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Good morning, you guys. We are here at a location called the mermaid caves my friend Jill and Drew brought me and Joel here the other day and it was so awesome that we wanted to bring the camera and show you guys and show our kids and so we got up nice and early this morning, and we are out here. We thought the kids would enjoy the big waves They’ve been we’ve been playing at the cove where there is a lot smaller waves or no waves and I think the kids are really loving the big waves so yeah You can see they’re mesmerized by the huge waves Is that pretty cool, Code? What do you think of that? That is amazing! Pretty, where’s your crab that you guys are seeing? He’s just tiny and he just hid behind a rock. [we’ll] see another one. They’re all over the place Code:I just saw a whole bunch of red coral. Did you? You just wait- you just wait until we go over there’s tons of the red orange coral Yes, I’ll show ya Boston, do you think that this little puddle of water is so cool? That’s so funny [reprap]. No way oh I wonder if that one is alive you think I think it’s a big one Is that a seashell Joel? What is this? These are clamshell plan oh cool Okay, now guys look at me come here I got to tell you something now to get over to the mermaid cave you have to go over a lot of these rocks So I want you to be really careful when you’re walking. Can you guys come fall a mom Boston? Make sure you don’t step on a crab You jumped up on a high okay, then you say bye dad, but listen. I don’t want you guys to get hurt Clams yeah, yeah, that’s fine. You can bring that We saw these when we were here the other day Is it not crazy that these are I don’t know if they’re burial spots or if they’re just like for memorials you think yeah, I was going to say I don’t see how it would even be possible, but Well, there’s several. I mean there’s a ton of them okay, so come over here. By dad. Let’s follow dad keep going So this is where we saw some crabs, you think the waves are high Watch guys That’s crazy. Okay, if you guys look down on this rock That’s right. You’re going to see some crabs too, see over here on this rock straight ahead – Brown yeah, I can see kind of a gray one right there It might be dead or maybe not i don’t know and I’ll put on the edge right over here somewhere. Oh there he is It’s a frog There he is . That’s not a frog that’s a crab. Oh my God We should probably scoot back a little look at this one. My gosh That one was huge. I don’t know if I want to take the kids down in the cave or not Joel okay? So this is a far away view it looks just like a flat area, but there are holes all through And you can see when the tide comes in they get shoved up into these holes in the ground You can see this is, and there are certain ones that we can get into And that cool Code, you got to stay exactly by us in this area Yeah, the rocks will hurt you if you trip and fall and if you fall into a hole some of them I mean you really just don’t want do that. Don’t do it You can see these are two other holes to open up into the main main area see there’s a big main pool right here That’s kind of cool Yes And this is where we’re going to go in right here They tend how there’s not as much water up here code I’m not saying this is going to be pretty, but I’m gonna get in first and Jill’s Gonna lower the kids down to me Okay, just kidding Joel’s gonna. Go first okay hold on guys Jasmina get in first and then he’s going to lower everybody Oh, that’s not too bad no, okay be careful girlie [okay], stay right. [bye]. Dad right. Hi dad talking back in there. No. There’s not ready. There’s not crabs in there, honey Oh fortune. We didn’t even have [to] [tell] jim. [he’s] just doing it honey Okay, wow sorry? kiddo well, he doesn’t want me to put Glue yeah, you got baby I got it We don’t need to [film] me going down because it’s not gonna be graceful, and it’s not going to create Yeah, I was right that what [happen] I got it. Oh when you first get in the water it down in a cave There is a whole bunch of pretty coral down here. It’s just chunks and pieces of coral. [hey] boss You hold my hand the whole time, okay? You don’t have to go all the way in and then you see you see opens up into this space and where And the tide comes in and the water is like a milky blue color Would be right thing yeah Let me [Papa]. I’m gonna get up from [that] okay. That’s fine. I feel like If you guys liked about the caving here is that all the holes I was showing you let in so much light Ok I’m going to walk [further] [into] the cave Here comes one. I’m going to break myself on the ceiling Walk over here’s another one of us big openings wow Here comes the things when I can watch it all the way from the end here comes How [crazy] the Coral is down here? inconclusive You get that rock you get it I’ll get us out Yeah, you guys we made it out safe and sound everyone is safe No, one got hurt if we’re wet hot and sweaty So we’re walk over to the beach [you] guys want to walk over to be okay? [perfectly], [oh] look. He’s a full uh say hello Hello Hello [he] would not leave [the] cave without that rock in his hand and he was crying He didn’t want to get out he likes and this little baby like the water hello you goes to oh, oh oh All right, [cody] has worked very hard, and he would like to show you why he made go ahead [bunk] down in the hole. It totally made [it] cody That was a little nerve-wracking having just me with all four [of] the kids over here Yeah, that was a little scary Olivia has been working like crazy out here [in] the wave she has been non-stop playing in the waves waiting for the water so she can rinse her eyes to system and All Boston wants to do is just sit and play in the sand, and that’s what he’s done. That’s what we’ve done Yes, any tank, and he’s like all right? I’m done baby Gonna help, yes You think here is such a big helper Lincoln? Oh? I love there, but I love my babies, but a Boston Okay, let me take you back out. Yeah, there you go pacific oh [does] this mean it’s [time] to go I? Think that means it’s time to go [Joel] has spent so much of his time at night Editing and uploading the vlog and I said can we please close it Early so that we can maybe go out on a date, and [he] said yes So we’re going to close the vlog so john I can go out tonight The kids have been spending this entire afternoon playing and making tents you guys this tent is so Fun out here, so I’m going to let you guys finish playing out here. Can you guys say good night to everybody? Good enough If you enjoyed [this] video make sure to give it a thumbs up and [we’ll] see you guys tomorrow. Bye guys

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