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Live PD: I’m in Handcuffs, Stupid (Season 3) | A&E

[music playing] – We’re going to a
disturbance between roommates. Apparently they’re– one’s
alleging the other one is tearing up the apartment. – 620. – OK. – I mean, she busted
out this window here. – OK. – And she stepped out, I
called– you guys said– said I have a firearm. I just walked back, and he
said, hey, you want a soda? – OK, hang out out here. Hey, stay over here. Stay over here. – OK. – Where’d she go? – She’s took off that way. Went down those stairs
and around the back. And she– every day,
man, there’s a fight. There’s an argument. – Well, it sounds like
it’s kind of a bad– a bad situation for you. – Dude, it’s toxic. My sister is toxic, bro, toxic. And she needs some [bleep] help. But she won’t go get it,
you know what I’m saying? She needs to point the
finger at somebody else, you know, instead of
pointing and looking in the mirror saying,
yo, I’m probably the one that needs to go, you know? But instead, she keeps pointing
the finger at everybody else. It’s just [bleep], I mean? It’s a– – Hey, Bill? – Yeah? Go ahead and turn around. – What– what for? – Right now you’re gonna
be placed under arrested. – For what? – For what? – Are you on paper? – Uh, yeah, but I
don’t have no warrant. – Well, they’re gonna
tell us if you do, or not? – Huh? I’ve got his number right
here in my wallet, man? – OK, well, right
now, we’re showing you’ve got a possible warrant. – A possible? That’s what I’m
saying, a possible. But look it up, – We’re looking. We’re checking right now. – Look it up, – We’re checking right now. – Those go on as quick
as they come off. So if it doesn’t come back
confirm, they come off. – [bleep] this is what– this
is why I don’t stick around for you guys, man. This is why– I’ve done nothing wrong, and
I’m still getting charged, man. [music playing] – Hey, man, they
confirmed that warrant. – Man. [shouting]
– You don’t have to do that. – Ah!
I just want a drink. I just want a drink. I just want a drink, man.
– That’s not working. – I just need to stand up. Ahh! – What are you doing? – I just want a drink, man. I’m not causing you
guys no problems, man. – You’ve been cool.
– What are you doing? – I’m not causing
you no problems! I’m not causing you
no problems, man. – OK, you’re going to
jail no matter what, man. – I’m not causing– I don’t care. My sister needs to go to. – Your sister is not here– – My sister needs to go, too! – Get him to the jail. – Ow! Ow! OK. OK. I’m trying to. I’m trying to. Please don’t break
my sunglasses. My sister got those for me.
– Have a seat. Sit in the car. – Oh. Can I get drink, please? – Past the opportunity. [thud] Do not break my window. – Give me a [bleep]
drink like you said? – No.
– You said you were going to. – You started
throwing a tantrum. We’re not doing it. – All I did is [bleep], man. Why? – We’re not doing that now. – When was it–
when was it issued? – January. – January, there ain’t
no way [bleep] hell. I was on “Live PD,” bro. – Do you want more
charges or no? – More charges for what? – Do you want more
charges, or no? – How?
Running concurrent. – Resisting arrest.
– Running concurrent. I’m not resisting arrest. I’m in handcuffs, stupid. Will you give me a drink,
like you said, officer? So I can calm the
[bleep] down, man? – You passed that
point right now, man. [thud] – Don’t kick my door. – Don’t– don’t lie to me. – I didn’t tell you anything. – [bleep] bitch. [music playing] [spit] – Do not– get him
out of the car. – Let’s go. – He spit in the car. [music playing] – No, man, ow! Ow!
Ow! Ow! – Get on your stomach. – Ow, I am. Ow, I am. I am. [groan] – Once we started talking to
him, he was very animated. We found out he did have
a warrant for his arrest. We confirmed it. Once we confirmed
his warrant, he decided to start not
cooperating with us and trying to spit in my car. And that’s we put
him on the ground and had the jail
come transport him. – I can get up.
I can get up. I can get up. I can get up. My phone charger, and my– – Got your other stuff. – OK. – There we go.
– Is he– is it– that’s in my pocket, man. – All right. [spit] – Come on. [shouting]

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