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My First Hitchhiking in Siberia, Russia | Journey from Novosibirsk to Biysk, Altai Kari

I have reached a petrol station Lets see how to start hitchhiking This is my 1st hitchhiking in Russia Some people don’t react or listen Feels bad I am too a human, don’t know why avoid? No reaction.. Not even looked at me. I have asked 4 to 5 cars but no one going towards Biysk I am waiting here in this petrol station God please help.. I will be late if i don’t get car Will be big problem I have sent 2 to 3 couchsurfing request They haven’t accepted yet Hope they will accept. If they don’t, then i will book hostel in Biysk I have asked so many cars. But no one Going so far till now I will have to go approx 400 KM Michael helping me a lot He works here in this petrol station He is asking all the cars I am waiting for a car who drops me. Till now asked 10 to 12 cars. But no one going there He is not going towards Biysk This is Puma jacket This has purchased from Decathlon You can wear during hiking Also can be wear during tracking So, all put together 5 KG extra i am wearing now Because here its very cold So, i have got the lift I have got 1st lift of my hitchhiking He will take me to Biysk Zana & Uri with whom i am travelling today Very beautiful road and country Very beautiful road Let me show you the full journey Both the sides of the road has forest In between very beautiful road This is Ozero lake You will get Fish here In Russia driving happens on left side But i have seen in Novosibirsk Many cars have right side steering Don’t know why ! Half of the cars have right side steering too Traffic rule could have been little better This should not be allowed If you have right side steering then You should occupy the left side of the road But right side steering car crossing from left side Which is bit risky Ideally in Russia left side steering is allowed But in Novosibirsk, they allow right side steering too. Altai kari province starts from here So now we have entered Altai Krai Altai kari is a province From here you will get Altai Mountains, Then if you go straight Tashanta Can reach Mongolia I want to explore this areas By flight to India on 12th Today is 9th If time permits i will explore all For the time-being i am Enjoying this areas Now going to Biysk. Altai Krai Region We have stopped here for coffee break After coffee will start our journey again Whatever i am communicating with them Through Google Translator Feeling great! My 1st Hitchhiking in Russia Is a great experience till now Zhana gifted me Ruble She has written something on that I have also gifted her Indian Rupee as a token and love from India She wanted to keep that with her and wanted to show to her family They are very good people We have been talking lots of thing, sharing culture, thoughts Really feels good, when unknown people comes to help you They are giving me lift No monetary involvement Awesome view through out the road No feels like to stop recording. Really confused, which one to record and not to record Battery is draining but keeping my camera charged Bollywood is very famous outside Really feels good to hear about Indian Movie outside country Raj kappor Mithun Chakarborty Old artists When i was in Malaysia They know Shahrukh khan Salman Khan , Rajinikanth Google Translator is very good tool here We are entering Biysk We have entered Biysk After some time, i will reach Biysk City Center Good journey altogether! They have given me lift till here I have reached Biysk now I have sent couchsurfing request Yesterday night have sent it, i think they haven’t seen it So, no one has accepted my couchsurfing request

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