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Naked Cow Dairy Farm – Hawai‘i Dept. of Labor & Industrial Relations Superhero Campaign

My name is Monique Vanderstrom. I am
the owner and founder of Naked Cow Dairy in Wai‘anae, Hawai‘i and I am a dairy
farmer. *music* We’re a dairy farm. We milk cows and we
produce dairy products such as cheese and butter and yogurt and we’re working
on producing ice cream as well. I chose farming as my occupation because
I thought that I needed to find something that was going to enjoy doing
for the rest of my life. Schooling gives you a basics of the
knowledge that you need, the science part of it and then you can go out and put
that into practice and that’s what I did. I actually didn’t grow up here I grew up
all over the place. My family traveled from state to state, country to country so I
had a lot of exposure around the world before I ended up in Wai‘anae. The
opportunity was in Wai‘anae to lease another farm and that’s why I ended up
staying here. If I imagine myself doing something else, I can’t, I can’t imagine it. Being out
here in the country on the farm outside, and I can walk outside and look at the
cows and pet the cows and feed the cows and, and do what I want to do, on my own
terms, as far as my, my farm um that’s the only way imagine my life. I
think my favorite part about farming is getting to come outside and play with my
cows. *music* I think it’s important to be a farmer
in Hawai‘i because Hawai’i is an isolated state. And as everyone knows you know we
are dependent on food coming in from the mainland. So I think the more that we can get
young kids involved, then the more sustainable the island will become as
far as produce our own food. I know the generation of dairy farmers
before me had no young farmers coming into the dairy business and that’s why
there’s only one farm on the island of O}ahu so I think getting younger kids
involved and bringing them to college and getting them to study dairy science
or any kind of science as far as agriculture will help the state become
more sustainable in the long run. We can’t end with this generation of
farmers. We have to perpetuate it. yeah

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