Live Rescue: A Victim of the United States of America (Season 1) | A&E

– Some guy chasing two females
and one of the neighbors heard a scream and a gunshot. So they called it in. Officers arrived on scene. They did contact
a male subject who had some blood on his pants. We don’t know if he was
shot, or we don’t even know if it’s a gunshot wound. But they’re asking us to
come evaluate him right now. – Roll on your– – OK. All right. OK. – One of the first
officers coming here sees him running this
way, and the witnesses are like, that’s
the guy down there. We didn’t really have
any more information. I rode up here
and contacted him. I could see he was
bleeding from his leg, and then he started
hollering about, you know, police shot him, but
that’s not what happened. So we’re still
investigating, and that’s what we’ll do, talk to him
more down at the hospital. – OK. – But he wasn’t saying who
shot him to us when we first got here. – We’re going to check you out,
man, get you to the hospital. We’re going to
help you out, man. – You see the one right there? – I don’t see it, no. Oh, it’s on the other side. We got to roll him over. There you go. Just looks like that
one wound on his leg. – A US citizen of
the United States. – All right, partner. Let’s get him on
there and then we’ll finish cutting off his clothes
and we’ll get an IV on him. – Here, we’re going
to– yup, perfect. Just like that, partner. He’s pretty irate. Appears to be under the
influence of something. We don’t know what
happened here, but we know he’s
got a gunshot wound. We’re going to try and
assess that a little more, get a set of vital signs. We’ll start an IV,
give him some fluids, and we’ll get him over
to the trauma center and they can take a look at
it a little more from there. – Arrest illegally, arrest. Is a victim of the
United States of America.

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