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My Parents Have Their Views On Raising Girls. I Had To Save My Lil Sis!

Hello, everybody! My name is Jake. I am sixteen years old. I grew up, surrounded by love and support
from my parents. Sounds idyllic, right? But it just so happened that I had to rescue
my little sister from my own mom and dad. How did it even come to this? Listen up. My parents have always been very conservative
and you could even say snobbish people. They were also supporters of a very strict
and even cruel upbringing. But I didn’t really realize this until my
sister Cora was born. I never had any problems with my mother and
father. To tell you the truth, I have always been
their fair-haired boy. My mom was absolutely over-protective. She doted on my every move, which was becoming
more and more annoying over the years. So, I thought I could finally breathe a sigh
of relief when Cora appeared in our family. I hoped that now my mom and dad would be too
busy to track every minute of my life. But not so fast. My first hint was when I saw my father’s reaction
that he was having a daughter, and not another son. He was so angry and disappointed. He rarely came up to Cora’s crib and always
got irritated when she cried. My mother wasn’t that bad, but she was always
tired and depressed. When Cora grew up and turned nine years old,
it became even worse. My parents were so unfair and strict with
her that I had to stand up for her all the time. Concerning myself, it seemed that I was their
only beacon of light and they entrusted me with all their hopes and dreams. And the only thing I wanted was to escape
from this hell-hole. And what a stroke of luck! I had a chance to go to a new prestigious
school in another area. It was my goal for a long time and I worked
hard for it, but I could not get the thought out of my mind that I would have to leave
my poor sister all alone with my mom and dad. Of course, my parents were so proud of me,
but when Cora heard the news, she was stunned. I saw she was trying to hold back her tears
and to smile. She said she was very happy for me. I couldn’t bear it and told her: If you ask
me, I will stay. But she wouldn’t listen. My little Cora had a big heart. So, I made the hard decision and left home. I made my sister promise that she would call
me every single day and tell me about everything. And to a point, she did it. I loved my new school and my new life, and
Cora would listen to my funny stories every day. But when I asked her about herself, she was
very brief. She would always say that she was fine and
try to change the subject. However, over time, our conversations came
to a halt. Cora found excuses to not to talk to me every
evening and just sent me short messages. But one day there were no more messages. I called and texted her a million times , but
there was no answer. I called my mom immediately and asked what
was going on, but she said that everything was okay. Cora was just being careless and broke her
phone. But I had no doubt that it was not as simple
as that. And my fears were confirmed. After a couple of days, I got a message from
a strange number. It turned out that it was Cora’s classmate. She was very worried because Cora hadn’t been
to school for over two weeks, and she wanted to know if she was okay. I was terrified. My mother didn’t tell me that my sister was
sick or anything. Whatever was going on, I felt that I had to
rush home as fast as I could. I didn’t warn my parents that I was coming,
so they were really surprised to see me at the front door the next morning. Mom looked very confused and nervous. I asked her about Cora and she said she that
was at school. I told her that I was aware that she wasn’t
and headed to my sister’s room. My mother tried to stop me and to chat me
up, but I got to the door and I was shocked by what I saw there. The room was very clean, but all the furniture
was gone. There were no toys, no bed, no writing table. There was a small mat on the floor and a small
table with an empty bowl, and that was it. Cora wasn’t there. I attacked my dad and demanded an explanation. But he stayed cool and said that Cora was
nothing but trouble. And this was the only way to raise her. He said that he had prevented her from going
to school lately because she couldn’t behave herself, she came home later than expected
and she had even secretly tried to use makeup! As a punishment he stopped her going to school
for the time being until she understood how a decent girl should behave and what she should
look like. I was completely speechless. I started running around the house and calling
for my sister. My mom quietly said she was punished and sent
to clean up the shed. I thought she was kidding. They made a nine year old girl clean that
rotten shed, which was actually an impossible task. I rushed there to find my poor Cora scrubbing
the floor. She looked exhausted and skinny. I bet starvation was another way of raising
girls from my father’s point of view. She was also dressed like a nun! She was wearing some old floor-length gown. I grabbed her and we ran away without looking
back. We went to a cafe where I got her something
to eat. I asked her a million times why she hadn’t
told me anything. She cried and confessed that our dad had been
threatening her that if she told me, he would throw her out on the street, or give her away
to another family. She was afraid she would never see me again. And then he took her phone from her. It was too much! I realized that my parents had gone absolutely
crazy and I could no t let them get away with this any longer. The best thing I could think of was to go
to Cora’s school and to talk to the principal I just didn’t have the heart to hand my parents
over to the police myself. Saying the principal was shocked and frustrated
doesn’t even begin to describe what happened next. So she took matters into her own hands. Pursuant to the Court’s decision and my testimony,
Cora and I were sent to live with a foster family until the day I get on my feet and
am able to take care of my sister myself. I still can’t piece together what happened
and why. It was really painful for me, from one perspective,
because most of my life, I had a loving mother and father by my side. And then I had to witness the evil they had
done. I wish I had figured it out much earlier. But now I know that nobody will treat my sister
like that ever again. I hope my parents will come to their senses
one day and realize how wrong they were. What do you think about this? Do you support my decision to expose what
my parents were doing? If you have also seen your parents do something
really bad, tell me what you’ve done to stop them in the comments. I would love if you’d share your stories.

