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Local computer coders look to hack Oahu’s traffic

aimed at ailing the traffic woes of Oahu and still no solutions. A group of local computer coders thought they could do the job for much less. Our Pete Caggiano reports from the Reboot the Commute hacking challenge. Some of the island’s brightest minds met this weekend to try to solve the traffic dilemma. In the all night hackathon, hosted by Energy Excelerator, participants have just 24 hours to deliver a high tech traffic solution. The prize: 1,000 dollars and a chance to present their ideas to investors…. the clock is ticking. len Higashi HTDC 3:53-4:04 THEY’RE HERE GATHERING DATA CREATING APPS THAT GATHER DATA USE THE DATA AND PRESENT THE DATA IN USEFUL WAYS AND IT’S SUPER EXCITING AND FUN Enter 15 year old Liam Clive. He was told at first he was too young to participate but he came anyway. liam Clive 11:28-33 I ORIGINALLY SAW THIS WAS AN EVENT FOR 18 AND OLDER BUT I WAS LUCKY ENOUGH TO BE ABLE TO COME AND I LEARNED A LOT His team’s idea, a sort of high tech hitch hiking app called trippy. liam Clive 11:55-12:01 THERE ARE TONS OF PEOPLE EVERY SECOND YOU’RE IN AN URBAN CENTER WHIZZING PAST YOU AND CHANCES ARE THEY’RE PROBABLY GOING TO THE SAME PLACE THAT YOU ARE pete Caggiano THE APP IDENTIFIES DRIVERS GOING WHERE YOU WANT TO GO, ALERT THE DRIVERS SOMEONE IS LOOKING FOR A RIDE THEY CAN PICK YOU UP AND THEN YOUR OFF ON YOUR WAY Pretty clever for someone who doesn’t even drive yet. 17:17-33 NO I DO NOT BUT I’M WORKING TOWARDS IT VERY SOON In the end Liam’s idea didn’t win his category but there are no losers here collaboration is the name of the game. liam Clive 17:06-14 THEY’VE GIVEN ME SOME GREAT IDEAS FOR APPS I’M WORKING ON THIS WEEKEND AND FOR APPS I MAY WORK ON IN THE FUTURE PETE Winners included teams real time traffic sign solution, park carma and a cool bike share implementation app. Sometimes with bike share programs all the bikes end up in one spot, this app looks to solve that by offering retail coupons and incentives to spread them out. All those teams will be presenting next week to investors and get this Liams team was also asked to come as special guests. pamela Cool stuff and now

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