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[Felix]Aah!Damn bloody…
[speaking Swedish]I’m not having this!How’s it going, bros?
This is PewDiePie. You’re about to watch
me get the absolute
shit scared out of me. [screaming] Why did I do this? This show takes
what I already do,getting scared
of horror games,
but taking it to
the next level,
a really fucked up level. Okay, bros.
I want to go home now!So if you love watching me
get scared shitless…
Let me out! …you’re gonna love
Scare PewDiePie.
[doorbell buzzing] [Felix speaking] Buzz us.
Buzz us. [Felix speaking] No, it’s
not working. [Felix speaking] If you want us to leave, you have to say
the magic phrase. [Felix speaking] But not bananas. He can’t open
that door. No, we must get
this door open. [Felix speaking] [grunting] Okay. I got you.
I got you. Right here. Fuck you. Okay. Oh, shit,
that’s not stable. Want to get
on my shoulders? How’s it going, bros?
This is PewDiePie. Special parkour edition
today, obviously. You are gonna do the most
exciting game play ever. Ever? Ever! Okay, what? Are you ready? Yes, tell me! Are you… Are you excited? Yes! Okay, we’re going to
an office, all right? Yes. And you are gonna answer
fan mail to your fans. If I had a microphone,
it would drop. Boom! All right, let’s go.
I think we’ve talked enough. Okay, cool. The show is called
Scare PewDiePie,
right? It’s more like
Mind-fuck PewDiePie.
I don’t even know what’s
real or not any more. [Felix]Is this the office?This is the office. Thank you. Great. Okay. Hmm. Already late. Little bit suspicious. Ta-da! Oh, you weren’t lying. What? This is very spot on. [Kevin] That’s your seat. [Felix] Felix Q&A. Yeah, sit here. Yeah. Here? This is my chair? Okay. That’s your chair. Felix, your fans are
a big part of who you are. Yes. And so what
we have done is we’ve collected
some fan questions. Okay. [Kevin] Okay? And we would love for you
to read the questions
and answer them. That’s it? No tricks? No tricks. Promise? Promise. Are you ready to
begin your Q&A? Yes. Yes, I’m ready. [Damon] We’re gonna
go shoot some shots
of the van. Jacob, let’s go. You don’t like
the Q&A, Damon? [Damon] I have
no interest. [laughs] Bye. Let’s go out
the front, guys. How’s it going, bros?
This is PewDiePie. Welcome to Felix Q&A. [Kevin] Oh, my God,
you’ve just messed
it up on the… No, no, they’re fine. That’s our camera. It’s fine.
Let’s do this. First question… Pimp man yo… Good name. You did it. “Is it hard to read
the comment section
on your computer screen? “I have a bright
idea for you. “You should put all the bad
ones in a folder on your desk,
and then light them on fire.” Are you trying to start
a fire on my desk? Twenty-seven people
thought this was a good idea. That’s interesting. It’s hard to read because
there’s so many comments. Some videos have literally
thousands of comments, and I can’t read all of them,
so that’s hard. What the fuck? [Kevin] Hold on. Yeah, the lights
just went out in here. Hello? -Great.
Damon! The light… Sorry. Up. All right. Jeez. Just read the last one.
I’m gonna go get you a water. Yeah, that’s ’cause it was…
You kind of stumbled over it. Okay. Pimp man yo… “Is it hard to read
the comment section on
your computer screen?” Uh… It’s not… It’s as hard as it is for you
as it is for me. I don’t know what to tell you. But he has a bright
idea for me. “I should put all
the bad comments “in a folder on my desk
and light them on fire.” That sounds like
a terrible idea,
Pimp man yo. I don’t… Pimp man yo,
you need to chill out,
all right? This fucking light needs
to chill out, too. What the fuck! Guys? [loud bang] [speaking Swedish] Hello? [eerie voice]Felix!Oh, fucking… [voice]Come out
into the hall.
Play the quiet game with me.
Oh, my God. [voice]You will
find a helmet.
And a lantern.To win, you will have
to stop yourself
from screaming.
Ugh. Oh, my God. [voice]There’s a camera
with a microphone
on the lantern.
