New Hampshire Appalachian: Trail My home is a tent

Alright, here we are another update! So I’m in New Hampshire right now working
at a hostel in the Appalachian trail! Incase you don’t know, because I didn’t when
I got here, the Appalachian trail goes from Georgia all the way to Maine, 2,000 miles
long. It takes these hikers 5 months to do it. It’s absolutely insane. Once they get to us, we’re the end if they’re
“NoBo’s” if they’re North bound. Just… just 300 miles to go, they’re stoked
that they’re almost done! It’s absolutely insane. And then theres some people that are just
starting “SoBos” Southern Bound. They’re going the other way. My lingo has definitely improved since I’ve
been here. There is a “Zero Day”, that means they don’t
hike any miles. “Double Zero” I’ll let you figure that one
out! “NoBos” “SoBo” there’s like a “slack pack”
they leave all of their stuff and and just take a backpack. There are all sorts of things that I was like
I DONT KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT but I’m learning! A couple of you have asked like, what are
you doing parading around the country, backpacking all over the place? There are 2 things that I’m doing, 1: I’m
running yoga retreats. I just did one in Costa Rica we’re looking
at new locations for the next couple. The big goal is to open a hostel! Working at hostels in the US, working at hostels
abroad, high end, low end, the whole spectrum. Pull things that like, decide what I don’t
like. Try and find a location for it. This one specifically is very interesting,
IT’S HIKERS! It’s all hikers because it’s right on the
Appalachian Trail. Hikers are here for a night to 3 nights tops. It’s cool because there are lots of people
moving in and out all the time. It’s hard because you can’t really get to
know any of them. You’ve got a lot more beds to make, housekeeping
to do. She runs it super organized. Everything has it’s spot, every task has it’s
order. Super well maintained, very clean. It’s actually one of the highest rated hostels
on the Appalachian Trail. White Mountain Lodge and Hostel in New Hampshire. I’m here until the end of August, a little
bit into September. I’m learning kind of the ways of running a
hostel. And let me also show you what happens when
we open my tent. Just straight up wilderness. Just the jungle out there! I’m always afraid that I’m going to open it
and say hi bear. BUT
You come out, lets see if I can see what you see. There is the house, it’s not the jungle it’s
just the woods. And then here is my lovely tent. I’m standing up right now. Big tent. You can see all the junk on the floor. My bed, it’s a real bed! With a box spring and the mattress and like
I don’t know frame. All my stuff on the floor. It’s kind of messy but thats what happens
when you live out of your backpack! So that’s it, the update is that I’m in Vermont. No I’m not I’m in New Hampshire! I think next I’m going to go Vermont, New
York, Georgia and then down to Costa Rica. If you are in any of those spots let me know
so that we can meet up. But that’s it for now!

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