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Live Rescue: Pain in My Leg (Season 1) | A&E

– An ill female complaining
of swelling in her foot and ankles. It’s a code 2 call so we won’t
be going lights and sirens. We’re just going to take our
time and get there safely. – Oh, traffic got
thick through here. – Easy. [inaudible] – There’s a horse and carriage. I’ve got to hit him
with the [inaudible].. – Don’t startle the horses. Are you serious, dude? The Infiniti is scared
to go past the horses. Not much horse experience. Probably the first horse they’ve
even seen outside of the zoo. Just let him out, dude. [quick siren bursts] – All right. Medic 56 arrived at scene. Hey, ma’am. All right. What have we got? – So this is Lynn. – All right. Sounds like something
we can help. – Thank you. – Take my hand. We’re heading right out there
to the gurney there, ma’am. – We’re going to have you sit
way up high by the crease. It will be the most
comfortable for you. – Tell me your
name again, ma’am. – Lynn.
– Hi, Lynn. I’m Bill. – Nice to meet you. – Sorry it’s under
these circumstances. It’s toasty in here. Let’s see if we can do
something about that. What are you looking at, Lynn? – Nothing. – Something going on there? – No. – No? – It’s that a comfortable
position for you? So this is taking
your blood pressure. Just relax your arm. Relax your other arm as well. Put your arm down. There you go. Tell me a little bit
more about this leg. – It just started ballooning. – Mind if I put my
hands on it there? – No.
That’s fine. – All right.
Let’s do that here. I’m going to feel
the good one first. Now let’s check
this one out here. It’s sensitive to
the touch, huh, Lynn? Ooh.
OK. Real sensitive. – Tennis fan, huh? – This morning you woke. – That’s perfect. I love it. I love guacamole. We’ll get you over
to the hospital. They’ll take a look at it
and then make an evaluation. OK?
– You’re awesome. Thank you. – You’re welcome, Lynn. Your mother is in the front seat
chatting it up with my partner. – So did you play tennis in
high school or college, Lynn? – Nice. I tried it for the first time
just a couple of years ago because my uncle played. I thought that I’d
be at least OK at it because I played
ping pong and I like to consider myself able-bodied. Man, I was whooped. – I was a ping-pong champion. – Is that right?
– Yeah. Cool. – Stingray. – That’s a beauty. – ’73. You’re a car lady there? – The man who’s in it,
he’s looking pretty proud of that whip himself. – You like Porsches? My dad’s got a ’69 912. – I like it. I like it. We’ve got something in common
besides this ambulance, huh? – ’73. – Nice call, Lynn. Someone owes her a soda. We have just arrived
at the hospital. – Absolutely, Lynn. Dealing with nice people
makes this job easy. All right. Let’s get you out of here. – I like that Lynn. You mentioned
something interesting I hadn’t heard before. You were checking
out her mentation

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100 thoughts on “Live Rescue: Pain in My Leg (Season 1) | A&E

  1. It’s so nice to see these guys be so kind to her. I have a lot of anxiety with my doctor and the hospital I go to because they just rush me and aren’t so nice sometimes.

  2. So some of y'all got horses in your zoos?? How come I'm the first one to mention this. I've been to a about a dozen zoos around the country including the Omaha zoo and I haven't seen a horse. Why you got horses in your zoo? Are there horses in someone's zoo? Halp!

  3. I was 7 weeks pregnant with severe hyperemesis gravardium and bleeding , thought i was having a miscarriage and i was throwing up so bad I couldn’t get up. When my bf called 911 the people we got were so rude… saying i needed to get up and that they didnt even understand why they were called if i was just throwing up i shouldve stood home, and cursing because he was angry that he had to drive through my neighborhood. It was a terrible experience. I hope more of the ems people are like the ones we see on A&E because the one i got was so unpleasant. I was barely functioning and had to drag myself inside their ambulance.

    Btw i didnt have a miscarriage thankfully . Im 15 weeks pregnant lol. Just needed to vent about how disrespectful they were since ialways see such nice ems people.

  4. "Never seen a horse but inside a zoo"…… Wait what? I must live in Farmville because I've seen more than a few horses and never in a zoo.

  5. These 2 gentlemen are awsome paramedics & make a perfect team!! They need to have they own live rescue show!!!! (CAN THEY PLEASE HAVE THEY OWN LIVE RESCUE SHOW????) Be wonderful if there was a billion more paramedics in this world like these 2 guys make ride to hospital more enjoyable considering where your headed. No one being in hospital!! These 2 guys are so friendly & nice. Not grumpy & rude like some paramedics are..

  6. "Were not gonna put our lights and sirens, just gonna take out time"

    Well that doesn't make me feel better when I call for an ambulance

  7. STUPID MU……F…KRS could be a blood clot which could go straight to her " brain stroke time" don't worry take your time wish it was your mother,

  8. omg they are just like in finland. they joke around and even tho its a bad situation or serious injury. that makes the patient feel so much more better, great job and big respect. i’ve got some experience in ambulances unfortunately 😂

  9. I never understand why someone would pay to have an ambulance pick them up for a non emergency. Even if u don't have a car u could take an Uber or something.

  10. “Your mother is in the front seat chatting it up with my partner”
    Cuts to said partner telling a dad joke 😂

  11. Dude, this is about my 3rd Live Rescue vid. The first one was REL… not easy to watch. A lady got hit by a hit and run driver. Awful. I saw that vid some weeks ago – now, I've seen two of these vids with this paramedic who's in the back. He is a superstar, dude! Him and partner are great! DAM!

  12. Umm since when are horses in zoos? Mr.EMT said something about horses being in zoos, but I’ve never once seen or even heard about a horse in a zoo.

  13. Does anyone know why the firetruck requires specifically 343 ft of clearance behind it? is it because that is the precise length of the truck?

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