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Mountain Biking and Trail Riding : Bike Positioning for Mountain Biking

Hi, my name is Debbie and I will be talking
about bike positioning. There are three basic bike positions while you’re trail riding.
The first is whenever you are not pedaling, you want to keep your pedals level, meaning
one foot in front of the other. When you are seated and pedaling, its okay to have one
foot down and rest momentarily. Most of the time you want to be up off your saddle, back
a bit, and pedals level. When your pedals are level, your weight is balanced and you
have more control over your bike. When you’re out of your saddle, you have more control
over your bike and can move around easier and stay balanced. The two other positions
are for descending and climbing. When you’re descending you want to be behind your saddle.
You want your behind behind your saddle, not up above the saddle. This is to keep you from
going over the handlebars. The opposite is true of climbing. When you’re climbing,
you want to be able to scoot forward, bend down and bend your elbows so that you have
your weight more balanced over both wheels. The hardest thing about climbing is keeping
your back wheel from spinning, and your front wheel from doing a high-ho-silver. The best
thing is to remember to stay loose, keep your hands loose on the handlebars. You don’t
want a death grip on your handlebars. Stay out of your saddle as much as you can for
control, and keep in mind that you are always shifting and making minor adjustments to your
body position to stay balanced to negotiate the obstacles you find on the trail. Level
pedals, butt back, spin and have fun.

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32 thoughts on “Mountain Biking and Trail Riding : Bike Positioning for Mountain Biking

  1. oooooo international baccalaureate. that's fun. My mom had to go to a conference out in L.A. for it and i'm not sure she likes it too much. But we also have a douchebag govenor (baldacci) that like cutting 21 million dollars from education funding

  2. You don't need that king of video to know of to ride… Just RIDE YOUR BIKE!!! And you'll be fine with your positioning, you'll learn everything by riding.

  3. 2 fundamental elements missed. 1. When climbing ELBOWS DOWN (not just bent as described here). Elbows down lowers the centre of gravity, forces you to naturally move forward on the bike and allows for much greater low speed control without the common error of over-correction. 2. On steep descents, a neutral position allows for much greater directional control, as opposed to the behind-the-seat (old-school) style. Braking skills are honed and much greater balance and control are achieved.

  4. You'd thing that people a part of the "expert" Village would already know this. And that the admin of this expert village are experts enough to know that no one is going to watch a video and wonder "what did debbie say was the correct way to ride?" when they get out there. Give me my life back..

  5. This is common sense. If you didn't know the stuff she said in the video, maybe you shouldn't be mtn biking yet. Start out on paved trails or something.

  6. yea dude, i knew this positions since i was kid riding my little bike, its just balancing your self, otherwise youll get smack on the floor, i agree with you dude, its just common sense

  7. The points about positioning over the saddle definitely need conscious effort for beginners. I would disagree with pedal positions. on corners at speed it's usually better to drop your outside pedal to lower the centre of gravity and keep the inside pedal out of the way, tbh, most of that is common sense.

  8. lol this balance stuff is kind of a natural thing…lol if ur leaning foward going downhill ur not very smart

  9. She sounds like one of those bitch ladies who is talking to kids about how to ride one, her tone of voice, and its not a saddle, ITS A FUCKING SEAT!

  10. All those posistions are wrong anf they are just the basic styles, dude for climbing and flat u wanna stay in ur seat as much as posible cos then ther no wheel spin and lower center of gravity, so you are sooo wrong.

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