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Life of Pi (Book) – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

What it do, what it do? This week on Thug Notes, we hittin dat true-blue sea with “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel. Da book start with a shady first section called “Author’s Note,” where a nameless narrator flexin like he the author of this book. Brotha jus chillin, sippin on coffee, when he start choppin it up with a hood named Francis. Now dis geezer all like, “Say dawg, I bet I can tell you a story dat’s so tight, it’s gonna make you believe in God!” “Oh, sh*t. I gotta hear dis, man!” Francis start yappin bout a boy named Pi he knew back in the day. Pi’s story is so damn trill, da narrator gotta hit up Pi, himself, to get the legit story. It go a lil somethin like this: As a lil boy, Pi was comin up in Pondicherry, India, where his parents runnin a zoo that gave em enough cash flow to live a pretty cush lifestyle. Oh, and real quick — “Pi” ain’t this lil thug’s full name — it’s Piscine Molitor Patel. But since erryone always on his nuts callin him names like “Pissing,” he decide “Pi” gonna be his new street name. Now Pi was actually raised a Hindu, and he is all about dat jam. Still, it don’t stop his fourteen-year-old self from sniffin around Christianity and Islam. Eventually, he decide he gonna rep all three religions — even though his parents, and the local holy rollers, ain’t feelin it. But Pi ain’t trippin. Cuz to him, all religions are true, and he just wanna show love to da man upstairs. And it’s a good thing Pi so open-minded,
cuz his little ass bout to move cross da world. Since Pi’s mom and pop ain’t down with some political sh*t happening in New India, they decide to sell the zoo and peace out to Canada. So Pi, his fam, and all their animal homies hop up on a big-ass ship and start cruisin. But afta a couple days, a storm rages through da water and da ship starts sinkin. Pi-Dawg is da only member of his family to survive. Damn. Dude hops up on a lifeboat, but brotha gotta share it with an orangutan named OJ, a zebra with a jacked-up leg, and a spotted hyena, who start actin like a real d*ck when he decide to eat the other two animals. So not chill, spotted hyena. So not chill, man. But sh*t get even less chill when a 450-pound tiger, named Richard Parker, pop up from under a tarp and merc dat hater. Pi like, “Man, f**k this.” So he ghetto-rig himself a raft to keep his distance from Richie P’s crazy self. Pi finally recognize dat the raft ain’t gonna be enough to save his ass; da only way he gonna survive dis mess is by puttin dat tiger in check with some training. Pi straight alpha males dat b*tch. With da help of survival guides, some rations, and other supplies — Pi able to survive in
da Pacific Ocean for a long-ass time. Dat don’t mean it’s easy, though. At one point, Pi get so dehydrated that he goes blind and his mind start slippin. Matta fact, he goin so damn crazy that he start conversatin wit Richard Parker bout their favorite kind of munchies. Turns out, Pi wasn’t talkin to Richard at
all — instead, it was another blind castaway: this French fool, who float up, and Pi like, “Ma man! Hop up on this here life raft, and get yoself some rest, dawg!” But when the dude try to boot up and merc Pi, Richard Parker like, “B*tch nuh-uh!” and rips dat sucka up. He dead. Later, Pi’s boat lands on an island dat survives by eatin brothas. Yeah — you heard dat right. Pi just about loses his sh*t when he finds teeth inside a piece of fruit. Ugggh! So Pi and Richard Parker chunk deuces outta dat trap. After over 200 days on da struggle, in dat watery abyss, their lifeboat washes up on to the shore of Mexico, and Richard Parker rolls out in to da jungle without even saying bye or nothin. What a d*ck, man. Pi gets picked up, taken to a hospital, and later questioned by two dudes from the Japanese Ministry of Transport. Pi tell em what went down, but these dudes like, “Psh, this boy musta lost his damn mind.” So Pi like, “Alright, alright. That too crazy for ya? You want somethin real? Check this out.” And he tell the story again, this time layin it down raw. He say he wasn’t on the boat with no animals. Instead, it was the ship’s cook, a sailor with a broken leg, and Pi’s own mama. Just like dat hyena, the cook iced both the sailor and Pi’s mama. But since Pi don’t play, he shanked dat
boy in the stomach, and then feasted on his corpse. Damn, Pi! You gangsta, dawg! But since neither story can be really proven, Pi just like, “Forget truth. Lemme ask you: which story you like better?” They like, “Eh, we’ll go with the animals one.” Pi say, “Yeah? Well, just so you know, believing in God is the same exact jam.” Now the title of this book ain’t just talkin bout the life of some dude named Pi — there’s more to it, playa. Just look at what Pi say about his name: “…in that Greek letter that looks like a shack with a corrugated tin roof, in that elusive, irrational number with which scientists try to understand the universe, I found refuge.” Pi see his name as a symbol for home — dat practical safety from da outside world. But at the same time, the number “pi” is irrational — Cain’t nobody can make total sense of it, cuz it never terminates or has fixed boundaries. And that’s exactly what da book saying about all life: it’s a mix between da rational — things we can make sense of through science and reason — and the irrational — things dat ain’t even da smartest hood on da block can figure out. Life of Pi — get it? Now don’t get me wrong: science, reason,
logic — dank. But dat don’t mean errything in life gotta be rational — da world gotta have a lil taste of madness, too. “All living things contain a measure of madness that moves them in strange, sometimes inexplicable ways. This madness can be saving; it is part and parcel of the ability to adapt. Without it, no species would survive.” When da sh*t hits the fan, it’s religion — the non-rational element — that gives Pi the juice to survive and make sense of da world around him. “Yes, so long as God is with me, I will not die. Amen…” Pi might have dat religion game on lock, but it don’t mean dat he’s got all da answers. Ain’t no doubt dat P-dawg gets sh*t on, in the novel, and has trouble comin to terms with all his sufferin. So one one hand, Pi realize dat da mess he go through up on dat raft don’t mean a damn thing to the universe. But on the other hand — to him — there ain’t nothin more important. Cuz it’s all he knows. In a cold, dark universe, not only is your suffering relative, but truth is too. All throughout this book we gettin muddied representations of what’s real. I mean, who is this fool callin himself the “author” at the beginning? And at the end, Pi pretty much tell us that the whole story bout him and Richard Parker could all be bunk. Hell, there’s a good reason to believe dat Richard Parker is jus the savage, kill-or-be-killed side of Pi. Peep da subtle ways dat lil thug and Richie P associated with each other. “Since we are on the subject, I became as constipated as Richard Parker.” “I began to imitate Richard Parker in sleeping an incredible number of hours.” But who da hell knows? I guess the realest truth is there ain’t no way to tell what really went down on dat raft. Hell, both of da stories Pi lay on us might be total bullsh*t. So like Pi say, does it really matter what’s
actually true? Should we just go wit what’s better for us? Sure rationality and practicality are worth fighting for, but maybe it ain’t always so important to know the real deal. Maybe the best thing is just goin with what’s gonna help you cope and give you hope. Naw mean? Ay, thanks for watching ma well read ballas. Peace! Yo! Thanks for watching guys! Don’t go anywhere cause if you like pie, and I mean the P I E kind. I want to tell you about a good friend
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100 thoughts on “Life of Pi (Book) – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

