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Mountain hiking – Ep. 14 BÁTOR ADVENTURES

Hey, my name is Botond Bátor Bencsik
from Hungary I live the life fully I’m a backpacker Back flip challenge accepted My friend gave me one week
I needed one day Here I am Push de god damn fear every day Yeah, this girl’s just changing on the boat like I met Christina she’s lovely and also Csenga and she’s a Hungarian Sometimes no girls,
sometimes too many So it’s like I have to find the balance again Now I’m gonna eat and chill (Singing mantra) I started to questioning this
questions very very early I think when I was like kind of
15-16 years old I really, like What is wrong with the world,
why so many things, so many suffering so many shits happen And then I started to get
these questions like, Who am I, what is the word, What is the meaning of life? And, why are we here? So, I think when I was around 19 and really read so many books, started to seeking these meanings Today it’s my shopping day
and now I am already late to buy this carabiner what was just
broke out from the boat Today I’m going to an adventure with my friend He’s Hungarian and he’s doing Vulcan walking tours around the islands (music) Stop Here we are the first from
the group It’s gonna be 10 more people with us (music) Such a lovely village Finally the food came (music) (yeah I was building on the lecture
versus comedy league on depression) Oh! New friends so many Hungarians here (music) Guys! Having to sell my solar controller
the old one I’m gonna earn 25 bucks from this (music) So here I am, and basically,
he says this charger is connected with the panel but
it’s not so And I was just pedal here
four kilometres I got a free pizza (He’s singing) -Bravo! -Thank you! Have a nice day -You too! I don’t know which days today Probably 14th of June Yesterday night, was a
cool party on the boat with Csenge, listening to music, chill, eating pancakes Wow Today I’m going to surf The Surf event didn’t work.
The board can’t be fixed right now so maybe my friends gonna help me Next week we’re gonna fix together and buy some epoxy resin and then, BOOM Let’s smash the food right now We’re going to eat something
I’m so hungry Alright, look at this! Wow! (playing) So early morning And guess what!
I’m going to hike today again to same place but another spot (music) Are you ready to get wet again? (music) -No! -You go!
-You go! -You go!
-No, no (music) Look, guys, a new spot on the walk Check out, so many hot girls Wow! Uploading the videos I’m gonna try to sell my
controller for 20 bucks He was such a shitty guy Tried to the bed down the price I already gave him 5 euro Surprise, surprise Arrives back to the boat and
the guy just wrote me This charge controller doesn’t work for him He’s coming back probably
I’m gonna give back the money to him and say sorry Hey guys! Here again with Robi They did collecting a lot of
trash today from the bach Yo, it’s a new day on the boat Wow, Here I am with Anita and Richard -Hi! I helped them and
they were really nice and invite me for dinner Every sunset is
amazing on this place Yo guys such a lovely day on anchor And today is… I don’t know Some day Other day Every day is same I haven’t decided yet but I might leave my boat here for summer It’s a hard decision Today I’m going to climb
with my friend over the mountains, Rock climbing It’s gonna be a lot of fun so check it out (music) I was it’s great day I feel I challenged myself so much (He’s singing) Alright, guys, I hope you like my latest episode and if you like,
put the thumbs up, subscribe and I’m coming out soon with a new episode and you know sometimes I have a lot of trouble, buying new stuff for the boat and I really want to keep doing this sailing-life But it’s a bit expensive so if you can do that you can support me I really need your help so you can support me on the PayPal link and the patreon site what I made just for this case And I’m coming out soon with a new episode so check it out and see you next time. Bye!

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