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Muliwai Trail Hike – Intense 2 Day Hike in Hawaii!

All right, so here we are about to do the Muliwai trail. Muli- Muliwai.. we don’t really know how to say that that’s all right So This is Waipio Valley right here we got to go Across the beach up some switchbacks, and then up and over the ridge and then somewhere way over there. We’re going to be camping here Waimanu Valley Now we’re gonna be a campsite number three there so here we go, it’s Gonna be roughly 20 miles round-trip, so we are gonna be camping overnight. That’s always have a little packs here So let’s see what happens All right, so Taking our shoes off. You can see there is this River so stream area that leads on to the ocean we have Got to cross it We’re in the valley now So Ally had a great idea that we should take our shoes off so our shoes don’t get wet and we’ll just walk across the beach over to the switchbacks. Ally: Oh its cold! Ohmygosh! And put them back on. That’s a brilliant idea, how neat is that? Ally: That’s pretty neat! All right well we officially started the trail. The beach is behind us. A bunch of switchbacks up above us. We’ve already gone about 2 miles just to get to the trailhead This should be quite interesting So we finally made it. It was rough We’re here, this is the campground it goes all the way over Into the trees over there. behind us is a giant pasture and there is a waterfall way Sorry – way back there that you can’t see right now cause the go pro doesn’t get that It has like two tiers of a waterfall and theyre like gorgeous! Just gorgeous! We got our nice little tent Got that set up. we’re trying to get a fire going It’s gonna be a blast! … Maybe

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15 thoughts on “Muliwai Trail Hike – Intense 2 Day Hike in Hawaii!

  1. Are you interested in going on overnight hikes?! We love challenging ourselves and doing hikes like these! If you've ever done a hike that's challenging let me know! We love exploring new areas. 'Like, Comment, Subsribe!!

  2. Nice video! Hawaii is beautiful. I can't wait to travel there one day. "Don't fall off the cliff" "wild pigs" OMG 😯 Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  3. Now that's a hike. We love the black sand and volcanic rocks.

    There is something so mesmerizing about the Hawaiian landscape. We always feel like a scene from Jurassic Park will unfold and we will have to start running away from a T-Rex. So primordial!

    Thanks for sharing this. Keep travelling and vlogging. Adventure is better when shared with friends.

  4. That looks like and awesome hike. I would love to hike through the tropical rain forest and along the coast on the Muliwai Trail!

  5. Nothing beats a good hike in nature like this! Was the trail as treacherous as the signs were saying it was? Your camping site looked absolutely gorgeous. Hawaii is now on my list of places to visit. Great video guys!

  6. What a great trail through such beautiful scenery. The waterfalls at the end looked insane, so many and so high!!! Great spot to camp and nice fire to go with it!

  7. Hey guys!
    How long did it take you to get there, and back?
    Do you need a permit to camp?
    How many nights did you spend there?

    Thanks in advance

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