Moon stresses greater gov’t role in fostering AI technology

now South Korean president moon jae-in
has called for the government to play a greater role in growing the country’s
artificial intelligence sector to boost the competitiveness of Korea’s IT
globally Shin Semin reports president moon jae-in has pressed for
more governmental support to boost Korea’s information technology prowess
including its AI industry during an annual policy review on Thursday held at
the state-funded electronics and telecommunications Research Institute in
edge on the president’s at the country has the potential to become an AI
powerhouse party server can potentially Himuro Makaha
chuchito from occasional atanga Almeida I even googled oh yeah you can go
turkleton nunn-lugar on some general futaba-san ronita curandera will
consider Karuna language she jancuga ended up calling it the infrastructure
of Korea’s innovative growth the president said the country should
complete the establishment of a nationwide 5g network by 2022 he also
promised to lead the way in fostering a I related unicorn forms through support
with education and training backing that plan at the Ministry of science and ICT
announced that will invest 1 trillion won around 860 million u.s. dollars to
create more AI and software professionals the first policy briefing
focusing on scientific technology clearly reflects the administration’s
resolve in boosting the nation’s competitiveness in advanced technology
this year one of the core policy goals for 2020
the president also stressing the importance of the role of broadcasting
said comprehensive policy measures are critical in trying to contain the spread
of fake news something that has been rapidly growing in the new forms of
media since I mean Arirang news

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