Do you see it?I see it. [voice]If you scream
above 80 decibels,
you get a strike.
Three strikes
and you’re out.
Pay attention!Oh, sorry.
I just kissed you. What the fuck? What? [voice]If you fail
two levels…
Yes? [voice]You must face
the ultimate trial.
No! [voice]Are you ready to play
the quiet game?
No, I’m not! [voice]Are you ready
to master death?
Not… What? [voice]There’s only
one way out.
Where?Punch your way
through the vortex.
[Felix] Punch my way? Are you serious?They’re coming behind you.What?I suggest you move.Here? No! Okay. Okay, bros,
I’m doing this for you! All right,
where do I go? [voice]You need to keep
your voice down.
To pass this trial.Okay. Oh, what the fuck? Okay, this is really
fucking creepy. Oh, what the fuck? [woman sobbing] Oh, God,
more crying ladies. Okay, great. [sobbing continues] Okay, I’m sorry. Is that Kevin? ‘Cause I don’t care
if it’s Kevin. This is a weird-ass
maze, dude. Okay, I did it.
Okay, I did it. Okay. What? [eerie whispering] What is going on? I don’t like this, man. [voice]Remember,
you have three strikes
in this maze.
So keep quiet.Okay, it’s gonna be fine. It’s fine. It’s just a maze. Aah! Damn bloody…
[speaking Swedish] [voice]That was strike one.Okay, I’m not sure if I want
to go in there any more. [voice]Keep quiet.Okay, I’m trying. There’s this fucking guy. [voice]There’s more behind
you than in front of you.
Oh, for fuck’s sake. No! No! No! Can you stop? No! No, no, no! No! [meter buzzes] [screaming] Not cool, all right? How will I keep moving? Oh, thanks. [ghostly scream] Oh, no! Fuck you!
Fuck you! No, no, no! Stop this fucking bullshit! Okay, fuck this maze. Fuck… Aah! [meter buzzes] Oh, my God! Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay. I’m out. I’m almost out. How long does this go? Stupid maze! Okay, I got this. I see some light. [gasps] Yes! Bro… What? What the fuck is this? What? Why am I here? Guys, this…
I don’t appreciate this. [loud boom] No! Hey, how’s it going? Jesus fucking Christ! [voice]Welcome to
your funeral.
Fuck you! No! [voice]You failed your
first trial.
No, this is why
I wear a helmet.Step into your coffin.Okay, okay, okay.Close the door.What the fuck? Okay. Uh, see you
on the other side. Okay, this is great. [coffin creaks] What the fuck? No! No! No! Why did I do this? Why? Oh, fuck! Okay, aah! Let me out! Let me out! [thuds striking coffin] Oh! [woman screaming] Okay, okay, all right.
This is jammed. Yeah, okay. [screaming continues] Oh, fucking hell. Stop! [thudding continues] Oh. Fucking hell. Okay, all right, this sucks! I want to go home now! [woman screaming] So glad I did this. So glad I signed up
for this fucking shit. [voice]
Welcome to your next trial.
The meat locker!That’s a door.Once you open the door,you’ll have
three more strikes.
Don’t go above
80 decibels.
Okay. [voice]Or else.Oh, what the fuck? [meter buzzes] [voice]And that was
strike one.
Oh, what the… Hello? [voice]Keep quiet!Oh, fucking hell. Oh, Jesus fucking Christ. Oh, this is great. This is just great,
isn’t it? Ugh! Jeez! Why did I wear
a white T-shirt? Aah! Stop! Not… Okay! Okay! Okay, all right! All right, jeez! What? Aah! [shudders] Okay! Oh, my God!
Okay! Oh, fuck this,
so fucking hard! Okay! Okay! Aah! [meter buzzes] They’re touching me! Aah! [speaking Swedish] Fuck. Okay, okay. I’m going. [gasps]
Now, what the fuck? [voice]
That was strike three.
