Money Minute: Monday 13 January

Good morning and welcome to Monday’s Money
Minute, where we look ahead to this week’s biggest financial stories.
It’s a busy week for UK data. On Wednesday we have the latest inflation data, for December.
UK inflation has been fairly tame lately, coming in below the Bank of England’s target
of 2%. With sterling strengthening somewhat in the
wake of the election, that’s likely to continue for the next few months at least.
On Friday meanwhile, we get retail sales figures for December.
High street retailers have been complaining of a terrible Christmas.
However, that’s not because consumers aren’t spending – it’s because they are increasingly
going online to buy goods. The latest official figures will give a better
view of the reality than the headline-grabbing doom-mongering from trade bodies and lobbying
groups. Elsewhere, we get the official figure for
China’s GDP growth for the fourth quarter of last year, which is expected to come in
at around 6%, as it normally does. And in the eurozone, we get the latest snapshot
of German banking and business confidence. Have a good week!

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