Nedunder Vøringsfossen

What a drama! At the foot of Vøringsfossen Waterfall Today I am hiking to the foot of Vøringfossen waterfall Many have seen the waterfall from above But fewer have seen it from below I have packed a lot of camera gear And will go through the canyon and shoot it from below Tight.Can’t be to fat here Way up there is the road This road barrier is from that road. …and up there you can see what’s left of a truck You can only imagine where these things come from Totally smashed It’s getting very slippery I have to careful. Since I am alone in the canyon There is no place other than Norway… where you can experience this alone. Without fences, and the company of others I am now almost at the end of the canyon …and it’s a bit dangerous. Because it’s so slippery I am finally here. Under the waterfall. Incredible Everything is getting wet! What a drama! Extreme nature look at it It’s great to able to experience this. Incredible The nature is powerful That’s it folks!

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