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Musings #5 : Ather’s New Subscription Plans | 2018 Price Hike

Hello This is Kamlesh from and welcome to Welcome to the 5th episode of PluginIndia Musings and today we are going to talk about Ather Energy their new pricing and new subscription services So without wasting more time, lets get into it! Ather Energy launched electric scooters in only one city Bengaluru they have the S340 and S450 models impressive reviews by multiple media companies Even Petrol heads are talking about electric scooters which is great. Ather has really created a buzz in the market and If you look at these numbers, they are pretty awesome we have never seen such numbers from an Indian e-Scooter top speed of 80 kmph is unheard of in Electric Scooters This happens due to this drive train which is a mid drive system which is not used by any scooter manufacturer most scooter manufacturers use a BLDC Hub motor As Raphae explained to you in one of his earlier videos when we actually visited Ather’s office we spoke to Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain we really understood that Ather is Ather e-Scooter is very different and it will offer you a true EV experience. If you look here, there an awesome dash Here you have navigation, customization options everything on the touch screen and software updates – so your scooter will become better as it ages. So let’s take a look at these subscription plans they have launched Ather One Plan You have to pay an annual fee or pay quarterly, whatever works for you And all of this is covered. Home Charging All charging costs that are incurred at home will be refunded at a specific rate you dont have to worry about paying for charging. you can charge You can use your scooter for as many km you need and charge at home and Ather will re-imburse the charging costs Public Charging So we have the Ather ChargePods If you have an Ather scooter, you can charge at the Ather charge Pods for free Vehicle Service So periodic maintainance replacement of parts, labor costs consumables like break pads, break fluids stuff like that is covered You dont have to worry, everything is taken care of And ofcourse you have these connected services, which i was talking about! to offer you a True EV experience onboard navigation, software updates, diagnostics, remote monitoring Diagnostics is very important as sometimes people dont have the discipline to charge their vehicles and the BMS (Battery management system) can detect cells that have inconsistent voltages And that can cause issues with the state of charge display Having diagnostics in the server The Ather team can understand your charging behavior, cell voltage balancing If there is an issue they can call you and say – “Hey, you are not charging properly! Ensure you charge your scooter properly so the BMS can balance each cell So that is just one use case and there are multiple use cases where these diagnostics can be used So everything is covered for Rs 8400 + GST So this was the plan earlier and And people were like – ‘Hey ! I dont mind paying for charging” my scooter at home. why should this be reimbursed by Ather?” “I can pay a lower annual fee.” Some people tell us – ‘I hardly use public charging. Why is Ather forcing us to pay for all of this?” Ather has been listening to all of you guys and… They have come up with four new subscription plans and here they are! You have ATHER ONE – that costs Rs 8400 that covers home charging And now they have a new plan which is called ATHER SERVICE They have reduced the fee to Rs 6000 from Rs 8400 they dont offer you home and public charging So this is great, people who charge at home can pay for electricity consumed This is an interesting plan and most people should go for this And the next plan is called – ‘ATHER CHARGE’ Some people travel a lot and they would prefer to use these Ather ChargePods Such people would like to go for this plan, where there is free public charging and the connected services. But you dont get But you still have to pay for home charging You should think about that. The cost is the same And then you have the ATHER CONNECT plan where only software and remote monitoring services are offered. everything else is not included and you pay a small annual fee So these are the four plans now. I think this is a good move by Ather. Having flexibility is always a good thing enabling choices to the user is extremely important You dont wanna enforce stuff on customers like having only 1 plan! This is awesome! This shows the company is mature looking at user feedback and modifying their offerings Good job Ather. I really like it! I have made a spreadsheet documenting the costs incurred for each plan. so here is my ‘Numbers’ file Here are some assumptions made This assumes that an user is going to use the scooter for 12000 km a year @ Rs 6 per unit cost of electricity and 18% GST is applicable The Ather 450 has a 2.5 kWh battery pack The claimed range is 70 km and warranty is 2 years The electricity used is 412 units In this case home charging is covered Ather covers home charging so there is nothing to pay. Servicing is 0. So we asked them this question, say a user buys the Ather scooter and say there is an issue with the controller in 6 months time then do you have to pay for faulty part? so they said that the parts will be replaced under warranty you have a 2 year warranty so the parts will be replaced you have this periodic maintainance if there are any consumables used . Those are covered. So you have the ATHER ONE plan, they take care of periodic maintenance. You have to pay nothing Assuming you have 1 breakdown per year they have assured us roadside assistance, towing You dont have to pay anything in case of breakdown. This is complete peace of mind There are some miscellaneous costs for puncture, air etc This figure was got from a dealer. No assumptions from my side So what we have observed is, most scooter users charge at home or at workplace Hardly people use public charge points Once you have more charge points, people might tend to use them I’m assuming that the average user will use these public charge pods 5 times a month I’m talking about – the average user – from home to work or business to home so 5 times a month that is 60 sessions a year I’m assuming Rs 15 per session. Currently Ather Grid is free but that can change Assuming a person charges for 1 hour or so Rs 15 per session can be lower, but lets consider a ball park figure here And Public charging is taken care of. You dont have to worry about that Same thing with the ATHER SERVICE plan Here you have to pay for the electricity consumed The ATHER SERVICE plan includes Vehicle service you dont have to worry about periodic maintenance, roadside assistance You have to pay for air, punctures and public charging So 60 sessions a year at Rs 15 is Rs 900 If you go with the ATHER CHARGE plan public charging is covered but home charging is not covered You have to pay for the home charging costs anyway We hope Rs 1000 would be per annum cost for periodic maintainance we could not get this data from them, but this is an indication this is for changing of break pads and consumables So you have to pay money everytime there is periodic maintainance If you have a breakdown, you might have to tow your Ather As there are no removable batteries, you might need to tow it In the ATHER CHARGE plan public charging is covered. Your public charging cost is Zero The last plan is ATHER CONNECT plan Here you have to pay for home charging, servicing, towing punctures, air, public charging – pay for everything! If you look at the damage for each plan, there is not much difference in the costs The ideal thing to do is to go for the Ather One plan and have peace of mind If you are paying so much for the scooter, why not have peace of mind? These numbers are very high level generic numbers everyone will have different experiences and different numbers here this shows what costs you might incur for each plan This data is not got from Ather. This is our interpretation of these plans! We also decided to showcase data for some competitor e-Scooters You have Hero Photon and Ampere Reo Regarding breakdown , i spoke to one HE dealer If the customer is stranded they will take an extra battery go to the customer’s location and give the battery to the customer and then they can swap the batteries later So no towing needed And a basic fee is charged for the service He told me that Rs 300 should be fine for such a breakdown situation And if you use Ather’s Charge pods this is the cost So these scooters dont come with connected services no software updates, no customizations, no diagnostics etc You can add GPS navigation, GEO fencing, Remote ON/OFF, alerts This would be the annual cost If you have these scooters, if you want smart features, you can go with this package This is not an Apple’s to Apple’s comparision We should not compare an Ather with Hero or Ampere This sheet would be online, you can play around. The link would be in the description If i go to the website back again So 2 years warranty is great. But after 2nd year, if there is an issue with the controller or any part…. or there is an issue with the mid drive motor… we dont know the costs. That is something we need to look out for These limited period offers can go anytime. Only Bengaluru is dissapointing. They should have started operations in atleast Chennai and Pune

