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Maddie and Trey Hike Promotion #1

Hey! I’m Maddie Cason and I’m Trey Cason. We’ve been married for about two years. We believe everyone in the world and every
community in the world has the potential for greatness! But sometimes poverty and all the issues that
surround it, can create challenges or roadblocks to achieving this greatness. We are excited to work with Global Hope Network
International because they do life-changing Community Development around the world. They focus in five key areas – Education,
Income Generation, Food, Water, and Wellness. We are excited to be a part of that work. So, this work that takes communities from
surviving to thriving costs about $60,000 over about five years. Maddie and I knew we would have to dream big
and so, we’re going to be hiking the Appalachian Trail, from Maine to Georgia. That’s about 2,190 miles! We start in June and our goal is to raise
money to fund four villages in Asia, all the way through from beginning to graduation. Our hope is that by the time we finish the
Appalachian Trail this fall, these four villages would be fully funded. That means about $219,000! About $100 per mile! This is what we’re aiming for and we need
YOUR HELP to do this! So go to to check us out
online and stay up to date on our journey. Thanks so much!

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