea it's largely democrats.

    So you can easily see who controls the news networks by the stories they put out.

    Korea may need a fox News equivalent. But even there, fox News too has its issues.

    The deep state is very real all over the world.

    Don't believe the numbers. In China we can be sure they are under reporting.

    In Korea it seems like they may be over reporting. If you dig deeper I bet moon has ties to the cult.

    Kim Jong Un may very well take over the Korean peninsula with him as leader.

    I bet moon would just give up the leadership to Kim if they reunified. After all he's a stooge for China and the communists.

  2. 문제인 깡통령 빨리 잡아깜방보내라
    개세끼 중국녹먹었다
    지금도늣었어 너무늣었어

  3. Doomsday cult running loose in Korea spreading COVID-19? Wasn't your old prime minister being controlled by a cult, too? What the hell is going over on there?
    You guys need an Anti-Cult Task Force.

  4. I lived in Seoul for 3 years and I loved it. But I can see this virus spreading like a wild fire there because most people lived in high rise apartments. Good luck South Korea and stop traveling outside of your country until a vaccine is developed.

  5. South Korea must prevent entry into China.

    Politicians and the president are on the side of the Chinese ,so they would never accept the sacrifice of the people as collateral.

    Meanwhile, China is enforcing an entry ban on Koreans.

    There is nothing in the interest of helping China.

    China should be responsible for the virus it has created.

    There is no one in Korea who will ever see a Chinese good again.

  6. Korean just discover patent zero is a Chinese woman from wuhan . That your government fault to let it happen, unlike VietNamese government took a strong hand to handle the pandemic you guy too weak

  7. I am from China. I hope you all can understand my English and my apologies to all who were affected by this virus. Hope the world is becoming better.

  8. It's quite possible that we will see the real spread of the disease in South Korea.
    Many believe that China is not being transparent with their reports of confirmed cases or deaths, furthermore there are believed to be so many people waiting for confirmation tests and treatment that the number of cases is not well understood even within China, I have also heard reports that funeral parlous in China are seeing just as many bodies of people who are "suspected cases" as they are from people who are confirmed to have died from the virus, meaning that the death toll in China could be double the figure that is being reported, even if you think the reported figure can be trusted.

  9. Gosh… scary…

    South korea is considered an advanced country.

    Cant imagine the horror of a not so developed countries..

  10. south korea conducted over 43000 tests so far with 1100 cases. while japan has conducted just 900 tests with 150 cases. now tell me who is doing a better job and who tries to keep the numbers low by not testing enough.

  11. No more trips to Korea .. as tourist myself I am not comfortable among Chinese tourists .. Japan surely not .

  12. 650.000 people every EVERY year ofer decates are dying the regular saisonal flu wold wide in normal eu city with 1,3 millione peopels in flu season every week 15.000 new infections with regula flu so what are we talking about here…????

  13. The Korean government, contrary to China, has been doing an OK job.
    Not perfect. But at least they issue warnings and are quite transparent about it all.

    I hope people will act responsibly and that the bloody cults that are spreading this stuff get shut down with dictatorial efficiency.

  14. But still Korean tourists from the most infected area DAEGU refused to be quarantined when arriving in Vietnam. They insisted on staying in a hotel instead of being quarantined in a hospital like other passengers. They complained about accommodation and food. Do they think such ignorant humans like them should be treated better than others?

  15. There are 1,261 infected people in Korea right now.
    The main cause of the spread of the coronavirus was the spread of the virus in Sincheonji (a group of frauds) and after one person was infected, the number of infections increased exponentially. And in 'Sincheonji' where they don't you tell me the location had to go to the spread is some that don't know.
    So the government is trying to figure out their location and list.
    I want everyone in the world to be safe from coronavirus.

  16. Hi, I am Korean and 14 years old. Now I have to go to middle school, but I can't go to school because of coronavirus. I hope that the vaccine will be developed quickly. I hope our country will be developed soon.
    I don't want any damage. I'm so sorry.
    And I am very scared of the coronavirus.
    Please, I hope this situation ends soon.


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