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37 thoughts on “Musings #5 : Ather’s New Subscription Plans | 2018 Price Hike

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  2. Rubbish plans
    Once purchased there should not be any plan or payment to ather company etc , Just charge and move nothing else

  3. These plans are costing almost equal to petrol expanses that is why even electric scooter becomes costlier than Petrol scooter

  4. When I heard about Ather and it's features I was impressed alot even it's prices are higher. But once I saw that they increased it's prices and removing Ather one plan ( replaced with Ather Service) with before handing over it's second batch. Now I am completely disappointed with Ather. I won't recommend to any one. Please go for Okinawa or Hero so that you will get at very very less price than Ather and also you don't need to wait like Ather for delivery of your vehicle

  5. Not Good
    First pay 1lac+ almost double price as compared to petrol scooter then pay for plan…
    Suitable only limited category
    Limited range 50km
    Rest best f luck Ather

  6. All ready ather450 is double the price of petrol scooter and then made maintaince so expensive that it makes no sense to buy such vehicle……Would not buy nor recommend….ather make the price of the vehicle at par of petrol then only such maintaince plans sound logical.

  7. It's really UNFORTUNATE that an EV company has more SERVICE plan than ICE companies. Instead of scrapping the "service plan" they increased the confusion! Charging from Ather points SHOULD HAVE BEEN FREE for Ather customers. Right now all their plans suck. If at all if there is any problem with the vehicle they should have the capacity/ability to provide free service. With such plans people would think Ather lacks confidence in their product. It's amusing and at the same time disturbing… that such a highly funded company has to take so much effort to get paid "regularly" from their customers. They have an excellent product hope their "service plans" don't spoil the party.

  8. Ather subscriptions seem bit overpriced at first glance. Entry to EV is on itself mared with apprehension then why isn't the company trying to understand the market and cater to simple middle class accordingly?

    Ather Connected service seems to me like a money grab as it's present in all subscription plans, why not have on demand service and pay option.

    Also, why home charging is included only in the Ather One alone. If provided separately, I believe many will take it.

  9. What is the life span of these battery pack, in best possible scenario?

    What is the standalone cost for battery replacement?

    Is Ather service mandatory to buy this EV? Is there a possibility to buy Ather without a subscription?

  10. Is the company providing loan vehicle under Ather one plan, if and when vehicle is under servicing.

    Since the company is imitating Tesla, it sounds as a good idea to provide loan vehicle to Ather One subscriber while vehicle is towed and repaired.

    Obviously should be within same price. 😊

  11. please spend your valuable time to fill this survey on EV which will be used in research work and also please spread this survey to get diversified responses

  12. @Plugin: I always follow your videos. I request you to pass on all these below comment feedbacks to Ather on behalf of ALL. These subscriptions are discouraging the purchase of Ather. People will search for alternative for sure.

  13. Sir, ather 450 ke bare mein youtube par bahut sare video hai, lekin wo sare atherspace (experience centre) par kiye gaye test ride scooty par hai. Aap please kisi customer ke ather 450 par video banaye uska experience puchtey hue.

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