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Mountain Hardwear Men’s Ghost Whisperer Jacket

This is the Mountain Hardwear Men’s Ghost
Whisperer down jacket. At seven ounces it offers ultra light weight warmth, great packability
as an extra layer or for cool weather temperatures. The Ghost Whisperer is insulated with 850
fill Q shield down. What is so important about that is it is water repellant down. Traditionally
down insulation while very compressible and very warm is susceptible to decreased performance
should it become wet. So in humid conditions, in moist conditions it looses its ability
to keep you warm. It is a low profile jacket. Again, it is not designed for the coldest
of weather, but it is certainly intended to keep you warm. Can’t do that if that down
can’t retain its abilities. And Q shield down allows this jacket to function in all types
of conditions. Also helping to maintain that lightweight
design 7D and 10D rip stop nylon shell fabric here on the jackets. It is surprisingly tough.
But that is definitely an ultra light weight fabrication, too. So be aware of that. As far as adjustability on the jacket you
do have a single pull here at the hem to snug that in and kind of dial in fit, elasticity
at the cuffs. You do have a full length zipper on the jacket so easy on, easy off. You are
not going to find that on every jacket that is near seven ounces. A lot of times in order
to accomplish that, manufacturers have to go to the half zip. The Ghost Whisperer down
jacket does have that convenient full zip. As far as pocketing is concerned on the jacket,
very stream lined. You do have two zippered hand warmer pockets. There aren’t any internal
pockets, chest pockets on this jacket. The right side pocket does allow you to stow the
jacket inside it so when you don’t need it, when you just want to throw it inside your
pack, it hides away inside. It is very integrated pocket. Here is that Ghost Whisperer stuffed away
inside that right pocket. You can see those nice compact dimensions. And, again, at just
seven ounces this really is an ideal piece for the back packer to have at the ready when
temperatures dip a little bit and you just need a little extra warmth. It certainly looks
great, too. So nice option for cool weather.

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8 thoughts on “Mountain Hardwear Men’s Ghost Whisperer Jacket

  1. You mentioned cool weather not cold weather. Do you think as part of a layered process it works on the AT in let's say Feb or March if there is snow or rain? I'm thinking rain jacket like my marmot and a long sleeve shirt as a base. Sadly there are several folks out now on the AT and the PCT, who are using this jacket but are not responding to inquiries. If you have other puffy coat suggestions you feel might be more suitable i am interested in hearing your thoughts.

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