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Lifting is not an option! Amazing hillclimb attack by Swedish hero in a SAAB with engine trouble.

– Now we have Ola Strömberg on the startline,
and we should have contact via radio. – I should be able to call Ola Strömberg now.
Let’s see if it will work… – Hello Ola, from Janne. Come in.
– Yes, Ola here. – Your engine broke down yesterday in practice.
Have you been able to fix it by now? – I have changed the entire engine, but it’s completely undriveable.
I can’t get off the line with it. – It’s really incredibly difficult. It stalls as soon as I release the clutch.
We don’t know what’s wrong. – Something with the injection system I think,
because it runs way too rich. – I see. Will you attempt to start now? – I’m on the line, but I have stalled everytime I have launched it,
so I don’t know if I can make it off the line. – But you will make an attempt anyway, then?
– I will let you know how it works out, ok? – I have the green light, so I’ll close my window
and rev the engine to like 7000 rpm. – And it gets off the line. Second gear. Full throttle, as it’s the only thing that will keep it running, I know that much. – Now it died. – I have my foot to the floor, but the engine won’t run.
I will try to reverse now. – But the engine will not run. – Ah, this was too bad, to say the least. -Back on the road. – I use the hand brake and full throttle to get the revs up. – Second gear now. It’s running again. I’m kicking the clutch
and keeping the throttle wide open. – Flat shifting to third now. – I can’t lift at all as it will stall the engine.
Fourth gear now. Still flooring it. I will not give in. – I’m flat out all the way now. It’s the only way
to keep the engine running. – Thanks anyway to all the guys that helped me all night! – Still flat out. All the way. – Tapping the brakes. Down to third. Still flat out. – Still just trying to keep the engine running.
It seems ok as long as I stay above 5500rpm. – It’s over, but it was the slowest time of the day. – Yes, but it was still one of the most entertaining
runs of the day, Ola. We really appreciated it! – Do you think that this is something you can sort out before your second run of the day? – I have already changed everything. I have no idea what’s wrong.
It’s just burning fuel and will not run. – It will idle and run on full throttle. That’s it. – Aha, ok. But thanks anyway, Ola.
– Thank you, Janne. – At least he is the only driver to stay on
full throttle through the chicane so far! – Yes, he is spirited. The guys have worked all night.
I feel sorry for him for not getting more out of this. – Yes, absolutely. He deserves that. – Ola, have you figured out what’s wrong with your car?
– No, I have no idea. – This puzzles me. All of us. The guys in the paddock are all helping us.
They have been since early this morning. – They arrived with an engine from another car that worked perfectly.
They worked all night to remove it. – Something is not right and we are very confused.
It will only run on full throttle. – If I flat shift and keep the revs up, it will stay alive, but as soon as I lift
it’s like switching the ignition off. – It’s kind of hard to drive, hehe. – So you haven’t found the problem, then?
– We have no idea. I will try to adjust the cam now. – I can adjust the camshaft to change the timing to see
if it makes any difference, but… – So a final attempt then?
– We are panicking now, as we have no other ideas. – Will you still start then?
– We are here and we have worked so hard. – I have to try another run to see if I can improve. – Hello Ola, can you hear me? – Yes, I can hear you.
– So, is the engine running? – Same as before. I need to make it around the first bend. What happened before was that it stalled below 5500. – When that happens it’s easy to spin
in a front wheel drive car. – So you will just give it full throttle and
keep it wide open now, then? – Yes, I will stay in second for the first bend, then try third on the straight and see if it stalls or not. – Ok, good luck! – Ok, revving it up now. Still waiting for the green light. – Waiting for the green light, that’s all. Let’s see. – This feels wery awkward. I’m pulling the
handbrake while revving the engine. – There’s the light. I’m revving it to 8000 now. – I made a mistake on the first run. I’m staying in second this time. – I’m still flat out. Third gear and full throttle. – Fourth gear. I never lift. I keep the throttle wide open . – So far it’s running ok. I have some misfire. – I’m at around 6000rpm through here. – I can get it to 6500rpm. That might be around 140kmh. Still flat out. – Flat out. Flat out. Tap on the brakes and down to third while flat. Simply never lifting. – Drifting out too wide though, that cost me time, I know that. but anyhow. That’s it for today. – Thank you. 41.23 was your finishing time.
That was a pretty good run in the end. -With this car it was great.
– Haha, yes.Thank you.

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27 thoughts on “Lifting is not an option! Amazing hillclimb attack by Swedish hero in a SAAB with engine trouble.

  1. balls of steel! amazing driving by Ola! thank you for sharing, sir (by the way your driving skills are over the top)

  2. Thank God that Saab was a FF. Can't imagine what would have happened if it was RWD. Or maybe I have no imagination xD. I wonder what went wrong.

  3. Wery impressive with that over fueld Engine!
    8v Engine with std crank and rod´s. and body, the way rally was for many yers ago..

  4. Lol. The Saab only wanted to go full trottle. The Saab forced the driver to go as fast as possible, whether he wanted it or not. Ha, ha, ha, ha.

  5. Tack! Jag älskade det här klippet när jag var liten, och när jag nu är vuxen förstår jag vidden av hur professionellt det var.

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