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100 thoughts on “My Parents Have Their Views On Raising Girls. I Had To Save My Lil Sis!

  1. I respect this guy, because not much people will stand up for their siblings to their parents, when they are the "favourite child"

  2. How in the 1st place did the mother actually supported the abuse of her own daughter,when she was a daughter herself?

  3. It sounds like Narcissistic parenting.

    The son is the spoiled golden child, the daughter is the scapegoat.

    But this is an interesting twist because golden children tend to become Narcissists, yet the son was able to realize on his own that the way he and his sister were being raised was completely wrong.

  4. So, they don't SAY he was beating the child but shows the father storming at the screen with a belt in his hands, but it is perfectly okay to say that they were starving her and treating her like a slave? Weird censors…

  5. These comments sound like the hulk & Thor should teach those parents a lesson. But real parents are way scarier they take pride loving & raising their kids. His parents went bonkers…🚴

  6. If someone does wrong even your parents you call the cops, end of story

    Had my parents done this i would of done just that, because sadly that is the only way sick fucks will learn or at least we hope, they are monsters

    And monsters deserve no mercy

  7. That has happened to me befor and my dad never feed my sis he only gave her food after 3 days ans that was that last time I call the cops and now I live like u

  8. Why is it that every time there are evil parents in these videos they're conservative? I kinda find this offensive.

  9. People like them will never change you should keep a distance away from them forever so that way you don't end up shooting them to death

  10. Idiot parents who still treat their children depending on what gender they have shouldn't be parents at all. They probably call themselves religious too and still abuse the gift god gave them. "A healthy girl is not good enough. I want a boy!!!" Tough luck you douche, Life ain't a wishing well.

  11. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 today is the only in prison I check the parents must achieve them like

  12. i pretty sure they where mentally ill health or they can't rase enough money for it or the husband wants more boys but instead he hated the way they think so he wants her to be a man but she became more teen girl so she get grounded by her dad and her stuff got sell like if she never existed only to some of it… but he believes she nonething but waste of space so he had to send her to garage/shed?! That's bad parenting… i think they should go jail and Mental Health for child endangerment and everything else…

  13. So I wanted to know more about this case. I didnt find anything but if anyone does please link it in the comments. I want to know what happened to the parents for doing this and weather Cora ended up with her brother

  14. This wasn’t fair for the little girl and I hope your parents know what they done but I doubt it and I hope you and your little sister have a perfect life with your foster parents.

  15. The beautiful thing about the story is that despite being favored, the brother kept his sanity, fairness and love for his sister. Somehow he could still see the light despite being raised like that. That just goes to show that by default, we are all good first…

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