Multipeak hike near Gstaad – Oct. 2019 [4k, ENG+HUN SUB]

Good morning and a very warm welcome! After a long break, back again on a hike! And despite of the ostriches, we are still in the Alps,
near Gstaad. It is still a bit cold, still a bit too early, I mean not absolutely early, but I had to start real early
to get here in time. It doesn’t matter, the hike awaits me,
hopefully very nice and without snow, come with me today! Well, the situation is that originally I planned to go down there,
in the valley. That was the first idea,
just an easy walk around the mountain. Go in the valley, up the ridge, and down on the other side. But what really happenned is that about 100 meters after the car park I saw that the peak is clear,
there is no snow on it. So I guess you figured it out already, I mean it is a direct consequence that the plan has changed and
I go up to the peak. Let’s go for it, trash the plans! Down there, I could walk down there,
but no, no, I had to come up here! Up here. I still have to climb up there. Originally, I planned to walk on that road. Hi all, I don’t know how much you can hear
from this, but I made it up to the top. That will be the next peak. I go there. I am back at my car, it took more than 7, 7 and a half hours, – it will be written here – – Guys, this was awesome,
but also really though! I do not recommend it for beginners,
but aside that, it was great! I hope you also enjoyed and if so,
join me on the next hike! Bye!

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