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Mediterranean hike in France – Thru-hike Europe LOG#11

Hello guys and welcome for this eleventh
logbook! We are now in the National Park of the Calanques, near Marseille. you know Marseille is the second biggest city in France and just next to it is an
absolutely sublime National Park. We are very happy to take you here, but first let’s see what happened in the last 300km. Well, the first thing that happened is that we welcomed our seventh guest: please meet Rémi! Hello, I am @lenomaderandonneur on Instagram! Since Rémi joined, we leaved some adventures! The first one might be the terrible thunderstorm
that we experienced at the North of Montpellier We got really wet and at the end we were even hiking with water over the ankles. Hopefully we got saved by a great family! They hosted us, gave us the opportunity to dry every single piece of equipment that was wet Thank you guys! We even killed some electronics that day… It’s something we should remember. At some point, you can have any gear you want, if the rain is crazy, you will get wet. So the next day, leaving Les Mattelles, we kept going on our way to the Camargue and met with Vincent, Gwen and their kids. A really cool family, they are all passionate about
orientation race Unfortunately, we could not shoot video at that moment… Thanks a lot Vincent and Gwen! Knowing that we were going to Camargue, Vincent told us to visit Beauduc, and so we did. Arriving in the Camargue, we were really amazed by all those salt marshes The landscape was quite unique, the colors: red, blue, pink, white…It was beautiful, a rainbow really incredible! But what about the mosquitos? For our first night, we got bitten, bitten and bitten. Hundreds of times…and we could barely sleep! After leaving the salt marshes, we entered in the Regional Reserve of Camargue. Fantastic landscape, wild beach, amazing sunset… At the end of this large desert beach, we
finally got to Beauduc! It’s such a beautiful place even though not the wildest. Kite surfers come from all over the world to ride this spot, it’s actually super windy, beautiful, the sand is the finest we can find, meeting with a lot of foreigners, such a cool place! But on the other side of the Rhône, a totally different show was waiting for us Yes, after discovering this desertic and wild place, we entered probably the less wild area we visited so far. The biggest industrial area of France. Hopefully, after leaving this area we reached the coast again and met again with the sea. The beautiful Mediteranean sea In Marseille, we met the President of the French Federation of hiking in Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône), the next morning we got invited in their offices to meet the volunteers and share a breakfast with them. They give a lot of the time to maintain our trails, to mark it, to defend our passion of hiking and we are very grateful for that for sure. Guys we’re now in the National Park of
the Calanques as we told you and yes it’s beautiful! I’m not sure if you can see how blue is the
water in the back but this is a delicious place! It’s not the most given hike, it’s
quite tough and very technical in some parts: Super slippery trails, rocky and steepy… It’s a very special coastline and we would be crazy not to advise you to visit this place as soon as you can! This is also the last day of Rémi with us, tonight we will share a last evening together and tomorrow morning he is going to follow his own adventures. We hope you liked those images as much as we like those places and we talk to you soon in the next logbook! Cheers! See you guys!

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