This video was sponsored
by Raid Shadow Legends. What? Hey what’s up, dude? Andrew? Yeah. What are you doing? I’m playing Raid Shadow Legends. What? I said I’m playing
Raid Shadow Legends. Can you not hear me with
the helmet on my head? Not really. Oh. Anyway, Anthony,
Raid Shadow Legends is a new game that just
came to smartphones. Dude, it’s so good. It’s almost like a PC game. Best part is, I didn’t
use your credit card! It’s totally free. Oh, great. I’m glad to know that
you use my credit card for everything else. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But dude, you
should join my clan. There’s like 10
million other players. There’s PVP battles,
giant boss battles. There’s like hundreds of
champions that you collect. It’s sick. OK, the game sounds cool, but
why are you dressed like that? Let me show you. There’s so many
different characters that you can collect. This one’s the warlord. This is the mountain king. Look how cool he is! But Anthony, this is
who I’m dressed as– the guardian. Andrew, I hate to
break it to you, but that guy looks
way cooler than you. So, where did you
hear about Raid? How do you not know about this game. It’s the fastest growing game
with almost a perfect score over 200,000 reviews. And a new update just
came out, Anthony! There’s something for everyone. So the game sounds great,
and that all makes sense, but why are you sitting in my
foyer dressed like a guardian? Oh, this isn’t
your house anymore. It’s a dungeon. Andrew, this just
looks like my house. That’s what you think. But you’ll see! Come on, let’s go. Andrew, I can’t hear you when
you’re wearing the bucket. Dude, I’m supposed
to be the guardian. Without it, I look
like a simple squire. I have no idea what that means. Of course, you don’t. See that? That’s the fire knight. Gives really good equipment
if you could beat him. That’s my dad cooking burgers! No, that’s the fire knight. Gotta to be careful. But he’s weak against water. So I’ve got a plan. Hold this. [BURGER SIZZLING] Mhm. Andrew. Andrew! Don’t do it. Don’t do it. You ruined my burger. Well, I extinguished that
fire knight’s flame, huh? Meh, anyway. Onto the next boss! The next boss? OK, so what are we doing? Andrew, take off the bucket. I’m not wearing the
bucket, but it’s a helmet. Anyway, you see
that right there? That’s the ice golem. He’s our next boss. That’s my grandpa
getting out an ice pop. Any second now he’s going
to use his numbing chill. Has a 50% chance
to add a debuff. A 50% chance to debuff? Yeah. You’re learning fast. Andrew, I’m being sarcastic. I have no idea what that means. It’s bad. It’s real bad. I gotta go stop him. I’ll be right back. Mhm. Excuse me? Yes, Andrew. What? What was that for? I got you now, ice golem. Anthony, now on
to the final boss. Come on! That was my last cherry ice pop. Wait, this is cherry? Yes. Anthony, we got
a cherry ice pop! Come on! Andrew? Yeah? Where are we? The dragon’s lair. The dragon’s lair? Yep, this is the dragon’s lair. If this is the dragon’s lair,
then where’s the dragon? She’s right there. That’s just Jessica. Nah, man. That’s a dragon. She’s not flying around or
spitting fire or anything. Oh, but she will. She will. Here we go. Andrew? Guardian. What did you do to my room? This is a dungeon. This isn’t a dungeon. This is plastic and
that’s inflatable. Really? A fork against an ax? [AX POPPING, DEFLATING] Seems I was defeated again. She found my weakness. Back to the tavern! The tavern? We have to upgrade. Upgrade what? We got to level up, dude! Come on! You call this a tavern? This is just my bed
sheets and two chairs. Anthony, can you relax? I’m try to level up by
drinking my red potion. Red potion? That looks like fruit punch. Yeah, I know, but the
red potion tastes gross, and this is pretty good, so– Andrew, why can’t we
just play the actual game and put this whole
charade to rest? We’ll play as soon as
we beat the dragon! But the only way I can beat
her is if you join my clan. No, no. I am not joining your team to
help you fight your girlfriend. I understand. I understand. But there’s only one
other option, Anthony. What are you doing? I have to sacrifice
you to level up. No, no, no. OK, all right, all right. I’ll play along. OK, good. Now drink up. Let’s go Why is that the character
you chose for me? Dude, because you’re Rocktooth. You look exactly like him. OK, well then, how come you get
that cool ax and I get nothing? He doesn’t use a weapon. He uses his fists. He’s like really strong. You’re not, but
we’ll figure it out. I’m not going to
attack your girlfriend. All right, well, then just
hang out for moral support. I got this. I brought protection this time. Charge! Andrew, you can’t see with
the bucket on your head! Wait, maybe this is working. Yep, no it’s not. No. She left. I vanquished her! Yes! Finally! Andrew, you didn’t do anything. Mission complete! Are you ready for
more PVP tomorrow? We’re not doing
this again tomorrow! Oh! She left her lasagna! Hey, what’s up you guys! We just wanted to take a second
to thank Raid Shadow Legends for sponsoring this video. Honestly, we’ve been playing
this game for a couple weeks now.
We’ve been having so much fun. It is hard to put down. Sometimes I find myself
playing for a couple hours just trying to unlock new champions. Definitely my favorite part. The character I
was in this video really is my favorite
champion from the game. He’s the guardian. He’s my favorite because he has
a really cool character model and he can heal himself,
which is really important. Their new update for
the game just went live, and all new players get
rewards for the first 90 days. You can find me in the game
under the nick Culter35, and if you’re quick enough,
you can also join my clan. So what are you waiting for? Go to the video description. Click on the special
links and you’ll get 50 thousand
silver and a free epic champion as a part of
the new player program to start your journey. So that’s about it. Thank you guys
again for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video
and go find us in the game. Yeah, come find me. I’m playing. We will see you guys again
soon with a brand new video. Bye, guys. Bye, guys.

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