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Lift Every Voice

Our memories, our stories, are powerful and timeless and alive! And they’re here for you to discover. Look around. Listen. There is beauty and joy and meaning everywhere. You just have to look in the right places. And Buffalo is one of the right places. “This was a divine spot. It was not only built for a place of worship. It was a refuge. It was a place where people, that were running,
fleeing, trying to escape and seek freedom into Canada.” It’s been home to changemakers, dreamers, soldiers, teachers, musicians, and to everyday heroes who have joined the giants of history to build a nation. In Buffalo, it’s easy to take a step back
in time to the places where American legends played late into a thousand starry nights. And it’s easy to see the future as new generations learn their stories and realize their strength. It’s a place where there’s always room at
the table. And where old traditions live right next to
new ones. It’s a community that lifts up every voice
to sing, as we honor the past, celebrate today and look forward to tomorrow. It’s a place with soul. And you’re invited to make it part of yours.

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3 thoughts on “Lift Every Voice

  1. Awesome Awesome jobs to the writers, music directors, poets and videographers that put this together. your story telling skills is amazing

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