Merbabu Via Suwanting: A Purpose to Hike

Here we are Just about to set up an amazing adventure with Rafael our backpack is ready to go we fill it up with snacks, water, and whatever we need for camping tonight we’re gonna spend the night up in the mountain and hopefully in the morning hike to the very top to see the amazing sunrise and with the heart full of joy and sense of accomplishment we’re gonna drag our very tired body all the way down so wish us luck and we’ll see you later on our adventure So here we are now in the basecamp see this, I will explain to you with so many tickets this is my ticket, this is for the park, and this I don’t know… this is her ticket, look so expensive! what do you think? I can’t wait to eat, look at this look at these beauties, listen to this…
so crispy delicious, rice with egg and veggies this will give us energy, for the hike yeah, *vegetarian-friendly I think I will sneak up one and have it on my backpack chillis, tomatoes open gate – Ready for that?
– I was born ready So, for the pain, for the sad life for the purpose you’re doing it for, think of something why you doing it for for a better life for whatever it is that is on your mind, you don’t have to say it loud but have it as your personal goal of getting to the top and bringing change in your life. So, here we are now in the middle of nowhere getting pretty tired, the soul’s getting hotter. It burned the adrenaline. There’s always a reason to hike for me unfortunately, today is not the best reason to hike but I really have to do it it’s a really tough time have to let it go out, in the Mother Earth hope She will listen to me I hope there will be good feedback. So, I have the question. Have you heard about the cosmic law of attraction? do you know what is it? So basically, it’s about being a good person giving out a good energy behaving in a good way and if you do so, this also attract goodness into your life I believe this because it’s happening to me especially when I travel, and you’re the living proof actually of what happens it really sets people’s mind on a certain way even if there’s something not so good, you don’t perceive it as something not so good anymore kind of welcome it with a positive attitude it works like magic actually, so let’s see… now I’m full of these good energies, whatever we do is going well so far. You have to stop recording because I may fall off the tree and I don’t want to be recorded forever for a generation to see So, you’re up in the tree now??? Um, I’m standing on the branch ya (1, 2, 3, done. Thankyou) So, what do you feel mountain celebrity? Huh, I made peace with it. It’s fun. When I have an opportunity I always mock people. They said to me I wanna have a picture with you. I said ya I wanna have a picture with you too! so they have a picture also with my phone I tried to be funny, I tried to make people sometimes not expect what I’m gonna do and they always laughing, I always laugh. This is the best icebreaker I guess when we do something fun and make people laugh and smile. So I do. So how do you guys feel? PAINFUL. AMAZING. You want to repeat this route? No way, from this route no. Only from Selo route. It’s the best route of all time unless they renew the route – flatten it with asphalt, maybe?
– yeah flatten with asphalt OMG, I just wanna sit on the grass, stretch my legs and chill honestly and have some, something with this coconut milk? coffee? tea? my hands started to get really cold look at that! “pasar bubrah” they called it “pasar bubrah” because it’s like market, ghost market but now it’s like human market but still, it looks like a messed-up market How was your sleep? Good morning, I don’t think I slept at all because my body felt really tend I just ended up twisting from side to side find the optimum position for sleep I think I was doing it for 3-4 hours but I have back on my mind warm oats with nuts and dried fruits so now it happens like this! basically, it’s already hot, smells absolutely amazing in the tent I can’t wait when we start eating it it will give us the energy to hike all the way to the top, and then all the way down because we don’t have anything else to eat basically, so it has to do the job! apart of course from little snacks, but this is like the only hot thing we gonna have and I’m very happy about it actually. So, we’re just about to eat and I think we take off and start hiking to the top for the sunrise and hopefully, we won’t freeze to death! we’ll catch you later! So here we are. Facing this beautiful scenery. The peak is just there shouldn’t take us long to get there It was a journey that matter and when we get down we keep the peace within ourselves happy that you achieve the goals of your hike How is it for you? For me, it’s the same. It’s not about to reach the summit, to get the sunrise in a perfect time It’s about how we get there, the process sharing stories, share some thought to get a new perspective of life the view is just a bonus. See… Shit, it was really amazing. Well done, huh. Yeah it was like, her many times visit Jogja but she never hikes this beauty volcano Let’s go to official summit. Let’s see how it looks like Look like there are tons of people there Oh I see the outline Now, the plan is to have a coffee, chill for a moment, and then go very fast all the way down. Do you know about it? Probably no. No, we’re gonna take our time on the way down. We have to back to the campsite, put the tent down and all of our stuff and then have all the way down, it’s gonna be really fun I can’t wait to feel my sore legs because it’s gonna be amazing! I love it! As you can see behind us and around us, what’s happening it’s very beautiful scenery I’m soaking it up and remember it for the moment when I fell a little bit sad or when I’m getting older I want to fill up my life with sceneries, memories of being in beautiful places It fills my life, my heart with happiness and of course this! caramel waffle! Yes, by the way, we’re vegetarian so it’s a bit good for us Just appreciate when we’re doing what we want to do because many people can’t do that who are sick, who can’t walk, and we’re really fortunate to have a healthy physic. Appreciate it. Definitely keep in touch if you leave for a hike, it’s very important to let someone know that you’re going how long you’re gonna go for hiking so if something went wrong, to get you can get help. It’s crucial! If you don’t understand I’ll put a subtitle on it, so don’t worry! I struggled with my walking, my muscles are very burned, but I made it to the bottom, and I didn’t take Ojek which is a service by the way if you are really tired. You want to be evacuated or no? Uh I hope it’s not gonna happen We both destroyed our legs. My right knees really painful but… NO PAIN NO GAIN Explain what happen So basically we just got to the place we left our scooter I want to go to the bathroom so I went to this house basically, after I go out from there I was invited for tea and of course as lovely Indonesian traditional hosting people giving everything from heart, we’re just about having a dinner which is very nice because we’re starving so it happens just in time rice is hot and steaming, we have some veggies, we have some eggies lovely ladies here, very nice So, definitely always say yes if you were invited to somebody’s house because it’s from heart this is why I love to be here, this is one of the reasons, the people. The people make the place for me I don’t feel my legs it’s funny feeling like I said before, it’s like made of cotton wool you can’t break, you can’t stop, you just falling down I didn’t felt down, I just tripped one by the way but yes I burned my muscles pretty badly I think I’m gonna fell it tomorrow so for now, no feeling in legs hey! Yes we made it, we are back where we left our scooter I think very soon we’re getting ready to back to Rafa’s house, and there we’re gonna have an amazing shower and we have to get rid all of the dust because there’s ash basically everywhere It’s in our backpack, inside our backpack, inside our socks, pants, everywhere! so we will try to get rid of it as soon as we back to civilization yeah maybe, we’ll see, I don’t know we’ll talk to you later maybe when we all smell flowers, showered, and happy That’s it guys our adventure. I didn’t expect that my legs got pain I was trying to bully her because she got pain but actually I also got pain, so… KARMA See you on the next video, maybe we recommended this trek. You have to try it by yourself some trek isn’t recorded on the footage for your surprise I’ll see you soon, don’t forget to hit the button. You know what does it means. So, bye!

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