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Mont Blanc: Long-Distance Hikes and Mountain Hospitality

Hey, I’m Rick Steves, and I’m on the Tour
du Mont Blanc. That’s a 100-mile, 10-day hike around Mont
Blanc. Of course, I’m not doin’ all of it, but
I’m doin’ a part of it! And every night on this 10-day hike, people
check out a refuge — they sleep — it’s like a youth hostel for adults. They just rang the bell, and that means its
dinnertime, and this gang of hardy hikers is gonna step inside and enjoy some high cuisine
in France. This is a great dimension of travel that’s
new to me — long-distance hiking in Europe — taking advantage of mountain refuges and
beautiful, beautiful mountain hospitality — high in the Alps, the Tour du Mont Blanc
in France.

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