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Hey! I’m in Luxembourg in a small town at the eastern
end. I didn’t realize how small this country was, but you can drive through it in 2 hours or less. There are buses that go to every single town
– it doesn’t matter how small. And it’s $4/day. I’m staying in Ettelbruck which is 30 minutes north of Luxembourg City. I’m on the Mullerthal Trail. There are 3 sections. I’m in the first section and I was on my way
to section 2. On the way you should pass the Gorges du Loup. I was going to hike to some caves, but the path was blocked off by big rocks. I think they closed it off for the season. This means that instead of hiking, I have to go back into town and take a bus to Berdorf. If it’s not blocked off, then I hope to see some waterfalls in section 3. Look how pretty this is! I’m really surprised by how much I love Luxembourg. I came here because they speak French and I wanted to learn more about Francophone countries for my students. I’m here to talk to people and find the subtle differences between cultures and the language. Usually I do some research before going somewhere, but I thought I would see what the country has to offer. It’s a really small country, but there is
so much to do. The environment is so beautiful! Aside from Luxembourg City, there are endless green spaces throughout the country. So far Luxembourg is pretty cool. The houses are really different. The best I can describe them as are giant
candy Legos. They’re large, square, and come in all different colors. Their roofs are pretty cool too. My new favorite hobby is looking at the different roofs in Francophone cities and trying to figure out what about the environment made the people create their roofs a certain way. Weird, but now I love to look at roofs. Also, it’s amazing how it’s normal for people to speak 6 languages here. French, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Dutch (or German), and Luxembourgish. I thought 3 languages was impressive, but… I think if I were to describe this country in a phrase, it would be ~ They mind their own business ~ They really do! I feel like French people are really nosey for no reason lmao

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