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Mark Twain National Forest – Hercules Glades Wilderness – Branson Missouri Hikes

hi guys it’s Kay from Happy Trails
hiking we are here at Hercules glades wilderness area and Mark Twain National
Forest today we’re gonna see if we can find a waterfall just a fair warning if
you decide to come on out here this is the road in to the wilderness area and
bring a car that can handle the clearance we managed looking forward to
a great check today we’re about 50 yards from the trailhead
and we had two options to go to we’re gonna take the left one
but mark because some guys in the parking lot who’d been here a lot had
told us that we’re gonna it’s easier to hike along the creek to see the
waterfall so we’re gonna give it a shot see what happens
lefty Oak Creek follow it now find some waterfalls all right we tried bushwhacking your way
through the crease and now we’re back at the tree cause I why we started we think
the trails there and we’re gonna head up that way and see if we can find a
waterfall on a real trail rather than you know trying to drown ourselves in a
creek anyway um go to your fun day and the sun is shining so we’re gonna keep
on trekking not enough water for a waterfall today but the rocks are really
cool it’s only waterfowl we found today Hercules Glade to alter this area in
Mark Twain National Forest has been quite an adventure if you’re headed out
here make sure you have a map water and a plan
the trails aren’t all that well marked but um we made it home figured out where
we were going because we had a map um we didn’t see any waterfalls but we did see
some water where or place where water would fall so this is cane Matt from
happy trails hiking until next time keep on truckin

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