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Lifts & Levels: Chevy Avalanche 2001-2006 Leveling Kit

– Hey guys, Shawn again, Custom
Offsets, Custom Offsets TV, on the YouTube, got another
episode of lifts and levels. What we’re trying to do is just show ya every leveling kit if they’re
different makes and models so that you can kinda just get an idea of what we’re doing now so the lift kits will get more in depth. So, this one we’re gonna
do a ProRyde set of keys. This is basically ’02,
’03, ’04, ’05 Avalanche, so ’02 to ’05, they all
have the torsion system. The ’02 ’03 is a little
different than the ’04 ’05, but the general concept
is the same stuff, so. What you’re gonna get with the key setup is basically a pair a duckheads, and these are gonna be
your new torsion keys, which are much more aggressive
than the factory ones and that’s how you start to push that suspension down, truck up. And then you’re gonna
have you adjuster blocks, and then the adjuster bolts. So every kit’s gonna come
with two different sizes. It’s gonna have the shorter set. This is if you’ve got
brand new suspension, that’s all nice and stiff
and like the day it was when it came from the factory, so we pretty much will never use those for this year, make and model vehicle. And then there’s the longer
ones, which are made more for the wore-out suspension,
so that you can actually get a crank out of ’em. ‘Cause what’ll happen is,
you’ll put these new keys in the new adjuster brackets
and you’ll put these bolts in and you’ll basically bottom out, and you’ll not have
gotten any lift out of it, and that’s where these guys come in. And then the other piece
that you’re gonna see in here are gonna be these shock spacers, so if these shocks hadn’t
lived their entire life the last 11 years, in Wisconsin, you would pop that top
bolt off, the top, ouch, I was attacked by that WD40. This top bolt would come
off, you’d put that spacer in here, and then you’d reattach it. The problem is, with all
the corrosion on these, if we try to do that, it’s gonna snap that stud off most likely, and the customer’s gonna
have to get new shocks, and he doesn’t want new
shocks right now, so. We’ll advise him to put
these in his glove box and when he swaps his shocks
out, he can put these on if he doesn’t feel like
he has enough lift. Or actually, it’s not the
lift, let me re-say that. If he’s feeling like
there’s too much extension on that shock, ’cause
what it’s gonna do is, by not pushing that down,
when he does hit a bump, it may fully extend that shock
and he might hear a clunking, and that means he needs new shocks, which would be good anyways, and then he can put
those spacers in there. So what we’re gonna do, and you’ll see that this truck is
already completely covered in penetrator, because these
keys have been under here for 11 years, 12 years? I don’t know what year it is right now. 13 years? So they’re super corroded, and this bolt’s not gonna come outta here, and basically all this
stuff will be seized. So it’s covered in penetrator and it’s just startin’ to loosen up. And then we’ll go ahead
and pull that apart, so. Mr. Fuller will video that whole process and show you that we’re basically gonna drop those keys outta there, put the new, pull the torsion
bars forward, put the new keys in there, and then
crank everything back up so you get to see all that. And then we’ll do wheels and tires, drop this thing on the ground so you, show you what she looks like. So we’ll be back in a bit. (heavy rap music) (hard rock music) (drilling) (banging metal) (grinding metal) (grinding metal) (clattering metal) (drilling metal) (clattering pieces of metal together) (drilling metal) (metal clicking together) (drilling metal) (metal drill clicking) (hard rock music) (high-pitched drilling) (sanding metal) Okay, so what you guys saw
is, it’s really simple, you just pull the keys
out and it’s all done, you put the new ones in. You wish. So, this is why I think
a lotta guys will just see the keys, kinda look at
the instructions, and go, I’m gonna do this myself in my driveway, throw it up on a couple jack stands, start plowin’ away on it, and then realize they’re in trouble because
they can’t get ’em outta there. So we have a lot of people that tried, and then bring the truck in
because they had to give up. On the older vehicles especially
up here in salt world, the “Salt Belt” I think I
heard people callin’ it lately, he had to end up cuttin’ ’em outta there. So it can be really really difficult to get those old keys outta there to be able to put the new ones in. But once you get past that point, you can throw ’em back in there. And then what you’ll see is, you know, we have floor drain right here, so obviously it’s kinda sittin’ down, but actually this truck
is perfectly level now, it brought that front up
about two and a half inches, so now you’re sitting level. And what that does is it
creates this bigger space here. So now he’s got 10 wides, and a 275/55 which is
basically a 32 by 11.2, which woulda never ever ever fit, especially on a 10 wide
negative 24 offset wheel without that leveling kit. But with that leveling kit, – [Man] Shawn! 10 wide negative twelves. – 10 wide negative twelves? – [Man] And you’re gonna have
that in your other video, so. – So, don’t watch the other
video ’cause you’ll know I lied. These are actually negative twelves, so they’re about a half inch
in compared to a negative 24, so it’s a 20 by 10 negative
12, and then a 32 by 11.2. And you’ll see that all he had to trim was this tiny bit, Fuller,
if you come look in there. And it’s literally just
plastic, it’s the inner of this, and then the bottom of the valence, swoop it out and it’s done. Doesn’t rub at all in the back. And that’s what this 275/55 is. On a leveled Avalanche, it’s
basically the perfect fit for really minor trimming. If he went with a 33 twelve and a half, he’d have to do more trimming up there and I think you’d have to start at least bouncin’ that back
a little bit with a hammer on a leveled Avalanche, so. That is your leveling keys from ProRyde, which is a kit that we
really like ’cause it has a lot more adjustments than
some of the other ones, some of the cheaper kits, so. That is lifts and levels,
make sure you tune in. We have a bunch of BDS
lift kits comin’ up, so I think those are gonna be awesome, those are coming your way. We’re doin’ one next week,
we’re doin’ two next week, I think we might be doin’ three next week, at least two of ’em are next week, and then one the following week, so. Stay tuned, make sure you
subscribe on the YouTube, make sure you follow on the Facebook, and check us out on the Instagram, peace. (hard rock music)

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