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Mittenwald Karwendel Travel VLOG

[Music] Hi and welcome to a new episode of my VLOG. In today’s episode we go on the “Karwendelbahn”, which is the second highest cable car in Germany: to 2244 meters. Let’s check it out! [Music] In today’s VLOG I’m not alone, I’m with these girls. “Heey, hello!” It’s their first time on a mountain! So really exciting for them! Very!!! [Music] We’re on the top of the mountain! Yaay! [Music] Isn’t this a beautiful view? I absolutely love this spot. This has one of the nicest views for me in Bavaria. [Music] So, we reached the very top and it’s very very scary and dangerous to climb here. On every side is a few hundred meters drop. This path is quite dangerous. I’m not sure… Let’s see if I can climb up easily or not… I will try hehe Nearly there… [Music] Yeay! I made it to the end of the path! It’s actually very interesting: this side is Germany and this side is Austria. And it’s divided exactly by this mountain peak line. Finally a break. These girls arrived before me because they didn’t walk the far away. How did you like it your first trip to a mountain? It is very impressive with the views. The more you hike… the more your come to the high there’s the better view that you got. It’s for me perfect. Impressive. For first time. So a thumbs up to come here? Yes! I will recommend if someone would come: Prepare your shoes, because you climb a lot. And then bring small bottle water. Because we forgot. So bring some water so you don’t have to be thirsty on the top of a mountain. Okay. Then thank you so much! So this is the end of the VLOG. Yeah I hope you liked it. Please give us a thumbs up. A like for this video. Subscribe! Yes! Hit the subscribe button! See you next time! Goodbye! Chiaooo! [Hit sound]

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