Jesus! Aah! Great little dungeon
you got here. [screaming] Oh, fucking hell! Okay, okay, okay,
just gonna go. Yes, this way. Yes! YouTube! Oh, for fuck’s sake,
what is… Okay, okay, okay. What the fuck is this? What the fuck? [Felix] When does it end? [voice]
Felix, lay on your back.
You have failed
your second trial.
What?You must now face
the hardest trial of all.
Felix?Uh-huh?I’d like you to come
to the basement.
Um, I would not like
to come to the basement. [screams]
Oh, what the fuck? Fuck you!
Aah! Oh! Oh, this is not cool, man! Are you kidding me right now? [shrieking] Fucking hell. I can’t. Fucking actually… Okay! This has gone too fucking far! [bell dings] [voice]Felix,
it’s time to play doctor.
But I was enjoying it
so much down there. Oh! What the fuck?
Why is there blood on me? Okay, great.
This is real nice. Very nice. [voice]Be careful
getting out.
I’m so done. God. Oh, fuck it, man. Hey, there.
Great. This is my favourite
day, guys. Just fucking fantastic. Jesus! [voice]There are
tools to operate.
Do you see them
next to you on your left?
Um, yes, I do. [voice]You need to put
one of the tools
in your right hand.
And one in your left.All right, fine. This is fucked up, okay? [laughs] I got the red one
and the grey one. [voice]Now pay attention.Inside the body cavity,
there is a key.
A key will get you
out of this trial.
But to find the key,you must remove the organsone at a time.Oh, come on. That’s disgusting. [voice]If you hit the bones,there will be a penalty.If I hit bones? Hasn’t there been
penalties enough? [voice]The surgery
starts now!
[eerie dubstep music blaring] [speaking Swedish] What? Okay, this is not dubstep. Okay, okay, okay! All right! Yes, yes. Okay, I’m going
for this thing! Ugh! [electricity buzzing] [screaming] Are you fucking kidding me?
I did not hit a bone! [woman screams] [music continues blaring] Just a regular Tuesday. And I can’t fucking hear
’cause it’s fucking… [electricity buzzes] Aah! Fuck you! Jesus Christ! [woman screaming] [electricity buzzes] Ah! Fucking fuck!
What did I do? Jesus! Okay. Just… I found it!
I don’t need these. Fuck these. [music stops] Yes! Why didn’t you tell me
to go in the thing? [voice]You did well.Thank you.Now pay attention.Stand right
where you are.
Okay.You have a key.There are many doors
to the morgue on the wall.
Oh, come on. [voice]Hopefully,you can find the door
that opens with that key.
You have 15 seconds.Oh, come on! [clock ticking] I’m just gonna go with… Not having any luck. [knocking on morgue doors] Oh, oh, oh, oh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Okay, okay, I can’t
fucking see anything! What the fuck is this? Dude, what’s up, man? Where did you go? We were waiting on you. Want a pretzel? What happened?
Where’d you go? What’s wrong with you?
Are you upset? You were gonna
get me a water.
Where’s my water? Right here, man. So the Internet’s
not working, I guess, and so the Q&A is busted. So we’re just gonna
go home, I guess. Why do you have
a helmet on? Look at my fucking back. Let me go grab
you another shirt.
I’ll be right back. I wouldn’t go in there
if I were you, but… I’ll be right back. It’s fucking fucked up,
all right? I just want to
enjoy a pretzel
and some water. Aah! Okay, yeah, yeah. Okay, all right. Guys, this is not… All right, I’m gonna go. Been great.
See you guys tomorrow. [screams] Oh, no! Oh, come on! This is… Okay. Wait, I’m pretty sure
I did it, all right? [laughing]
I’m pretty sure
I can stop! Please, can we… No. I’m done… I’m… Would you like a pretzel? Here. [Kevin] All right. All right, all right,
all right. And another game play done. So, are you having fun? Yeah. Okay. Every day on this
fucking show is just the weirdest day
I’ve experienced. But I did it,
and that was
another wrap. So thank you for
watching this one, and I’ll see you hopefully
in the next one. Bro fist bump. No! No! Why? Oh, fuck…
Okay. Aah! [woman screaming] [Felix] Okay, all right. I want to
go home now! [woman screaming] Oh, my God.

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