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Miles From Tomorrowland – The Hitchhiker’s Ride Through the Galaxy Part 56 – Pink Monkey

Thanks you very much! You’re gonna learn how to snowboard on actual snow That’s not exactly snowboarding nope, no boosters involved the steeper the hill the faster you go down it I Can work with that Oh many present oh Thank goodness. I knew we could count on you to Captain Joe just called. He’s on his way. Good. So are we as long as there are no last-minute? This birch turbo Killer rope There Biggest vessels in the galaxy Randolph with this eyes so bright boy Merry Christmas Admiral Oh Merry Christmas, Callisto and have a happy new mission. The tethoscape engineers have all left for the holiday We’ll head there now Admiral Thank You college doors Prepare for our arrival we’ll rendezvous with in the out. Excuse me your frostbitten s what should we do about them? The climate controls first good idea miles they’re at the top of that tower Elevators belongs to the frost Empire and you’re coming with me Why don’t you and I talk about that. Just let my family go Where are you taking us through the first planet I can drop you off on until then. You can cool it right here Eventually Joe are you there? Send help. Ah my storms causing too much interference Loretta any info about this under a jacket I Okay Last port go give me that I demand that you stop There are many more Here’s a frosty facts for you No, this is captain Callisto beam is luck on the frost starship I’m enroute to deliver the prisoners or kiddos. We did good today. I know but we kind of missed Christmas well Yes miles Plus using these flash beams this get so good mom the way you get good at anything lots of practice Captain Callisto, we have an emergency a star going supernova Well, no a dangerous media. How can we help? We need you to find out what’s blocking before town superhighway Well, this sounds like a good time to practice your instrument Okay What is it buddy you want us to play that note But that traffic jam is even worse than I thought Looks more like a landing pad than a highway. I think I see the problem. There’s some sort of bubble blocking the highway What’d you see buddy Spectral eyescreen activate. How are those things? I’m gonna go with angry if weak they’re yelling at us to get out of here Why aren’t they following us? It’s migrated between planets by following photon streets See, they probably got confused by the photon superhighway and now they don’t know where to go, huh? We couldn’t help but notice that there are core cons on the highway quad comes get us out of this traffic It sounds like the gorkon’s are making music which means maybe suit up and get ready to rock it But pay close if those things get mad again Galactic job out there. You too. Thanks. Mom. Now the quarkons can please let me pee He wants to ride the quark on Wow nice steering, Loretta That’s pilot in case of an emergency everyone needs to know how to pilot the ship and since we trained you less Hello Callisto nice for miles direct from tomorrow. Yeah. Oh My blaster rocky take this. Oh don’t mind me captain hopper We happy to see oh my that is an emergency Leo You’re the nearest stellar mechanic. Can you not to worry? I’m sure I can fit Thanks Hey, mr. Stylin to come back and unshrink us fast Hello, you’ve reached a bonsai lon, please leave a hollow message ever started even small Callisto’s can do big things Okay, we have about an out but we don’t even know where he is and at this size. It’ll take us forever to walk around Merc you accidentally shrunk us with mr. Cylons matter-sizer It’s okay, buddy Leo can you steer us towards the block ship I’m on it. Well, if you are there the star is about to go supernova Please no. Don’t worry, buddy. We’ll tell you exactly what to do. First power up the thrusters Oh Goodness Way to go her blaster Rockets. It’s the perfect size I can use the remote control to bring dad over to the blopps trip. Then he can fix the engine go back I’ll stay here and help Merc. Be careful you two stars going supernova. We only have a few minutes until it hits us I’ll patch it up with my heat ray Stars. I got part of a hollow message from you, but I couldn’t make it out. You know, what’s going on? Yeah, where is everyone? I’m glad to hear it miles. Yeah, I just started now dad Miles Callisto a hologram Flygon it the greater Security Hello because you do not want to do oh shit computer I am Stella. What is your name? Unidentified pilot? Just call me captain And I want to be I’m going to do to him. Don’t worry Gadfly is not dangerous bribe can basically skip across the galaxy Attention Spaceguard Cruiser approach, what did we leave them? tethoscape Oh Who you listen to just take activate? Now find that didn’t this robot at the table everything we’ll see who gets locked up ah There you are Three

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  1. Miles From Tomorrowland – The Hitchhiker's Ride Through the Galaxy Part 56 – Pink Monkey

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