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Mount Timpanogos Sunrise Hike

We See Here We See Here We See Here We See Here The Great Wilderness We see here, high atop Robert’s Horn the very majestic Mount Timpanogos in the background. This mountain is one of the seven peaks of Utah County, the most popular of them, and one that is very strenuous and challenging to your energies. Make sure that if you plan to hike all seven that this is one of the first ones that you do that it will give you magnificent views and really get you excited for hiking in the mountains! Let me show you one of the most important things about Robert’s Horn. If you look around this way you will find the ever faithful and important Buddha, sitting up here giving homage and tribute to the tops of the mountains. OOOOOHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM This is why we’re sitting over here is because The top of Timp is packed. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM So the sun has come up it’s been super hazy recently and I think because of that we’re not getting the good red alpenglow that we would normally get up here but nonetheless it’s still super stunning. Ah, this is one of the coolest places One of the best hikes I know of even though it is super crowded Ah, the top and the summit are just packed with people, but no one is sitting here and, About to head down and go summit Timpanogos. One of the seven peaks of Utah County. Catch us next time as we find other peaks with which to summit!

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