  1. Man, tomorro I Have a test on this book. This summary was thight af. Man u told it in the language I understand and feel.

  2. Omg this was so helpful! I have to write an essay comparing Life of Pi with another book and this gave me a really good idea of symbols and meaning in the book. Thank you! (also it wasn't explained in a boring way at all, which is unusual for English class).

  3. Life is an illusion. Nihilism, absolute truth, reality have no love. You want to ruin the magic of life? You want to discover all the "answers" to life and be left with no sense of wonder? You're just a bunch of primitive hairless monkeys who think finding the ultimate answers make your life have value and meaning. In the end, your life is just as meaningless as the ant who you step on your way to work. You're going to die either way and you chose to go into the darkness thinking about becoming nothing rather than thinking of being in a wonderland?

  4. Relativity of truth is one way to interpret the story but there is also a story of objective truth here. Religion points people to truth as the source of morality. Jesus Christ teaches he is the truth and that we should all be one with him. Buddha taught to be present in the truth. Atheism says truth is what is perceived through science and reason. But truth is what really is out there, completely objective. It just depends on how you're viewing it. The point is, the stories are exactly the same. They are both the truth under a different lens. What works better for you?

  5. You forgot to mention his nickname was in fact redundant as the correct pronunciation is still "pee".

  6. I think O can make sense of it. Rationality and irrationality are needed epually for life to progress this idea could help solve conflict between all religions

  7. Know what I mean? Switching from my family Hinduism to Christianity cause it actually somehow helps me survive the journey. Seriously, had the author avoid that pit fall I wouldn't have been as annoyed at the book as I am. It's cool with belief and all but don't make him change his religion.

  8. This series lost a lot of appeal for me once I figured out that the presenter is an actor. Before I enjoyed his insight, now he's become annoying. Never peek behind the curtain.

  9. I have not read the book or seen the movie, so maybe i'm not getting something, but if the tiger was real why didn't it just eat him?

  10. Am I the only one who thinks this guy explaining books with the use of "hood" slang words is annoying? Can't he just speak normally, or is that his actual voice/way of speech?

  11. Love this bro. I have a Oral test about this book tomorrow, I think i will succeed by now! Thank you from the Netherlands ; )

  12. I tried to convince others that Pi was RP, and no one would even entertain the idea. Thank you. I feel, at least in some respects, vindicated.

  13. yeah that in no way proved the existence of a god ..
    Pi's "which story do you like better" reasoning is flawed as it starts with an assumption there is a god .. he left out one major part to that .. its not about which religion is right .. its about does god exist then you move on to which religion is the right interpretation of god..
    none of this at all in anyway proved there is a god .. it only proves that Pi already believed in a god from the start and never once considered what if there was NO god

  14. An interesting analysis. (Belief And god can help through difficult times, though, it’s not all that does. The Martian, for instance, shows how pure science and problem solving can actually help one through a hopeless situation too. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not coming down on belief, not at all. And that’s just the difference in how both books are structured, though I guess I felt like it was something to mention. Any thoughts?)

  15. Life of Pi Book (Summary – Review – Order Book – About Yann Martel):

  16. arguably tho: not Martel's best work. i don't still don't get the hype for a book that tells you lying to yourself is better than facing the truth.

    and gives religious uppities all too much credit for cranking up the shit.

    atheist doesn't give you happiness?

    i say better be truthfully sad, than be self-deceptively happy.

  17. I always believed the first story is true. It all circles back to “a story that makes you believe in god”, a story where a boy survives on a life boat with a tiger would make me believe in god, a story where a boy had to kill someone and eat his mother’s body to survive would make me believe that god is dead.

  18. No, no I don't, truth is always the preference. Rather a harsh truth over a comforting lie. Truth is always the best.

  19. My do none of these summaries mention Pi's interest in both Biology and theology? It's pretty important to understanding the story.

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