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Meeting the Trails Crew | Trails: Salleh-Scout-Serenity-Temuan-Scout | Akaso V50x

The trail is still relatively wet, because
of the heavy rain yesterday. Even though it is now almost 11 o’clock and
the sun has been shining since this morning, as you can see inside the trail you can hardly
see the sun. so I think it makes it nice walk even at 11
o’clock. when the sun is really really high up in the
sky. this junction, can be quite confusing. Um, stick to where the markers are. these are this red colours here. I can see some hikers in front. Oh, its clear? The one that fell the other day? Can I? Thank you. Thank you. Those are the great people who keep the trail
maintained and accessible for a lot of the people I really… I really… thank you to them
that i can enjoy this trail. I think we’re almost up at the first intersection
soon. Hi. It’s always nice to bump into other hikers

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