Mouse’s Tank Trail | Valley Of Fire State Park

Hey you guys! Thanks for joining us on another journey. Today, we’re at the Valley Of Fire, at the Mouse’s Tank hike Tell us about the hike, April So it used to be a hideout for an outlaw in the 1890s and We may see Possible petroglyphs. Love petroglyphs. I wonder if there’s pie Petroglyphs and pie. That’s a long time ago [That was your first video] We’ll put a card up there. That was my first video. Yeah. We’ll put a card above I want to thank you guys for watching my channel. And also, if you’re new to the channel, please subscribe So sit back, relax and enjoy the journey *Music* Come check out the petroglyphs Petroglyphs! …Ahhh Petroglyphs and pie. I know. No pie for you! Hey! *Music* Is there more? Yeah. Oh wow… That’s cool Oh look, I think it’s a Spanish ship No… No? You see the flag? I do but… no. Look, I’m a petroglyph reader. No, these were long before Spanish Ships …Are you sure? *Music* Can you see how it could be a hideout? Oh, yeah, I can totally see how it’d be a hideout Except for I would burn up in the middle of summer. It hasn’t been a winter hideout *Music* Dogs are allowed on the trail then? Yes, as long as they’re on a leash What you choking for? *Music* I get it now, why it’s Mouse’s Tank Yeah? Yeah, Why is that? I wanna see you jump into it…I’ll hold the camera… Oh, I get it now. Now that is a hideout *Music* We want to thank you for watching our video all the way to the end. if you would, hit that subscribe button, Share it with a friend and like always, thank you for living life!

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