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Lifting the secretive veil on life as a billionaire’s pleasure wife | 60 Minutes Australia

If the 1980s with a decade of decadence then Adnan, Khashoggi Was the Emperor of excess back then the Saudi arms dealer was the richest man in the world and he? Flaunted his wealth like no one else but among the super yachts jets and mansions his greatest indulgence Was a personal harem of young beautiful women Jill Dodd was one of his many female playthings It’s taken more than 35 years, but she’s now decided. It’s time to lift the veil on her life as a billionaires pleasure wife When it comes to living the good life Jill’s Dodd has had plenty of experience Too and today she’s giving me a taste Sailing the waters of beautiful San Francisco well, it’s not quite the Nabila To be fair not much compares to the novella an 85 metres super yacht once owned by Adnan Khashoggi the multi billionaire who sold weapons to the world the size and Extravagance was breathtaking, and it’s where the Saudi seduced hundreds of women including Jill then just 21 What sort of a lover was he? Great yeah. He was a great lover We just meld together like a like yeah, one of the great lovers yes that I’ve had get a little hot in here. I know It was just everything was just mutual and beautiful It was the early eighties and Jill was an up-and-coming model Living and working in Paris the center of the fashion world This was a French bug shot doesn’t Paris French Vogue. That’s That’s big right. Oh god. I was so excited. Yes. Yes, I was very excited You don’t look at that They don’t want you to look excited in Paris they want you to look miserable Jill was having a ball young beautiful and Successful, then one evening at a party on the French Riviera She caught the eye of the world’s richest man who made a bold slightly disturbing first move He pulled up my sleeve and he wrote. I love you. I was like oh my god that’s that’s blood, and I was like kind of shocked and But I thought it was really funny and really cute at the same time, it’s definitely unique Yeah The next day Khashoggi invited Jill on a date, but this was no quiet dinner over candlelight It was a luxurious banquet aboard the Nabila the world’s biggest private Cruiser back then with its own Hospital movie theater disco and Plenty of other models, so do you think that Adnan was? paying modeling agencies huge amounts of money in return for beautiful young girls that may Come to his parties. Have a great time and in some cases have sex with him Yeah, I would say I have to say yes. I don’t say yes Yeah, and also for other Businessmen as well because you know you have a party full of women, and then you have a business meeting and then you know and then you became one of those women I Didn’t think of myself as one of those women But I I evidently was I mean I I was I never thought of myself as a hooker though. I still don’t think that Maybe not a hooker But Jill was certainly hooked the wealth and charm of Adnan Khashoggi was unlike anything She’d ever seen and the attraction was apparently mutual Khashoggi already had a legal wife, but he allowed himself several pleasure wives So just weeks after meeting Jill. He asked her to be one of them And he said you know I want to take care of you, I want to make a 5-year contract with you I’ll provide everything for you. You will be at my beck and call 24 hours a day were you in love with him yeah, well were you in love with the extravagance the power the money I Believe I was in love with him Adnan Khashoggi was a wheeler and dealer a well-connected Ruthless tycoon who made billions of dollars from dealing arms at the height of his power 60 minutes was given a rare insight into his private world by his only daughter Nabila after whom he named his 32 million-dollar yacht She also had access to the luxury of his custom-designed planes This is this is father’s bedroom. It has all of his gadgets everything he needs telephone So how does it work? The whole harem thing he had this whole compound with several Suites so when I saw him you know I would be alone with him in his place, or he would come see me in my Cottage there’s a pretty big downside though. You got to share him with A whole bunch of others yeah, and it didn’t hit me until later, how naive do you think you were extremely? extremely Jill was completely taken and she lapped it all up. Enjoying the decadence and dangerously the excess How much coke were you doing with that man? We did it for fun just recreationally You know we would lock ourselves in a room for days, and we would days days And we would make love we would eat the chef would bring us food And we would do cocaine we sleep when we wanted we not sleeping we wanted yeah See, this is handmade in Paris. It does and who could turn down designer gowns Certainly not Jill Adnan wanted me to wear couture to all of the dinner parties because we were entertaining politicians and royalty from all over the world But to fit into Adnan’s world of celebrity and royalty jill needed to act a certain way apparently this working-class girl from Southern, California Fell a long way sure the table don’t slouch you had to have lessons in Decorum yeah manners manners yeah shrimp fork salad for uniform that was embarrassing I felt so stupid was that to say you had bad matters Yeah, I guess so I definitely have the salad fork the rest of the somewhere It is a little confusing, but I leaned back on my chair I guess you’re not supposed to do that and I didn’t know how to use the cutlery and the glasses Jill was living her own pretty woman fantasy despite khashoggi shady business Please raise your right hand he was caught in the middle of the iran-contra affair The secret sale of weapons by the US government to Iran in exchange for the release of American hostages It became the biggest scandal of Ronald Reagan’s presidency I was not fully informed on the nature of one of the activities undertaken in connection with this initiative Did he talk to you about that and if he did I wouldn’t have any knowledge I was still young I didn’t really read the paper, and had how did you feel about? profiting from someone who made his money from war I Didn’t really think of it directly like that Oblivious to the noise of politics and war Jill focused on fashion and when Khashoggi offered to pay her tuition At one of America’s top design colleges. It was a dream come true years on she helped create Roxy surf where Could you have possibly imagined that? Your initial vision of Roxy would ultimately turn it in to the brand the mega Million-dollar brand that it is today. I did I knew it would happen. No. I knew it happened Yeah, but before Roxy came and went she had to sort out her private life Tell me about Adnan’s black book. It was a bigger than that it was like a school. Notebook, and it had um I Think it might have been sent over by a model agency head shots head shots body shots, whatever Yeah, it’s like he was shopping for girls After two years the novelty of the harem and sharing her partner with dozens of other women had worn off Jill was done How did the contract end? Well, I fell in love with someone else as Adnan’s life Seemed to be changing And I was growing up at the same time. I was starting to see through the facade Now 58 Jill’s life is vastly different Gone are the days of champagne and Chanel it’s now about peace and nature She’s a married mother of three who’s written a memoir with the full support of her family Have a lot of people come up to you, and you know kind of shared like similar story yes But Adnan Khashoggi will never read it he passed away in June this year aged 81 even though contact between them was long gone a connection always remained I Believe he loved me. I know I loved him and I know we had a beautiful friendship, and I Don’t have any regrets at all

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