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Mighty Hikes 2018 – Macmillan Cancer Support

[Music playing] It’s a great event, really well organised. It’s great to see so many different people. Very well organised. Great fun. Really friendly people, everyone we’ve met has been fantastic. All the locals, really
supportive. All the people at the pitstops have been brilliant. All the Macmillan people you see on the way and they give you jelly babies and clap for
you when they see you, it’s lovely! The scenery is beautiful, absolutely amazing! Looking forward to what’s around the next corner, because I’ve not done this walk before and it’s different scenery all the way round. And of course you don’t have to navigate. Probably the best event I’ve been to in terms of catering and facilities. The food has been amazing. We’ve had a full on feta cheese salad.
The food they supply is excellent. So yummy!
Everything you needed, everything you wanted, it was there. Highlight? Probably getting to the top of the hill? Yeh! Yes! 360 view of stunning countryside. Absolutely beautiful scenery. You kind of forget how beautiful England is and then you’re like ‘wow’ this is where we
live! It’s a really, really well organised event.
We’ve met lots of lovely people, chatted our way along.
We’re not, sort of, cramped together, there’s room to take over if you want to, but also
slow down as well. You go at your own pace so you’ve got all
day to do it. Definitely raised loads of money. Why not? You know. Have a bit of a craic along the way The atmosphere has been amazing. Electric! We are really happy, it’s just a real sense
of achievement. And you get a medal and prosecco! We have had a brilliant day, absolutely awesome. Great organisation, we will definitely do
it again. For us all to come together in this beautiful
spot, to raise as much money as possible, and just have loads of fun doing it, I am
very blessed to be a part of that. See you next year! Bye!

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