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MOONSHINE HILL INN – Rustic Luxury Cabin on 22 Secluded Acres Near Nashville!

[Music] Moonshine Hill Inn is located in the little
village of Leiper’s Fork about thirty minutes outside of Nashville. Actually how I like to put it is it’s two
left turns to Nashville. The property is almost 22 acres. You can take a hike or walk around the property,
sit by the lake, grill out by the pond. There’s also the Pavillion which is nice
to take a nap in. There’s the cabin which is 1500 square feet
and sleeps six people. Welcome to Moonshine Hill! Come on in and make yourself at home! The first thing that people see when they
come to Moonshine Hill is the massive fireplace that holds a quarter of a rick of wood at
one time. There’s a full kitchen, and then they gaze
around at the walls and see all the beautiful antiques that have just been collected over
the years. And when people walk in, they feel like they
are in their home. I want my guests to be able to have an experience
here more as a destination. I do hear people say, We had plans in Nashville,
but this place is so wonderful that we just didn’t want to go. In the evening, guests can sit out by the
firepit. We provide all the firewood that you can burn. There are all kinds of people who stay here. We have writers, we have photographers, musicians… [Music]
Family gatherings…Whatever they want to make of it, is what we have.

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