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Navštívila som rómske osady v Rumunsku

Children find everything in nothing, men find nothing in everything. – G.Leopardi The world is full of miracles, but we got so used to them in all those years, that we start calling them ordinary things. A long time ago I promised myself I would visit Transylvania in Romania, and that would be in November, because it must be magical. A few years passed and here I am! In Transylvania running with the sheep. In November! Just like that it happened. Most people told me I was insane to go all on my own to Romania, They said I would get robbed right after stopping the car, or that I would never get beck home, because I would get kidnapped for sure. I did not even think once about any of those scenarios. I gave up on that type of fear a long time ago. By now, you probably know about my passion in meeting new people and learning their life philosophy. I am happy to meet any person, because everyone brings something new into my life. A blessing, or a lesson. My first contact person in Romania was Daniela. A woman with a big heart and passion for what she has been doing for 20 years. She dedicated her life to Roma community. Currently she is in charge of a school, together with other passionate teachers they build the curiosity in those kids minds. They use all kinds of motivation. For instance, every day one of the pupils with the highest score for attendance, grades and behaviour, can become the headmaster of the school and spend the day with the official headmaster. He or she gets an extra treat, get to come up with new activities for the schoolmates, which improves the class attendance and grades too! You can really see that Daniela and her colleagues do their job with so much love. The children adore them and consider them their role models. Those kids often do not have their parents as role models, because they travel for work for long periods of time, and have to leave their children at home with relatives. It was breaking my heart when I was little and my parents had to leave for even a weekend. Everywhere I come to, I ask about people’s dreams. Roma children in Transylvania have dreams just like any other children around the world. One dreams about becoming a policeman, another one wants to be a firefighter. Girls dream about becoming singers or fashion designers. When I asked about dreams of the adults, they just started laughing. They said nobody ever asked about that and that they actually did not know if they had any dreams. They only wish to live healthy lives. I also asked Valentin about his dreams. Valentin is my new friend, who has showed me Romania. He was just as surprised when I asked him about his dreams as were the adults in the Roma villages. He had to think about it and then he said that he probably did not have any dreams. He only wished he could continue living a life as beautiful as he had. I was told the same thing by a 19 years old student from Romania, a hitchhiker I took on my way with a car. The answers surprised me. I realized there was probably something about them, because as Goethe once said, “People cannot appreciate the present and that is why they desire a better future.” And those people have realized it a long time ahead of me. Both – Valentin and the 19 years old hitchhiker said they have nothing against the Roma cultures. They live together in one countri in peace and do not differentiate between who is “Roman” and who is not. However, they do find it unfair that some of them receive higher unemployement benefits from the government, than people earn in their jobs. but they have never experienced a situation of Roma people being rude or disrespectful towards them. Valentin have experienced rudeness and disrespectfulness on his Erasmus from a Slovak man. They were roommates and Valentin invited him for a beer so they get to know each other. Slovak guy started asking if he has Roma origin, as he comes from Romania, because he would never go for a beer with a Roma guy. I was asking the teachers at school, why do they think Roma people welcome everyone with open arms, and we non-Romas are so much colder and non-welcoming. The reason might be that Roma people live together in their villages with their big families and friends, and are used to showing love constantly to each other. Or maybe it is because when you treat them with respect, it means a lot to them. (I brought majolika pottery gifts for them from my home town) The truth is, that when I wanted to shake my hand with somebody I met, I saw a true surprise in their eyes. When I went to Romania, I was expecting gypsies in traditional colorful clothes. I soon found out that only the rich gypsies get dressed in those traditional clothes. Not those living in slums. I was lucky enough and I got to visit one family, who showed me how they make the traditional skirts, and were so nice to me, they even dressed me up as a traditional gypsy princess. The material for the skirt was imported by one of the women from India. The materials are made of silk, so the prices are high, this specifically was 400 euros. The earrings were golden and were woth 800 euros. For the rest I did not ask, but it was definitely the most expensive outfit I have ever worn. How would I sum up my Romania trip? Nobody has robbed me, raped me nor kidnapped me, because I am here back home safe. And I even stopped by the farmers with my car on the way to take pictures of the sheep. Despite all the prejudice I was told by people before my trip, everyone was very kind to me, just like everywhere where you come smiling and with respect. These people even invited me to their homes, welcomed me and talked to me, which I value very much. I have only the most beautiful memories for my trip to Romania and I will be happy to come back again soon. Many people have prejudice. It is does not matter if it is against Romanians, Romas, Christians, Moslims, Gays, Women, Men. Just anyone or anything unknown. I believe we can all set these prejudices aside and start to smile at people, and people will start smiling on us. When I was a child, my big dream was changing the world one day. Everybody kept telling me, it is impossible and to choose another dream, because one person can not make a difference. But the question remains, Who will change the world for us, if not ourselves? Presidents? It is a metter of choice between love, harmony, and fear, hate. But the love and harmony does not come on its own. Not until we decide to change it and choose to spread it around us. “Children find everything in nothing, men find nothing in everything.” There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. Or the second, is as though everything is a miracle.

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28 thoughts on “Navštívila som rómske osady v Rumunsku

  1. Hezký den, už chvíli vás sleduju a jsem z Vás nadšená. Taková mladá krásná holčina a jste tak neskutečně milá,rozumná,empatická,s úžasným pohledem na svět! Navíc vše podate svym uklidňujícím hlasem,fakt nemám slov! Komentáře nepíšu,ale už jsem musela😉😘😍

  2. Velmi pekné video niektorý Rumuni sú úplne super ale zažila som si aj tých nie moc vychovaných….pochádzam z Rumunska😊

  3. Jsem na tebe moc pyšná, holčičko moje. Toto video mě dojalo k slzám. Slibuji, že už se o tebe nebudu bát, až se zase sama někam vypravíš 🙂

  4. Jedno VEĽKÉ WAU Nina 🙂 nedávno som náhodou natrafila na tvoje video o sólo cestovaní a za jeden večer som si ich pozrela všetky 😀 spať som šla okolo druhej ráno, ale stálo to za to. Ďakujem ti, že robíš to, čo robíš a robíš to všetko s úsmevom a láskou, ktoré rozdávaš všade navôkol. Možno sa aj vďaka tvojim videám konečne odhodlám aj ja opustiť svoju komfortnú zónu a splniť si všetky moje sny! Ešte raz, ďakujem ❤

  5. Nádherné video…Viac takých ľudí ako si ty a svet by bol ihneď krajším miestom. 🙂 Vyžaruje z teba nesmierne dobro a ľudskosť <3

  6. Fandim ti!!! Víc takových lidí jako jsi ty a svět by byl o mnohokrát krásnějším.
    Všude na světě je rasismus,nenávist vůči jiný národnosti, Ale nikdy jsem nepochopila proč?. Nejsme všichni stejní, z masa a kostí?.
    Jsem Romka hrdá Romka ale setkávám se s rasismem na každém rohu a není mi to příjemné.
    Moc ti dekuju za tvoje videa si nejlepší..!! ❤️

  7. Som hrdý na teba že aj taká biela žena exziztuje !!! Klobuk dole super krásne video si nádherne dobre dievča veľký rešpekt

  8. Wauuu klobúk dole pred tebou si skvela vtom čo robíš 💓👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 tiež som Rómka veľmi dobre sa počúva od niekoho by si to najmenej čakal majorita 💓💓💓💓

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