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Meadows, Forests and Amazing Vistas – Mt. Rainier Eastern Loop

*Muisc* I already walked through a herd of cow elk that’s pretty fun People might wonder why I wear some camoflauged clothing and that’s one of the main reasons why I can sneak up on wildlife and take a good look which is really fun I’m walking the Cowlitz Ridge right now to my North, which is my right it drops off a couple thousand feet to the Ohanapechosh River and then to my left it drops off another couple thousand feet down towards Steven’s Canyon on either side of the ridge there are Elk bugling and I have this chorus back and forth from one side of the ridge to the other of these Elk bugling it’s just amazing See that cloud, right there? that’s a ‘Lenticular Cloud’ the short of it is: it means the weather is changing and not for the better the section between Indian Bar and Summerland where I am descending to is probable some of the most amazing alpine landscape I have ever seen *water rushing* I’m descending from Summerland and before that: Panhandle Gap down to the White River Road Which I’ll have to walk for half a mile maybe 3 quarters of a mile to the Owyhigh Lakes Trail I’ll take that up Over one more pass and then down and follow the Ohanapecosh River to the Grove of the Patriarchs which is the really cool old growth grove this is pretty cool this tree here, you can see how its been scraped that’s done by an Elk raking his antlers up and down to make noise attract himself a girlfriend I passed a lady probably the last person I’ll see She was on her way down from Owyhigh Lakes I asked her if there were people at the lakes and she said, “no” but she doesn’t blame them because they aren’t very pretty lakes I’ll admit they aren’t as grand and epic as Indian Bar was or Panhandle Gap or some other places that are breathtaking but there is this intimate beauty to places like this these quiet meadows these small parks that to me are just as captivating in a very different way I love them I just want to sit down and listen… its down hill for the rest of th way i’ve got to descend 2,000 feet sorry, 3,000 feet to get down to the Grove of the Patriarchs where I’ll be done feels good to have all the ascending out of the way of course, I’ll be complaining about the downhill in about 30 minutes its really windy its gusting back and forth I just heard a tree fall pretty crazy it’s so windy, branches are coming down whoa, debris all over the trail this will be interesting finally finished

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3 thoughts on “Meadows, Forests and Amazing Vistas – Mt. Rainier Eastern Loop

  1. Of all the hiking channels in the Pacific NW, I think both Hike Oregon and your channel are by far the best on YouTube. Keep up the good work!
    Have you looked into doing any hikes in the Mt Adams, Washington, area? Lots of hikes with very, very similar feel to these Mt Rainier hikes. Bird Creek Meadows is a lot like Paradise; High Camp and Killen Creek Meadows are stunning, and the Devils Garden–Avalanche Valley backpack is as if it's from a whole nother world–sort of like the terrain up at Burroughs Mountain, but a lot more varied.
    Hellroaring Canyon and Iceberg Lake near Bird Creek Meadows is another absolutely stunning hike, with up close glacial views.

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