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More Awkward Job Interviews!

-Hey, everybody. Jack Vale here. My favorite part of
a recent video I did, the awkward job interview
prank, was the funny questions I got to ask people. So here’s all of
the clips that you didn’t get to see
the first time. So, listen, let me
ask you a question. Suppose you’re at the
front office over here. And someone comes
into the front office. They just open the
door, walk right in. They say they’re here
for their appointment when, in fact, they’re
here for your appointment. What do you tell them? -They’re here for
my appointment? -Yeah. -So they come in– I don’t
understand the question. -Um. -What do you mean,
my appointment? -OK, sorry. So I’m going to rephrase it. So somebody comes
in off the street. Comes in and says, hey, I’m
here for my appointment. They sign in. But you find out while they’re
sitting in the waiting room that they’re actually
here for your appointment. -So they come off
the street, sign in, and then they come in
for my appointment? -For your appointment,
not theirs. They say it’s theirs,
but it’s actually yours. And you find out that
it is, in fact, yours. -But I’m already working there. -Working where? -At the company. Wait, I don’t really– -Let’s just move on
to the next question. How about this one? If your self-worth is a 10,
but the determining factor of your well-being
is less than a 10, what is the basic
corresponding range of outcome,
numerically speaking? -Math? -I’m trying to think. There’s, like, no
dollar amount of– -10. -A 10 what? -Repeat the question. -Um. -Hang on a second. Excuse me one second. I am just going to do
something here real quick. -[SLIGHT LAUGH] -What’s that? -Did you say something? -Mm-mm. Take your time. -Huh? -Take your time. -Oh. Give me an example of a time
you had a job where you knew that you were
appreciated but still had to explain the probability
of someone else being right, then give three examples
of the bottom line of such circumstances. -Uh– Yeah. That’s a really good question. -Let me tell you
what’s going on. Reach into that orange
bucket right up there. Nothing’s going to bite you. -OK. -Nothing’s going to bite you. -This is mine? -That’s yours. -I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say. -[LAUGHS] That was– -Obviously. -You’re the best. -Yes. I’m hired. -It was worth your time, right? -It was. -I knew your time
was valuable, so– -All right, thank you. -You know, we don’t want to. Might be a bummer. -Yeah, thank you. Yeah, thank you. -Good to meet you, buddy. -Good to meet you too, dude. -All right, man. Hey, guys. Thanks so much for
watching my video. Don’t forget to subscribe
to my YouTube channel by clicking here. And, you know, that’s
pretty much it for me.

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100 thoughts on “More Awkward Job Interviews!

  1. Jack Vale has done some really good job interview videos from 2-4 years ago. But his channel is really fading. Remember the job interview he did with edbassmaster? What happened to stuff like that? Everything has become so toned down

  2. Lol that wud kinda suck if one of thise peeps blew off an interview cuz they had another interview at the same time then find out the interview they went to was a prank xD

  3. Why is everyone saying it isn't funny, I thought it was great!
    And of course he isn't a manager, he set up a fake interview to do this, it doesn't mean he was a manager of the company.

  4. I love your pranks being more different then someone like Roman and Vitalys. Thanks a lot for these kind of videos, I appreciate them a ton! 😀

  5. How about an interview prank where you have a tv behind you and it looks like a window, right? And in that "window" it looks like something horrible is about to happen and then it happens. Like a natural disaster, or maybe something that has to do with current events or something.

  6. How could you not like this… seriously

    I'm trying to follow his footsteps. Check me out guys! Let me know what you think. I'll do the same for you. Have a great weekend

  7. I was hoping he was going to use the Pooter. Jack, if you see this, please do another awkward interview prank but use the Pooter and blame them for farting.

  8. thankfully this is fake, I find it a bit mean to fake job interview people, they could desperately need a job and your just being a burden pranking them… 

  9. That guy is damn handsome. I'd hire him just to have eye candy to look at, especially on Mondays when I feel suicidal when coming out to work.

  10. what are you talking about this was freaking cool i have to sub to this like favirate and share to all my friend and share on steam on facebook and twitter and all those because this video is aswome

  11. Ha ha.  When you asked, "Working where?" at 1:11, you really shattered that young man's confidence.  Awkward, indeed.

    Good prank, and very classy to compensate them for their time.  

  12. Jack, I love how u care about everyone you prank. Like how u paid them sum money for their time since it wasn't a real interview. U always think ahead..not a lot of prankster do that. Love ya<3

  13. You're the boss. Like for real! I like how awkward it was but funny at the same time. Would've made fun if that situation would really happen.

  14. That was actually really cruel since these poor people were trying to get a job. Interviewing can be stressful not to mention time consuming.

  15. Weak video…but! On the job interviews i met lot of strange recruiters and employees with similiar no sense questions abd wasting my time…and nobody paid me for that 🙁 😉

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