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Merrell Moab Waterproof Hiking Shoes and Mid Boots Review from Peter Glenn

Hi, I’m laura from and i’m
gonna show you a great rugged outdoor summer shoe for men these are the Merrell Moab uh… these are designed specifically for
outdoor activities where your feet would typically get wet or where you’re going to
be doing a lot of athletic activity first of all these are waterproof and i know it looks like there is mesh in
here but there is the actually a waterproof membrane behind there so you can take these to a puddle, you
can take them on a hike take tehm camping and your feet are gonna stay nice and dry. They’re waterproof but they’re also breathable so what that means is that in warmer
temperatures like you’re gonna find in the summer if you’re out there walking
around generating a lot of body heat these are going to allow some of that heat
to escape so your feet don’t become incredibly sweaty Another great thing about these is that they
were built for walking around or built for being on your
feet to they’re very comfortable there’s an EVA foot bed in here
that’s going to provide the first level of cushioning their is also something called Air-Cushion
which is um… cushioning in heal here and a little bit extra cushioning
for that high impact on your foot and it’s an OrthoLite footbed
as well so OrthoLite is assigned
specifically to be very anatomically correct it’s gonna cradle your foot nicely
it’s gonna provide a lot of support and allow you to spend a lot of hours on
your feet these are made with leather and mesh
… actually a leather suede here and so they have very durable materials
you can see that this suede comes around the toe here so if you accidentally kicksomething or whatever and
it’s not going to be a problem They have a very grippy sole it is Vibram
grabs on tight to surface again great for being outdoors these shoes also have an Aegis
anti-microbial treatment on the inside so that goes all the way in here where your
foot is but that does is it prevents
bacteria buildup which keeps your feet smelling a lot fresher is definetly a nice
feature when you go to get in the tent at night and take off your shoes definitely keep smeloing fresh these shoes come in two different heights
they come in this is a regular heights a lot like a sneaker it’s about five inches
tall and then they come in this which is a
considered and mid-height and it’s about six inches tall and it provides just a little more
coverage up over your ankle. and these also come in regular width
and wide width which guys with wider feet will really appreciate cuz sometimes
it’s hard to find a good outdoor shoe in a wide size. And speaking of sizing these run
pretty true to size the only thing is that … i would say that order your normal size
if you just intent to be using it for
recreational walking around things like that if you’re gonna be using this for
heavy hiking where you’re going to be going downhill and putting a lot of
pressure on the front of your foot you may want to consider sizing up half the size Other than that they’re very comfortable very supportive and
because they’re waterproof definitely very functional. thanks for watching and check out
for all of your favorite Merrell footwear.

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15 thoughts on “Merrell Moab Waterproof Hiking Shoes and Mid Boots Review from Peter Glenn

  1. Merrell should be getting sued by all of us. None of their shoes are actually waterproof at all!! I had 3 pairs because they are very comfortable, but None of them lasted more than half a day in wet grass. Not even really wet areas!! Don't waist your money

  2. Couple of things… They are duraleather. Also the toe cap is not suede, it's synthetic. And I'm not sure why people are saying they aren't waterproof.  I have had mine for over  5 months and every time I step in water my socks stay dry unlike in other sneakers I have gone camping in.  No shoe is designed to be submerged in water… Maybe other than rubber rain boots.

  3. if the shoes are not water proof…does the water drain out….that is the type I am looking for walking in water and mud…..what do you think…

  4. Far from water proof. On my second pair due to soaked feet in freezing weather. Look into the goretex version for waterproofing. They used to be water proof but I guess that wore out?

  5. I bought a pair of these for work & let me tell you, they are the best shoe ever made! Wide version provides a poo ton of support & after being on my feet all day my feet aren't sore at all. Tried various outdoor style shoes like timberland and sketchers and this brand blows them away. If you're on your feet all day, don't skimp on footwear and get a pair of these.

  6. so sad, i just lost my newly bought merell moab shoes, i strapped it at the back of my motorcycle and thought that i tied it securely. i just hope that whoever found it is a homeless person or a person that badly needs shoes.

  7. These are not waterproof. I bought them 2 months ago and walked in damp grass and rain with my dog but today my feet and socks were completely soaked. I feel taken since I paid $90 for them, what a rip off! I will have to go back to my Teva's which lasted 2 years with no leakage at all.


  9. Don't be fooled by the shoe they fall apart I've had three pairs their customer service sucks and they need to use a higher strong equality glue they fall apart they look good don't be fooled by that

  10. A decent all around light hiking boot but if you've worn the ventilated version before order up one size for the waterproof version. The waterproofing membrane is packed inside the same boot so it's a tighter fit.

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