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Mount Rainier National Park (Longmire and Paradise): Look Who’s Traveling

[Dad] Go. We’re at Reflection… We’re at Reflection Lake, but well…there’s not a good reflection. We’re going on a trip to the Pacific Northwest. We will be visiting Seattle, Vancouver, and much more. Join us on our fun adventure. This is Mt. Rainier National Park. We have arrived in Ashford. We’re in Mount Rainier National Park. Established in 1899, Mt. Rainier is the fifth national park in the United States. We’re at the Longmire Museum. This is a Former park headquarters, built by homesteader James Longmire in 1916, repurposed as a museum. Today I’m going to do the Junior Ranger program. When I complete this booklet I will earn a badge. But first I’m going to stamp my national parks passport for visiting Mt. Rainier. Next we’re going to Paradise, the most popular destination for visitors to Mt. Rainier National Park. Now we’re hiking the Myrtle Falls Trail. Why is Baby walking backwards? Oh look, a chipmunk! And then we reached the waterfall. At 72 feet high, myrtle falls is one of the most photographed areas of the park. We’re going to Paradise Inn to grab some lunch. Baby is having chicken fingers. And I’m having mac n cheese. We’re back to exploring the park. Mt. Rainier is an active volcano that is 14,410 feet above sea level. Now we’re going to hike to Narada Falls. The path is getting kind of muddy. After a tenth of a mile, we have reached the waterfall. Narada Falls, named after a Hindi word meaning “pure”, is 189 feet tall in two tiers. Lastly I’m turning in my workbooks and getting sworn in as a Junior Ranger. I received my badge. And Baby got one too. We had so much fun at Mt. Rainier National Park. Please visit for more information. Stay tuned for Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad. Please hit the subscribe button more for videos. Also like and share this episode with your friends.

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