Mouth-painter Moses Hamilton discusses Hawaii and his development – KVIC-TV, [Art]

Aloha, I’m Moses Hamilton. I was born right
here on the island of Kauai, and it’s a great place to live. I was in a car accident
8 years ago, and after a year of spending time in the hospital recovering, I did some
rehab. I saw a couple of mouth painters there, I tackled one painting there. After being
home for a while I got some of my physical health back and I started painting with my
mouth. Immediately it was a great release in my life and a meditation. I just got deeper
and deeper into it, and the more I painted the better I got. The better I got the more
I wanted to paint. I developed my own techniques and color usage, so I have my own loose, childlike,
playful way of doing things. I learn through mistake and error, just like a kid, what works
and what doesn’t. Just start throwing it up there and see what happens. Hawaii in general
is a beautiful place, and Kauai is the gem of the islands. It’s got the pull of old
Hawaii, and the scenery, landscapes and the sunsets and the movement of Kauai’s oceans
is outrageous. I love painting it, it’s like painting my family or my mother. One
of my favorite paintings is one of an old main painting an ukulele sitting on a coconut
tree with the Na Pali spread behind him. He’s sitting up on his farm or ranch in the background,
he’s like an old paniolo, an old cowboy. He’s got that little look, that little sadness,
because there’s a lot of sadness in the history of the Hawaiians. They are and were
a really beautiful people, they came from a great time and period. What they did, living
here in such a simple way with a population this close to ours is inspiring. They did
a lot with the land. That feeling of old Hawaii when we got by with so little, but we were
so happy. I think art gives you an artists eye, where you’re really taking things apart
in life. You become really delighted by what’s going on in your world. It awakens the eyes.
I’m not one to be able to create much, not having the use of my hands. I can’t create
a breakfast or a sandcastle, I can’t surf. Being able to manipulate the physical world
with my body is huge for me. It’s like letting my soul loose or being let out of a box. My
paintings, I’m loose, I’m free, I’m flying, I’m walking. My art is online, mostly,
that’s one of the easiest ways to find me. You can find my art being
sold through my mother’s business, the Mos Art company, at Robin Savage’s gift and
gourmet in Hanalei, and the end of the road Kalalau Trail store in Wainiha. I’m also
down here selling my art and promoting the sales of my art on Saturdays, Sundays, and

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