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LEKI Journey Trekking Poles

Easy to use and durable, the LEKI Journey
Trekking Poles are the perfect option for a traveler, backpacker or hiker that is looking
for the durability and the quality you would expect from LEKI at a budget friendly price. This is a three sectioned telescoping trekking
pole. So you have a pretty small pack size here when it is all compressed down. These
are light weight, but very durable aluminum construction. So you are backed by LEKI’s
100 percent guarantee. If anything were to happen to the shafts of these trekking poles,
if they were to break, LEKI would replace them or repair them. So you have got really
durable, good quality there. And with the telescoping pole here you have two extremely
easy to use external locks. These are LEKI’s speed locks. You just open that lever with
your thumb, adjust to the proper height and these poles adjust from 100 centimeters all
the way up to 135 centimeters. So you have a lot of range of adjustability here and that
is going to accommodate most hikers. So adjust the pole to the proper height. Do
the same thing on the bottom. So if I have got this pole adjusted to 120, I would adjust
the bottom to 120 as well. Push that lever closed and you are ready to hike. So these
locks are really easy to open and close. Don’t… it doesn’t require a lot of force or a lot
of strength to open them, but once they are locked, it is a very, very secure fit. Going up to the grip here, you have LEKI’s
PAS soft rubber grips. And these are kind of a lower profile grip than I have seen with
some of other LEKI’s poles, but you do have ergonomic shaping here. You have got some
venting here in the back as well. So that is really great for warmer weather when you
are hiking and you may have some perspiration there with your hands. And the top of this trekking pole is sort
of oval shaped. So you can palm the top if you like. It is a little bit smaller on the
top than some of other LEKI poles. And you do have a nice strap here, a padded LEKI strap.
In order to make adjustments to that strap, you just pull up on the top part, make a quick
adjustments there and then pull back down. So really easy to adjust. That just takes
the strain off of your wrists, provides a nice cradle for your hand as you are hiking. Moving down to the tips here, you have LEKI’s
carbide flex tips. That is on all of their other trekking poles. And the real story with
these flex tips is that the tips are meant to flex and take that pressure off of the
rest of the pole. So they are not really flexible if you were to just look at them here, but
as this tip end comes into contact with the ground, it really protects the pole. It is
a replaceable piece. So after years of use if this wears out, you can get replacement
tips. It is press fit, easy to replace there. And you do have a standard performance basket.
So there is threads on this tip. You can take the small basket off and replace it with a
winter basket. With the durable LEKI construction, you can
be confident that you are going to have a very secure, very stable pole when you are
out on the trail or as you are traveling. It is the LEKI Journey Trekking Poles.

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